Planet of the Megaliths

petrie5This is a pretty roughly made video, but if you are interested in the hidden history of this planet its worth watching ! You have see the Revelation of the Pyramids already right … ?

I do not know who the woman with the lovely Russian accent is. She is obviously well informed and perhaps a professional researcher.

I thought I was fairly well informed about the various ancient stone structures around the planet, but this certainly opened my eyes and showed me that it is far more widespread than I had imagined.

Pyramids in Germany, Russia, Southern France – some of these I wonder how it is possible that we have not heard of them before …

One Response to Planet of the Megaliths

  • I live in Australia and I am particularly interested in the Image at 14:39 to 15:00 on this Video. Can you assist me please. Great information perhaps some details regarding where exactly are some of these places. Need some more credits such as Michael Tellinger South Africa. And do you know about Vedic Culture?