Origami for the 21st Century

I find the idea that space is folded into regions of differing density intriguing. If matter is ‘coherently spinning areas of space’ (vortexes) that create curvature (gravity) in the space around them, perhaps there is a feedback loop where the curvature creates the likelihood of more vortexes occurring, which creates more curvature, etc. This would explain the observed clumping of the galaxies as explained in this linked article. Could it also explain a gravitational feedback effect that leads to the observed dynamics of galactic scale gravitation without requiring the theoretical ‘dark matter’? (Note also the similarity to mandelbrot fractals where the areas of complexity are separated by areas of simplicity).

This totally mind blowing one hour video below shows how artists, mathematicians, and computer programmers are pushing the envelope or what is possible with a single sheet of paper! Maybe the universe is folded from one piece of spacetime?