Is Gunung Padang the worlds oldest pyramid ?

cianjur1One of the most recent and stunning revelations of archaeology is an enormous pyramidal structure in Java Indonesia called Gunung Padang – ‘the Mountain of Light’. The site was (re)discovered by respected Indonesian geologist Danny Hilman Natawidjaja who earned his Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology in 2003. Danny very generously gave us an extensive presentation he created showing all the scientific evidence and updating us with what is now known about Gunung Padang. And then the next day he showed us around the site for many hours. We all felt very grateful that the mystery of Gunung Padang is in the care of a sincere and spiritually minded scientist!

Why is Gunung Padang so important?

What makes this site so exciting is the claim that it is at least as old as Gobekli Tepe in Turkey which is accepted as being the most ancient temple in the world at 12,000 years old. It would totally rewrite ancient history to accept that in Indonesia a pyramid of this size was constructed at that date, making it around twice as old as the official dates of the Egyptian pyramids.

The site is constructed in five layers. The most recent layer is thought to be around 4,800 thousand years old, and according to carbon dating of the core samples that have been drilled the oldest layer is possibly 23,000 years old !

We visited the site in early September with Mr Natawidjaja and interviewed him on video. We will post it here on this page in late September.

Perhaps the biggest revelation, to me at least, was that the site can only be understood in the context of Sundaland, the name for the sunken continent sized landmass that existed until around 9000 BCE. There are many (including Danny Natawijaja) who believe that not only was there an advanced civilization in Sundaland, but that despite its southern Asian location it is the best match we have for Plato’s description of Atlantis.

Where is Gunung Padang ?

Gunung Padang is 4 to 5 hours drive SW of Bandung, which is the third largest city in Indonesia.

Heres a slideshow of our journey to this beautiful, powerful, and profoundly mysterious place.


Videos about Gunung Padang

Below you will find some videos and links to the best info about Gunung Padang that I have come across so far –
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