The Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant (Hebrew: אָרוֹן הָבְרִית‎ Ārōn Hāb’rīt [modern pron. Aron Habrit]; Arabic:تابوت العهد‎ Tābūt Al-ʿahd) is a vessel described in the Bible as containing the Tablets of Stoneon which the Ten Commandments were inscribed, along with Aaron’s rod and manna. According to the Pentateuch, the Ark was built at the command of God, in accord with Moses‘ prophetic vision on Mount Sinai (Exodus 25:10-16). God was said to have communicated with Moses “from between the two cherubim” on the Ark’s cover (Exodus 25:22). The Ark and its sanctuary were considered “the beauty of Israel” (Lamentations 2:1). Rashi and someMidrashim suggest that there were two arks – a temporary one made by Moses himself, and a later one constructed by Bezalel.[1]

Biblical account relates that during the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt, the Ark was carried by the priests some 2,000 cubits, or 1,000 m; 3,400 ft (Numbers 35:5; Joshua 4:5) in advance of the people and their army, or host (Num. 4:5-6; 10:33-36; Psalms 68:1; 132:8). When the Ark was borne by priests into the bed of the Jordan, water in the river separated, opening a pathway for the entire host to pass through (Josh. 3:15-16; 4:7-18). The city of Jericho was taken with no more than a shout after the Ark of Covenant was paraded for seven days around its wall by seven priests sounding seven trumpets of rams’ horns(Josh. 6:4-20). When carried, the Ark was always wrapped in a veil, in tachash skins (the identity of this animal is uncertain), and a blue cloth, and was carefully concealed, even from the eyes of the Cohanim who carried it.

Over time, the accounts of the Ark have gathered a number of references in popular culture.

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1.-  Induction / Activation Technique – Use For All Codes

2.-  Code 1 – a-ZUR-Yan

Arc Seal Release 4-Stanz Code Sequence
Entry Level Simple Induction for December 21, 2002*

Note: Anyone can use this technique, whether or not you have begun Flame Body Activation techniques- it will initiate Flame Body “Golden Fleece” activation in your personal Shields regardless. However, to attain and sustain critical mass activation, or to proceed with Shield of the Arc “12 Commandment” Code activations to be given in 2003, a minimum “once-through” on the “20- Technique Sequence” presented in the “Dance for Freedom program” is essential. We have just completed the “20-Technique Run” on CD masters, which will soon become available, and we are also working to compile the TEXT copy of this precise technique run for our Web-site Posting, so the essential techniques are free to everyone who desires to use them.

Use ONCE, anytime on December 21, 2002, or there afer, to “Catch the Frequency Wave” that will release in Earth’s Shields on this day due to consummation of this Code Sequence within the Ecka Inner Earth Shields. Also can be used anytime thereafter, if you miss this date, to “catch up on” the Shield Activation, but activation will be strongest on December 21, 2002.

Preparation: (Ideally, for maximum benefit and strongest activation: the Maharata Texts “Dance For” Program to Level-3 “Dance For Freedom, and a minimum “once-through”of the “20-Technique Sequence” contained there within. Minimum preparation: Maharic Seal or Maharic Quick Seal- to activate the D-12 Maharata “Inner Christos Current” carrier-wave.

Note: CODE INDUCTION SEQUENCE IS IMPORTANT: The Arc Seal Release Codes are a “4-Stanz” Shield Coding Sequence consisting of Stanz-1-the a-Zur-Yan, Stanz-2-the a-ShA-Yun, Stanz-3-the a-Yan-Yun-A and Stanz-4-the Yon-A-Sa. “Stanz” is an Anuhazi word meaning “posture within a greater posture” or “one symbol code manifestation-phase that exists as an integral part of a several-phase “Condensed Code” mathematical program”. The Arc Seal Release 4-Stanz Coding implies that there are 4 “stanz”, or 4 symbol-manifestation phases, that when used in proper sequence, build to form a complex Condensed Code. “Stanz Codes” are TIME CO-ORDIANTE CODES that set the synchronization of frequency expansion and contraction within a Shield. The 4-Stanz Arc Seal Release Codes used in proper sequence, allow one’s personal Shield to synchronize with the precise frequency spectra and “Time Pulsation/Partiki Phasing Rhythms” through which the “Arc of the Covenant” forms and opens within the Cosmic-Universal-Galactic-Solar-Planetary Shield.

In Entry Level Induction of the 4-Stanz Code, it is important to keep them in their natural sequence; no damage is done if they are induced out of sequence, they simply will not activate. If desired, the natural induction sequence can be run on different days, (such as Stanz-1 on a Monday, Stanz-2 on a Tuesday or Friday etc), once the Codes have activated within the Ecka Universe Shield. However, the Shield activation carries greater critical mass when the 4-Stanz sequence is run “all at once” during or following the activation of the LAST CODE in the Ecka Shields; especially during Ecka-Shield activation. (No Stanz Code will activate in one’s personal Shields until the Code has first activated within the Ecka-Universe Shield and Ecka-Templar, which serve to “step-down” and release the frequencies into availability within the Veca-Universe Shield). The LAST Code in the 4-Staz Arc Seal Release Sequence activates in the Ecka Shield, and thus becomes available, on December 21, 2002. On this day the greatest critical mass “frequency burst” will release from the Ecka to the Veca Shields, making it the most powerful day for using the 4-Stanz Arc Seal Release Code Entry Level Induction. Later Eieyani Arc Code technologies will reveal how to use the Arc Seal Codes in various sequences and in combination with other Codes for a variety of applications, once Entry Level Induction using the original “Stanz Set-Sequence” is rendered.

Procedure: For ENTRY LEVEL simple induction.

1. With papers containing the 4-Stanz Arc Seal Release Codes and their corresponding “Positions and “Tones” at hand, activate the Maharic Quick Seal or Eckasha Quick Seal to generate D-12 Maharata or higher “carrier-wave” current.

2. INHALE pale-silver Maharic current from Chakra-13 Earth Core to the 4th Heart Chakra, the EXHALE the Maharic Current into a “ball” about the size of a grapefruit, to form a pale-silver “Maharic Sphere” within the center of the Heart Chakra. Take several more INHALE-EXHALE “Maharic Breaths” to amplify the intensity, strength and pale-silver color of the Maharic Sphere in the Heart Chakra.

3. Make a “mental note” of the “Positions” and “Tone” associated with the first symbol, STANZ-1: the a-ZUR-Yan, then Focus your eyes in a NATURAL focus (NOT “Cross-current Focus”) upon the STANZ-1 Symbol image. Observe the Stanz-1 Symbol for a moment, then close your eyes.

4. INHALE a pale-silver CORD of Maharic Current up the Central Vertical Current from the Maharic Sphere in the 4th Heart Chakra to the Pineal Gland at Brain Center. Use the EXHALE breath to expand Maharic Current from the Maharic Cord top, forming a “Maharic Spark” of pale-silver light at the “top” of the Maharic Cord within the Pineal.

5. INHALE, while imagining that the “Maharic Spark” in the Pineal gently separates into two smaller Maharic Sparks in the Pineal, each of the smaller Maharic Sparks drawing half of the Maharic Cord with it. Imagine that, as the singular Maharic Spark separates into two, the pale-silver Maharic Current connecting the Pineal to the Heart Chakra Maharic Sphere also separates into two smaller Maharic Cords. Each small Maharic Cord is connected at the TOP to one of the two small Maharic Sparks and both small Maharic Cords are connected at the BOTTOM to the singular Maharic Sphere in the Heart Chakra. Gently EXHALE then INHALE.

6. On the next EXHALE, open your eyes and again focus upon the STANZ-1 Symbol. Imagine that the two small Maharic Sparks, connected to the two small Maharic Cords at the Pineal, “ride the EXHALE breath OUTWARD, through the EYES and into the STANZ-1 Symbol Image. The Maharic Sparks draw the two small Maharic Cords to which they are attached outward through the Optical Currents and to the Symbol Image. INHALE and EXHALE gently a few times while imagining that the two Maharic Sparks are each absorbing the entire geometrical and mathematical content of the STANZ-1 Symbol. Try to sense the point at which the two Maharic Sparks are fully “Loaded” with the energy of the STANZ-1 Symbol program.

7. INHALE, using the Inhale breath to retract the two small Maharic Cords, with their “Loaded” Maharic Sparks at the end, back through the Optical Currents and into the Pineal. Rapidly EXHALE the two Loaded Maharic Sparks and their Cords downward from the Pineal to the Maharic Sphere at the 4th Heart Chakra. The Maharic Sphere at the Heart Chakra is now “Loaded” with the STANZ-1 Arc Seal Release program and its PARALLEL Arc Seal program.

8. INHALE, then EXHALE, using the Exhale Breath to gently push the “Loaded” Maharic Sphere downward from the 4th Heart Chakra to the E-Umbi Point, just below the Navel. INHALE, then EXHALE again, using the Exhale Breath to expand the Loaded Maharic Sphere outward from the E-Umbi point until the Loaded Maharic Sphere expands several feet out ward into the Auric Field, with the Maharic Sphere center firmly “locked into” the E-Umbi Point. INHALE, using the Inhale Breath to rapidly contact the expanded Maharic Sphere back into its “grapefruit-sized” form within the E-Umbi Point.

9. Breath normally and call to mind (or read) the STANZ-1 TONE. While the grapefruit-sized Loaded Maharic Sphere remains at the E-Umbi Point, slowly repeat the TONE three times out loud.

10. Call to mind (or read) the “POSITIONS” corresponding to the STANZ-1 Symbol. INHALE, then EXHALE, imagining that upon the Exhale Breath, the E-Umbi Point (still within the loaded Maharic Sphere) releases directly into each “POSITION” point, a powerful “Starburst” of ELECTRIC BLUE (D-5) light contained within a Pale-Blue E-Umbi Point Celestite “energy bubble”. Take several Inhale/Exhale breaths, imagining that upon each EXHALE the E-Umbi Point releases another “Electric Blue Starburst within a Celestite bubble” into the STANZ-1 Positions. Continue “Charging” the STANZ-1 POSITIONS in this way for as long as desired. A minimum of 3 “Inhale/Exhale Charging Rounds” is recommended for minimum critical mass frequency building.

11. Upon completing the STANZ-1 POSITION “Charging Rounds”, return your attention to the grapefruit-sized Loaded Maharic Sphere at the E-Umbi Point. INHALE, then EXHALE, using the Exhale Breath to gently push the Loaded Maharic Sphere downward into Chakra-13 at Earth’s core. Imagine that as the “Loaded” Maharic Sphere passes through the Maharic Shield Center (12 inches below the feet) on its way to Chakra-13, the STANZ-1 Symbol quickly bursts into the Maharic Shield Center and expands throughout the Maharic Shield, just as the Loaded Maharic Sphere intersects with Chakra-13.

12. Breath normally, and OBSERVE that when the Loaded Maharic Sphere intersects with Chakra-13, a radiant Starburst of (D-5) Electric Blue light briefly emanates from Chakra-13. As the D-5 Starburst emerges, the Loaded Maharic Sphere rapidly “Shoots Upward” through the Central Vertical Current up to Chakra-14 (36″ above the head), then rapidly descends back downward through the Central Vertical Current, and into Chakra-13.

The STANZ-1 Arc Seal Release Code has now completed its Entry Level Induction to release STANZ-1 of the D-5 Arc Seal within the personal Shields. Repeat the STANZ-1 procedure using the Arc Seal Release STANZ-2, STANZ-3 and STANZ-4 Codes to complete Entry Level Arc Seal Release Code Shield Induction.

Note: You may complete induction of the other STANZ Codes, in their proper sequence, directly following STANZ-1 Induction, OR you may complete remaining STANZ Code Induction on another day, or series of days following STANZ-1 Induction, as long as the STANZ INDUCTION SEQUENCE is properly followed. Remember: A STANZ Code can be induced ONLY AFTER it has activated within the Ecka Universe Shield. The strongest Stanz Code Induction occurs when the entire Stanz Code Sequence in run “back to back” on the day when the LAST STANZ Code is activating in Ecka Shield. December 21, 2002 is the “Power Day” for Arc Seal Release 4-Stanz Code Entry-Level Induction. One may also chose to complete STANZ-1, 2 and 3 Induction prior to December 21, then fulfill Entry Level Arc Seal Release with STANZ-4 Induction on its December 21, 2002 Ecka Activation date. The Arc Seal Release 4-Staz Code Sequence Entry-Level Induction can also be run anytime after December 21, 2002 for a more moderate, slower, but sufficient, activation level.

The Arc Seal Release 4-Stanz Sequence Entry-Level Induction only needs to be run ONE TIME in this life time.

3.-  Code 2 – a-ShA-YUN

Shield of the Arc (of the Covenant)

Arc Seal Release 4-Stanz Code Sequence
Stanz 1 a-ZUR-YaN

Positions – Rajhna (pineal),
Right Hand, Right Foot

Dec. 5, 2002, Ecka Shield Activation (Indigo Access)
Feb. 2003, Earth shield Activation (Human Access)

Tone: “YaN

4.-  Code 3 – a-Yan-Yun-A

Shield of the Arc (of the Covenant)

Arc Seal Release 4-Stanz Code Sequence
Stanz 2 a-ShA-YUN

Positions – Azur-A (base of thymus),
Left Hand, Left Foot

Dec. 12, 2002, Ecka Shield Activation (Indigo Access)
Feb. 2003, Earth shield Activation (Human Access)

Tone: “YUN

5.-  Code 4 – Yon-A-Sa

Shield of the Arc (of the Covenant)*

Arc Seal Release 4-Stanz Code Sequence
Stanz 3 a-Yan-Yun-A

Position – E Umbi Point (approx. “2 fingers width” down from Navel)

Dec. 16, 2002, Ecka Shield Activation (Indigo Access)
March – April 2003 Earth Shield Activation (Human Access)

Tone: “Yan-YUn

Shield of the Arc (of the Covenant)

Arc Seal Release 4-Stanz Code Sequence
Stanz 4 Yon-A-Sa

The 15 Seed-Atom “Cells” of the Krist      Eternal Life God – Seed
The Outer 7 cells:  Yon-A-Ha
The Inner 8 cells:  Yon-A-HUm
The Collective 15 cells:  Yon-A-Sa

Position – 4th Heart Chakra (for Full-Network-Astral-Induction)

Dec 21, 2002, Ecka Shield Activation (Indigo Access)
May 27, 2003, Earth Shield Activation (Human Access)

Tone: “YoN-A-Ha-Hum-Sa