Australian Hieroglyphics


Here is a slideshow from Pratima and Narada’s visit to the Gosford Hieroglyphics in NSW Australia.
Its only a 5 minute drive from the Pacific Highway and hour or so north of Sydney.
Then there is a 20 minute easy walk to get there, its WELL WORTH IT !

I had heard many rumors about them but no one had told me that the place is a power spot with or without the hieroglyphics!
The rock formations and the trees around are exceptional. Especially the tree above the gallery when you spiral up to see whats at the top.
I have never seen such a ‘feminine’ tree covered in breast like mounds and beautifully realistic waists, legs, and vaginas ! Im not imagining it I swear its really there ! hehehehe

I am assured by friends who have worked with the Original Australians for many years that not only are these hieroglyphs genuine but that there is a long history of visits from Egyptians to various parts of Australia.
See Steven Strongs site www.Forgotten

Seems like the slideshow below is not appearing in Internet Explorer. (In case you havent heard its the worst web browser – please try another one).

Here is a 2 hour worldview changing presentation by Steven Strong about the ancient history of the Original Australians.
I suggest you ignore his slightly mad professor demeanor and digest the amazing research he and his son have been doing for the last decades.

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