Gaia Satellite Scanning

I recently discovered this awesome documentary showing the systems of the Earth as revealed by hundreds of satellites scanning on almost every frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum. As they say near the beginning, this is the age of discovery, nearly every day new aspects of how the Earth works are being revealed!

This surely lends even more credence to the Gaia concept that the Earth is a self regulating feedback system. The BIG question is … how does humanity fit into this picture ? Are we part of the Earth or an alien cancer threatening to destroy it ? Don’t be so quick to answer, whichever direction your assumptions lead you … it’s a mystery worth contemplating deeply.

I have never seen any movie that makes it so clear how everything on Earth is interconnected. Why is it that the current dominant paradigm is one of disconnectedness when the evidence of its falsity is so blatant ?

Play this full screen – the visuals are a message from invisible realms made visible for the first time in our short story. Enjoy the journey !

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