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9 hours ago

Scientific American

Period disorders are incredibly common, yet medicine has few treatments. Experts say there is limited research on female menstruation because the subject is underfunded. ... See MoreSee Less

Period disorders are incredibly common, yet medicine has few treatments. Experts say there is limited research on female menstruation because the subject is underfunded.

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And male pattern baldness

TCM has amazing herb formulas that balance women's hormones, naturally. They have saved my sanity and my life more than a few times. It's past time for the anti-Chinese medicine propaganda to end.

Amen! Women’s health and how disease processes and medications are impacted by and impact women’s bodies and hormones - it all needs way more funding and research prioritization than it currently has!!

This is the third time I've seen this article posted with different packaging/headline. I get that y'all are a magazine and this is your big story for the month, but doesn't this reposting seem excessive?

All the focus is on hair loss for men and keeping an erection. Women are absolutely sideline. I have adenomyosis. It id a very painful chronic disease of the female reproductive system and yet not much is known about it. It is associated with sometimes bleeding till you need a blood transfusion, anaemia, debilitating pain causing loss of work days and ER visits. I am sure its not a new disease as it can lead to multiple miscarriage and infertility. But you know keeping it up for men during sex is far more important.

The difference is profits from E.D. research funds itself

If I may, remember sildenafil was developed as a hypertensive medication, i.e. it was a life-altering if not life-saving medication. Its positive affects on ED were noted during clinical trials and later marketed as a treatment for ED. While no longer used for high blood pressure, it is still a life saving treatment for pulmonary hypertension.

In the book The Telomere Effect the discuss the association between shorter Telomeres and heavier periods.

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine are more detailed and effective for many reproductive organ issues.

Because there are only two outcomes - normal periods or pregnancy. Medications that regulate periods and reduce detrimental symptoms tend to also be good at discouraging pregnancy. Medications and therapies that encourage pregnancy don't tend to include things that reduce period symptoms. Our system is set up for one or the other, not both - because our system is set up to treat symptoms, not to bring about optimum health. And before people start in on our health system, consider that our current systems reflect our cultural attitudes.

But I bet there’s plenty of funding for researchIng erectile disfunction.

Emma Wilfert

Patriarchy funding at work.

Ohhh but weve got every med under the sun for erectile dysfunction!

Viagra started as an angina medication - something that afflicts both genders. During trials it was discovered that it had . . . other effects.

Maybe add a tax on tampons to fund it😂

I'd like them to not dismiss the mood swings because I most certainly get really bad ones before my period & there's this fogginess that descends upon me. Maybe for some it's a way to dismiss women but it's also real.

True... just one counterpoint, if I may... Ladies, raise your hand if you’re glad they fund research on erectile dysfunction. 🤭✋ Perhaps ED is more globally impactful 🤷‍♀️

All systems normal, then...

Patriarchal much?

Women. Stop having sex with lawmakers. See how long it takes for them to pass better laws.


Research into Menstruaton faces stiff competition from Erectile Dysfunction.

Your up against stiff competition

I don't know, maybe we should ask some old white men in the government if we should fund women's health.

14 hours ago

New Scientist

What would the 1980s have been like if Alan Turing had lived? Ian McEwan talks about his exploration of a speculative past for AI in his novel Machines Like Me ... See MoreSee Less

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Definitely not a science fiction novel, though. No way.

Ian mc ewan writes really good sf!!...

Science and fiction = science fiction.

I may not be able to tell you this every day but I just want you to know that you mean the world to me. The day you stepped into my life you changed it into something so beautiful and meaningful. I may not be the first woman in your life but I want to be the last woman you ever loved. I may not be the first woman who made you feel loved but I want to be the only one to make you feel loved to the core.

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