Why a page about Russell Brand on aNewScienceOfEverything ? Because he speaks so eloquently about the need for a new society that works for everyone, not just the 1%.
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20 hours ago

Russell Brand

Brighton. Nanny Carol, I love you. #ReBirth ... See MoreSee Less


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NORWICH, COME TO NORWICH damn it, I know its out of the way but we wont eat you

You are such a cool dude.....not to mention God damn cute.......heartfelt, loving & reallllly know how to connect with the human spirit so beautifully x

Oh come on Russell....are you the new Messiah?....in the first place...you talk too fast...and I never get it...sorry...I just don't

Star light, star bright, The first star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight.... I wish Russell Brand would......i cant say the rest or it wont come true but when you coming to the east coast of the US. I miss you and would love a hug because i need one of yours.

Carole I need this 😱😱😱😍

Modern day Jesus

These photos capture the human spirit so lovely!

These photos say so much without words- 💕💕💕

These photos were the first posts on Facebook this morning... thank you for the tears, Russell Brand and People of Brighton


Will you be back in the states any time soon???

You are the King here...💜🌍👏🏻

Ha Ha, you might have taken it a bit far when you called her an Octogenarian though 😱🤣😱🤣

Russell Brand, it must feel great to know that you can inspire - Luke Carter, handsome boy, love you! Xxx

Come to Recovery Happens in Sacramento, California; September 5,2018 West Steps of State Capital www.recoveryhappens.info

That was such a show ! You climbed over me to reach Nanna carol !

The New LOVE GURU...apologies to M.M.

Lovely Russell in lovely Brighton ☀️

These pictures are breathtaking taking ♥️

Love you Russell Brand. Chicago is waiting.

Lovely pictures 💕🌺

He loves me!!,Sarah Holmes lol x

So much goodness in this man

Are you doing any dates in Dublin Russell ?

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1 day ago

Russell Brand

Cabbage Patch Lovin’ ... See MoreSee Less

Russell Brand Live - Cabbage Patch Lovin’


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What's the dinamic? Anyone care to explain? The audience submits stories and he reads them out loud? Poor guy!! 😂

Brilliantly dressed, bright future and a disgusting past Hahhahahhahhaha

Marc Hannigan chuckling away there at the end

Abbie, makes you wonder the horrors that Poppa went through...

Donna Peattie this is the show I was at😂😂

Anna Green can you remember Sheffield? We need to see him again 💦

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇬🇧 SO MUCH LOVE TO YOU MATE... If you have a chance Come to VIRGINIA

Jon Sey hmmmmmm someone looks familiar 🤔

I have 3rd and fourth and fifth superfluous nipples..

Neri Gjovari kqyre deri nfund kur po ja bon it was a cabbage patch doll 😂😂😂

Russel when is your come listen to me talk shite tour on again?

Cali Ormond love these little snippets 😂😂

Natalie Cook These are so much more funny than the Wolverhampton stories 😂

Millie Sharp 7th May. Portsmouth!! You have to see him!! Xx

Kenny Suits forgetting Sarah Marshall guy I mentioned yesterday.

Laura Nomiddlename Beedie🤣remember wen me u n maeve got the cabbage patch dolls at like age 14 hahaha!x

Leah 😂 one day i will see Ol' Russ live haha!

Andrew Woodall see, we should totally fill the survey out!!

Hannah Dixon 😂😂😂 the answers get better with each tour date. Xx

the one we went to see.. show paul Lynsey Philp

Jane Keal sooo glad we didn't fill it out😂😂😂😂

Anna Ferguson this one is good lol x


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4 days ago

Russell Brand

Thank you Hackney Empire for your participation in last night's Netflix record of #ReBirth - you made it special! ... See MoreSee Less

Thank you Hackney Empire for your participation in last nights Netflix record of #ReBirth - you made it special!


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Amanda Burnell U COULDA GONE!!

I really would like to see you in a remake of "Drop Dead Fred" ... Back when vhs was it and bitch was about all we got for swearing on tv!🤔😝

From "fulfillment's desolate attic" to poet of Ecstatic Truth 😉

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE YOU RUSSELL BRAND!!💛💙💜💚❤Please come to South Carolina USA.......That would be a dream come true. Getting to see you live and in person is most definitely on my "Bucket List"! You're an AMAZING individual and a truly INSPIRATIONAL human being! LOVE YOU!💖

What we need is a invisible hand that helps people that are doing things that make the world better by giving them extra funding. for example if an electrician or plumber/company fixes the electrical or plumbing system on a low income families home they would be able to offer a steep discount while being able to still pay employees and purchase materials. And that's why I say it's time to create a new organization/system that creates co-opitition where people both compete and cooperate to make the world better. For example if a appliance maker develops a more environmentally friendly appliance than they will receive extra funding and if they help others to build more environmentally friendly appliances than they will receive even more extra funding or if a sustainable farmer discoverers a better way of growing food and helps others to do the same than they will receive additional funding. And to make it happen we need a organization/system that gives extra funding to enterprises and people that do things that make the world a better place as determined by jury style funding panels and mostly funded by its own investment and business partnership funds (that way it can remain independent of politics and budget cuts) but it can also be funded by donations, crowdfunding and everything else. The additional funding can be for anything including installing solar panels to a company that switches to electric vehicles or a company that buys forest land and preserves it or a company that makes highly durable and recycleable products and takes them back for repourposeing or a restaurant owner who feeds the homeless or a medical clinic that serves low income families or a vet clinic that helps injured wildlife or a affordable living eco friendly apartment complex or a company having proven non discrimination hiring practices and everything else that makes the world better. If we give extra funding for making the world better than people will give it maximum effort in order to receive maximum funding which will enable them to do even more good things in the world. And workers will also have a reason to increase productivity and quality as some of the profit will fund a better world.

Hey, dont know how else to contact you - theres a photo that you deleted and I need to know why... please contact me

Russell just 💞🙏🏾

Russell just 💞🙏🏾

LN Mae I think we where here

Ruth bag of soup!

Tamzin 😎💖

Christian Marshall-Harris finally been recorded! Buzzin

Come to St. Louis, MO!!

Can't wait to see Thank you

Sing, "Pet the Furry Wall"!!!! 😃😜😍😎

Great pic

Netflix magic

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4 days ago

Russell Brand

"I resented that programme..." ... See MoreSee Less

Dogs With Jobs?!


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Russell, why are all of your clips subtitled in english when you're speaking english? You're the most articulate speaker I've ever heard. Curious. 🤔

I wish my dog would get a job. Bout time she starts pulling her weight around here

I had to look at you one more time “heartthrob “for real lol about to loose it lol

So beautiful in and out I just adore you

Unemployed cats hated it more!!

It's all bailiff programmes now to make you feel even better!!

Luv u to pieces. What an inspiration of change and hope one can achieve in ones life! You have transformed your life and it is amazing. Love it when your funny and love it when your serious. You have a lot of knowledge and I hope people take you serious, because what you have to share is so very important. Looking forward to reading your book on my families trip to England in May!

Your hair....kind of ratted up mate! But who the hell cares right! You are clean and sober.....and now we can be really crazy and remember it.....! ❤️

Would you wear guyliner again on the odd occasion?

Made me laugh then and makes me laugh now 😂

Don’t Resent it , it was a part of your career that has made you who you are today u had a chance to reflect on the situation,now u have grown ,that all ,lol I am just now listening to what you where saying in your stand up I was working so I need ed to here what was said alone , lol you where di Beautiful in the pic it didn’t matter at the time what u where saying isn’t that sad lol however I enjoyed the skit.

"Dog don't should have job!" (previously) "sorry but I don't think I could have sex with someone with such a slender grasp on grammar" Russell's cheeky bits that he thought nobody would notice 😉

Your stand up was and still is hilarious, ponderland was brilliant too! 😁

Joanne Lait 😂look how different he looks here,his eyebrows look reyt bushy pmsl!!! Xx

One of my favourite sketches of all time 😍

David Johnson "keep shoveling the Weetabix in so I don't die". Basically my whole insensitive to eat out.

Wait dogs can get jobs, that seems kind of weird seeing as how that can barely speak. 🤔😕😁

Why it was some of your best material!? “HATE!! From there right down to your ankles..but the feet I’ll let off”

General Observation Why do people go looking for their other half after losing their virginity? - 90% of people in a normal society. - When you lose your virginity you can’t help but have that thought in the back of your mind thinking on whether or not if you found love, if you can find love, or if you can find the most suitable partner to settle down. Some think how bigger dick it is, or prolonged sex they can have. This is usually the nymfomaniac type people, sex driven types. Then theres those ones living popular lifestyles, either they could be popular in groups, popular by copying whats on in the media at the time, and what other people are doing, making a relationship from the style and way they have set for themselves in those categories. You also have the people that want to find someone exactly like themselves, because they may love themselves too much. The way society has bred us is to think, on the path either given to us by our parents, or the path we may or may not have made for ourselves, depending on the spouse, if there is one. Some even settle down for whatever person they happen to be stuck with. Whether it be someone graduated college with and/or a colleague at work. In most cases, we find ourselves with the same level of person, on the same intellect as yourself, it may not be the same field, even thus these type people intellectually both tend to be on the same level. Still now after you lose your virginity, finding a spouse is what your mindful of if any of these is you. Why? Because you reach the next stage in life and adaptably thats how it is afterwards. - Why do the other people stay focused on their career and rebel relationships? - 2% of people in a normal society. - Due to some sorts of people who are career driven, or should I say obsessive study freaks, these sorts usually can’t find a reason to have sex due to there obsessive nature, and/or it could be other reasons. These sorts just don’t find it interesting after the experience. Some people experience sex a few times or less on rare occasions/occasion and don’t find it all that interesting, and they leave off till when someone sweeps them off their feet, or they could be planning to start looking at a certain time after somewhat years. Some are that obsessive they wait the whole time and accumulate a nervous being in themselves, for by the time they have reached 20 years to retirement they could have been accumulating there unnoticeable nervous fear of having sex or nerves of being with someone for that long, eventually they may or may not even get to settle for someone after losing his/her virginity. - The people left are the confused beings with dramatic up-bringing’s, they are left to think what to do about relationships. So what do they do? - 3% of persons in a normal society. - The people that are left are usually the confused sort so it’s hard to tell what they are thinking relationship/or sex wise. Its hard to say what they want because they don’t know what they want they could be experimenting they could be happy alone and just fucking, not thinking about who there suitable spouse may be or if they want to settle. We don’t know what they do only they know what they do because a relationship is a serious thing it’s hard to tell whether, when your not thinking to harshly about it you end up with someone or not. The confusing sort tend to be the most appealing to 90% of people because they are boggled by the sense that they can’t seem to amuse them so you may get the odd obsessive % of persons. These persons tend to victimise themselves and evolve there whole life around you. And that strong enough example is why confused sexuality type people will stay confused as they may never know what they want. Bad outcomes arise when settling while still confused because you could find yourself with another society of people around you from the spouse that has evolved there whole life around you, or you could be totally controlled, again by an obsessive 90%, average type spouse. Settling, again while confused on what you want is a motive I don’t suggest to anybody, no matter the weather of most sorts. I strongly advise from a 25 year old philosophical point of view. Funny that she certainly won’t pull your strings, on note of the age diploma. By Ashley Feakin Bio of Ashley Feakin. Philosophical? Might I add psychologically insane, psychopathologist in the making, better yet me! I am those things stated just now and I’m in the knowing what I want in a spouse of the other half. To humour you is what I aim. To say the least, everyone of these sorts that I have summed up, are not a class of slutty, or sexually insane. We as people are all mammals, and everyone individually deserves respect in that sense.

Remember this so well , still pmsl Russell 😂😂😂😂

We were just talking about this skit! Dogs with jobs!!!

Just shoveling in the wheatabix again so I don't die.....basically me Max Murdoch Jennifer Malcolm

Danielle Lopez, you talking about looking for the degree related job after you graduate. 😂😂😂

You are absolutely breathtaking right here if I where in the position at this time I would wine and dine you , if you allowed me to do so , amazing keep up the great works you are 1in a million

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5 days ago

Russell Brand

What do those feelings mean? ... See MoreSee Less

What Is That Sense of Longing and Yearning?


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Absolutely spot on. I’m not addicted to one drug. When I go sober I end up addicted to tea, or addicted to the sensation of a nice deep breath. I’m insatiable. The substance/drug is not my problem. My problem is trying to quench the thirst for a peg to fill a hole. I feel like a puzzle with a missing piece. That elusive, tiny, little missing peace.

Human beings are meant to live in tribes. Sleep, eat and love together. Around an open fire each night. Under the stars, feeling connected to each other and nature. We are not living in our natural habitats. Like when you take a monkey and put them in a lab cage. Segregated and alone. We're just all searching for that primal feeling.

We have created a world where all we do is consume, but this doesn't satisfy the spirit. The spirit longs to experience nature, to love and thrive. The constant need to even just earn a living to put food on the table is stifling. There is no balance. Then of course some people consume too much and spend too much and it is a vicious cycle; never having enough down time to connect to source. He is spot on.

So Russell Brand,...I've been involved with AA for a few years. I didn't drink until my daughter went to college but I definitely was a black out drinker.... My point is, I like that you've modernized the 12 steps because I needed that to stay connected. Adverse childhood trauma is my issue....maybe you cannot relate to that but maybe you can appreciate my experience.

I’m so grateful that you have decided to talk so openly about these things. You set an amazing example of being honest and using your experiences to help others and yes, entertain.

Love this book!!!! Simplicity at it's finest. Addiction comes in all sorts (mine is toxic people and trying to fix broken people)...this really breaks it down. I'm 96 days in my recovery and life is getting easier. I've surrounded myself with positive people and forgave the people of my past as well as myself! Thank you Russell...for enlightening in a way that is so easily understood!

Wow this hit me hard. I need to watch this again a few times.

I’m not opposed to his message but even his message comes across as an addiction, he’s addicted in pointing out that there must be some hidden meaning to all our addictions, that almost everything in life is addictive and now we are succumbed to it all just like watching a video on addictive behaviors by Russell Brand on social media over and over again and to buy his book telling us so, in order to know about his book I would have needed to have watch this on social media and in order to purchase the book I would need to addictively add it to my cart 🛒 so reality is he is just one more to add to the addiction. At the end of the day most of the “prophets” our there from Oprah, Tony Robbins, you name it are doing it for a sole purpose - to sell you something whether it’s books, products, endorsements, etc - even priests and churches sell you religion to make a purchase - it’s all consumerism - all the way. It’s really hard no to see the hypocrisy.

WE ARE AWAKENING to the voids and mechanisms induced in us ovr millenia... and shifting away from VAMPIRISM to nurturing ourselves from "inside" ... no longer feeding on people, animals and the Earth. It's a BIG GOOD SIGN!! onwards upwards!

To actually crawl out of the box ... Then stand on the top of the box and then explain your surroundings of others Is very salubrious to recognize that all of what we do is a longing ... We will never find what we thought we were once looking for ... Because it is programmed into us to keep going ... But does it really make one happy?? ... No!! But we are repetitively running in the Hamsters wheel All of us .... and for what indeed I ask?? for we are all seeking something that isn't there or will still be there whence we are dead and gone But we never got to reach it !!

Longing & yearning are associated with 'loss of self' - loss of self can be brought on by various 'losses' ie bereavement, divorce, loss of community (after moving house) loss of country (after emmigrating) homesickness for various reasons, illness and many more or combinations of these - the antidote is 'self-recovery' which may include; therapy, counselling, solitude and a general concentration upon self rather than self-sacrifice for others.

This can fit all of us in one way or another, thank you Russell for helping us recognize we all have issues of some gravity -- we can never be 100% satisfied on this earthly plane-- we can only keep doing our best and help encourage others. You do it so well <3

change came for me when i realized that there was no way that i could fix it. i read, if i was just willing to believe in a higher power or other something that i was well on my way. I didn't even have to believe yet i just had to be willing to believe. i was beat and could not generate substance in my life. i was just a mist. a dark and desperate mist of a person. i find that i can fill or minimize the "longings" by being helpful to others. praying for direction and being open to listening and seeing what might be my job or role each day and believing that there is some likelihood that i will be able to do what is asked of me or stirred up inside of me is a different kind of excitement or mind altering experience. it creates substance in my life. i used to drug and drink to feel different or be different or anything different than what was. today i get to be useful and that makes me feel different. it's the same thing but so very different. i still have longings and desires that are unhealthy but the noise of them is not as loud as it used to be. my life was f**ked up and there was no way i was going to fix it. I listened to a few people and did/do what they suggested and it has made a difference.i was never ok or happy with me.today i am pretty f**king happy. thanks for sharing Mr. Brand.

Hare Krishna Russell Brand Nice to see your not swearing much anymore. That is also an addiction. More people will listen and respect you more when you do not use foul language. You can be extremely funny without swearing. <3 Hari bol !

My favourite part is when he said. “Staring dumbly at social media when I didn’t intend to”. I suddenly become aware of what I was doing. Staring dumbly at this video

He's right. Many of what we consider destructive behaviours are the result of thought patterns that we developed in childhood to overcome the mental and emotional challenges of growing up - for example, dealing with the cruel words of bullies at school, or for dealing with the feelings evoked by a disapproving, unappreciative or neglectful parent. We then carry these mechanisms into adulthood even though they no longer have any relevance there. Sometimes these mechanisms manifest themselves as a drive for success. Other times they manifest themselves as an addiction. Flip sides of the same coin.

Whether you believe in the disease base addiction model or not, this just makes so much sense, common sense in fact. You can’t argue with the logic on offer here. It’s irrefutable. 👌🏽👍🏽👏🏽🙏🏽

Give yourself a hug..it helps..I think it all boils down to neediness, getting the need for touch..I stroke my hair and clothes and drink in the richness of the colors..also music feeds the soul, these are all enrichments. Feed the hunger in you..because if you don't you shall perish.

Incredibly insightful and illuminatingly honest...Russell’s sense of self and understanding of mental well being, is articulated beautifully here

Lacan - ‘objet petit a’..misplaced desire. Zizek’s thing with transcendental materialism. Not exactly what Russ is saying but he’s in the zone. Keep up the good work Russ. Once people get it, the worlds a better place.

We all have needs that had been neglected in our childhood; I think addictions are helping us to numb these unmet needs. There is one alternative way of feeling calm and relaxed; uncover you unmet needs and meet them without any instant substitute.

Russell Brand, have you read any of Gabor Maté’s work? I think that you’d enjoy In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts. Bruce Alexander’s The Globalization of Addiction is pretty good, too—it looks at addiction as a reaction to displacement.

I love the way you speak on these topics. From your humanism . From truth. When you speak from truth and the heart.....it never gets old. A little indulgence is still okay 👌 just pick the right one! For me it is Mediterranean mint ice cream! We should share some and have a long conversation about sobriety!

My 18 old son was diagnosed with attachment disorder but maybe I have it too as I miss my late husband dearly! ☹️ I feel lonely and sometimes wish I was not around 💔 ..... but thank you Russell ♥️

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6 days ago

Russell Brand

Essex. Southend.
“In the end there’s nowhere to go but where you’re from.”
... See MoreSee Less

Essex. Southend. 
“In the end there’s nowhere to go but where you’re from.”
#ReBirthImage attachmentImage attachment


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Just a few gigs left if you want to see Re:Birth russellbrand.seetickets.com/tour/russell-brand/list/1/200

Come and visit Eastbourne and scare the locals 😂😂😂😂😂

This guy just gets better and better. Giving yourself up to the universe, accepting that you are just a humble servant on this earth is inspirational.

Love your creativity with words .. so clever ... you seem humble and very caring ... two very good assets xx lovely to meet you xx

Rare human being ! In that Cliffs Pavillion myself many times in 60 s Now sadly in the Arsehole of the world OZ

Just back from The Cliffs Pavilion. Thank you, Russell, for your best show yet? Your humility is an inspiration. Your book is a credit to you. My mum used to take your dinner money, when you were at East Thurrock Road School. She was the school secretary and said you were a cheeky little boy. Her name was Mrs. Thompson. Love and Serenity. Xxx

Where's last nights pictures at hackney empire, i thought it was brilliant. Great night out, worth the 2 hours stuck in London's traffic 😊

I’m from Dagenham, Russell! Hope to see you in California sometime❤️

Loved the evening and my daughters is now a fan for life - you are a success - and I'm a nan so I know this sort of sxxx

Absolutely love you Russell, you are legend. Gutted the isn't a Liverpool date 😥 fingers crossed the will be one in the future xx

Well, not really, in the end you can go UP or DOWN or somewhere in the middle. (Heaven, Hell or Purgatory) One day at Mass the Priest said there is a Bible in Italy where an imprint of a burning hand from Purgatory or something; some crazy thing happened to some saint, I wish I knew the story better. Some being from Purgatory came and laid it's hand on the Bible and left an imprint. It was a crazy, true story.

Fantastic show - just love everything you say 😊❤️

You will be touching the heads of sick children next.

Love the photos, and lots of love all around <3

Hi brilliant show tonight in Southend. Russell gave me a lovely hug last night & if a pic was taken by the lady on the stage I would love to see it please. many thanks Beverley x

I'm pretty sure Russell Brand is starting a cult.

We didn't forget the Jeffrey

Went to the Glasgow show on the 11th and was disappointed that it was so funny. You see I had a hysterectomy 2 weeks earlier and so it was painful laughing so much. DAMN YOU RUSSEL BRAND 😂.

The one thing I miss, since losing the internet, is “Under the Skin” !!!!!

I pray that all people who can Afford to come to see you. They all find the truth. That life can be better. You. Do that. To give Such Hope. I want A biggggg hug

I was so blessed to see this man last night and have a photo with him ❤️ He is an amazing person and he has so much love for his fans xxx

Russell Brand thank you for sharing your beautiful message keep up the good work

Oh the hugs and love is seen through the people. 💕

Brilliant night ! will you be putting up other pics taken tonight ?

We had so much fun, it was an awesome show!!

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1 week ago

Russell Brand

Back in Portsmouth on 7th May 2018. Come? ... See MoreSee Less

Wheelchair Gridlock in Portsmouth - freedom!!!


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I mean its nice he trys to include them all the time and treat them the same as everyone else but he has got to stop riding on people's chairs

I wonder if he knows they make wireless microphones.

Omg I so want him on my lap! Might take a trip over the water but will he even notice me? ...... nope 🙁

Thank you for always helping lighten the mood!👍😁✨

Breaking down boundaries Russell Brand. Thank you.

Alice this is what I was talking about!😂

Brilliant Russell Brand! Inclusion = respect 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

I'll just be here in Portsmouth, Virginia crying salty American tears of jealousy.

Francesca Renouf-Stone I don’t think I would ever have recovered from this if it had happened in Bournemouth x

Sara Houghton how much would some of your guys love being part of something like this.....they are usually ignored.

Are you playing Manchester at all Russell ?

Willow We were practically wetting ourselves at this bit! 😂

Absolutely gutted missed him in Edinburgh 🙄

Dawn Hodges 😂😂😂 we were there


It only happens in Pompey lol good on ya Russell x

Ben Jeff “mate can you move I’m trying to go on a fucking adventure here” ...why did this make me think of something I’d say 😂 And then he says: “can you move you’re ruining the fucking bit!” 😂

Dionne you sure you’re ready for that?!

Andrew D. B. Dyer wish he had done this with me haha

Matthew 😂 I could not love Russell more than in this moment 🙌😂

Amy okay so you break my legs, Eliza sort out a wheelchair

Rebekah Hamm why did nothing like this happen in Wycombe ! I would’ve had tears in my eyes 🤣

I normally can’t do a lot of him but this was a proper laugh Daniel Ian

Emma I love this he is the kind of person who would talk to Mum instead of us when she asks a question.

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1 week ago

Russell Brand

"Look at me! I'm a God dam ballroom dancer!" ... See MoreSee Less

Strictly Come Blackpool!


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Ballroom Dancing: To dance with the intent of ending up at some point in the room, where the ball is.

Hi Russell Check out the All Volunteer charity Animal Hero kids we reach 30,000 students each year with presentations inspiring empathy and empowering youth to action and encouraging critical thinking We are looking for any help to gift our Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless book to school libraries after each presentation Animalherokids.org

Ps- it's your past-life's birthday, today!! #CharlieChaplin !!!😜😂✨😇😂🙏Happy Birthday, my sweet son...😂😜🙌🎊👍🎭🙌🎉🎬😂🎈

Keep on sharing your inspiration, joy and enthusiasm. Your a miracle and I like your message! 🤗

Dip me..weoooo!!! My Russell in Blackpool..oh my..oh how I wish I could be there..seeing you trip the light fantastic..perhaps you could do Dancing with the Stars next. 😎😘

How did you meet julien blanc?

I love you and I haven’t yet had a chance to personally have the opportunity to met you the embrace would really mean so much lol keep dancing Luv yea


I love it!!!!!! I heart you Russel Brand!!!!! your ballroom dancing is amaaaaazing!!!! 🤩🤩🤩

I'll be there, love your energy and your humour 😂😂 keep shining Russell 💛

Shared Thankyou Russell Dance🌅

Ps you looking right sexy

my mum was born there in 1953 her parents owned a b & b there i believe. we all moved to africa then new zealand 1973. please come here to tour!!

DWTS will be calling you Mr. Brand. Please do it. You got moves!

Hayley Watkins my alter ego for sure

I love u to you are just sexy can’t wait

Keep on dancing, Russell!

Please bring your show to Australia

You know you’re an Empath, don’t you? 💚💐

That is could courage✌✌✌

Is there nothing you can’t do?!!!!

Russell Brand is God

I love Blackpool too!

I love you too jesus.

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2 weeks ago

Russell Brand

Yes, the hippies in the foreground but mostly the absolute darling at the back on the right. ... See MoreSee Less

Yes, the hippies in the foreground but mostly the absolute darling at the back on the right.


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Don't get too thin, your heart is the first organ your body cannibalizes in search of Protein..make sure that you don't overdo the vegan thingie..remember Wozzeck..

Ah this was your Glasgow gig on Wednesday. Was there it was fabulous. What an absolute diamond you were to your fans... Thanks. xx

Be careful of the God comparison....because we follow....lol!! 😇

This photo is everything that is ReBirth. 💜

Mr Mojorising Russell 😁❤️

That man looks like the kindest photobomber ever!

I do quite like you Russell. Good vocabulary. Charisma. And just the right amount of up yourself tempered by humbleness and humility. Excellent work young man. 😘

your friend is sniffing you Russ...I bet you smell of kindness and a bit of sweat..heh

Darling behind is most likely hippie in hiding 😉 Dont let the look fool.

He has a kind face. He could be a prince.

I think your spiritual thought now is better than Katy Perry

Thank you Russell for sharing your story...cant wait to read your book. Im thinking it will be as soul shaking as Conversations with God was for me. Bless u and your jouney

😜😳😜😂✨🙌🙌🙌Heyyyy, I just realized I mentioned #VitruvianMan in my yoga class last night!!! BOOM!!...YOU, as the Vitruvian Man!!! Looking very Christlike. 😇🙏#ButWhatIsGoingOnWithThatLoincloth !??😜😂😂😂

Oh a proper darling 😂

Russell, you are a piratical genius! I loved "My Booky Wook" and can't wait to read "Recovery"! Keep on trudging.

Is he supposed to be the other Jesus that everyone will praise instead of the real one ☝️ this is the end of times guys 😂

With the heart purifying the mind. So many changes occur ❤️

What a great photo! Started my day with a smile!

Talk about reaching FAR OUT (man) to an audience! XxX

He looks more conservative than Lord Appleplum the first.

Thank you for being genuine

Which message Russell? This one or the last one?

Your absolutely right... he is a darling!!!

This looks like the best Horrible Histories sketch ever.

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2 weeks ago

Russell Brand

"I was a maniac!" ... See MoreSee Less

What Does Having An Addiction Really Mean?


Comment on Facebook

You can get a copy of Recovery here and as an audiobook! It'll be out in paperback in May! tinyurl.com/ycs8gu6b

"Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, and films.”

I think likening actual chemical addiction to behavioural traits (phones etc ) is misleading & wrong. Addiction is quite distinct from habit forming behaviour. Stop minimising. Not helpful.

Idk if u will read this but Russell you where one of my inspirations to get clean from drugs thank you

Have been reading your book, its a process and a lot of work but this is probably the best self help book I have read. I will be celebrating 10 years of sobriety this Nov. and in June I will be celebrating 9 years of being taken off Hospice. Thank you for your understanding of how addiction works and your passion for educating others.❣️

Oh Russell, I’ve always loved you so very deeply; thought you to be far more brilliant than anyone gave you credit for. It absolutely breaks my heart to watch this as I lost my only child to a ‘accidental’ opioid overdose January 14, 2018. He was 33, brilliant, and as it turns out, a drug addict. I had no idea and as a parent who was with him I continue to play this horrific script over and over in my head trying to figure out what I missed. Please continue to take care of yourself. You are wildly loved.

what if though, what if you're addicted to feeling helpful to others? (absolutely not the worst addiction, ofc, but what if that is an addiction too?)

Thank you Russell for writing your book. I hate the Big Book with its antique language and out dated life view. You made the steps understandable to me!

I do love listening to you Russell... probably why I sit through these painful interviews you do. Why do the hosts always seem so feeble and shallow and ask such stupid questions!? The contrast you create on these talk shows is uncomfortable to say the least...

Although i agree with him, he only taps into one part of addiction which is escapism. There are many other reasons why people have addictions developmental issues, mental health problems, abuse, disengaged parenting styles just to name a few...

Russell - I find it ridiculously hard to read this book because your voice is narrating it in my head, along with hand gestures, flicks of the head and a cheeky wink every now and then 😳

I was feeling guilty when he got to the social media part but then realized if I hadn't been watching social media, I would not have seen this clip...go me!!!

An addiction to * anything * is a * symptom * of a problem ie emotional torment . The ' thing ' is not the problem . we resort to *whatever* to the extent it is potentially damaging and self-destructive to seek cold comfort escapism or misguided sense of control in our lives . Its about mental health. The *big* mental health disease in the world is a sanctimonious self satisfied condemning attitude towards other people. Compassion is needed including towards ourselves : Managing our mental health involves respecting our common humanity. Yes we need to have humility to admit we have issues - how life gets demoralising and events leave us feeling aggrieved and angry - to start to address them . Otherwise our behaviour might start to impact badly on others, and people will fast lose sympathy if we are arrogantly in denial while wreaking havoc . The tory government will *compound* peoples everyday problems before they offer appropriate help to ease any . Its deplorable .

You are brilliant. And you think you aren't like Eckhart Tolle or whatever..... But I tell you, you ARE pure consciousness. You ARE an incredible light for so many, me among them. I see your light, Russell, and it's so beautiful. xx

What kind of world have we created where so many are using, to escape emotional pain. I agree with you RB that we have an individual personal accountability. However, we also need to look at the selfish, cold, rushed, materialistic society we have created. How extraordinarily sad that pain is the rule, not the exception. Each individual needs to realise we are a part of a collective and we are all responsible for effecting change. <3

I like him. He’s right-he’s a maniac, which I deeply respect. I love his authenticity and bravery and acceptance of him in all of his beautiful chaos. I’ve been sober for almost 14 years, and I can assure you, it’s not for sissies. Carry on, Russell. You’re crushing it! ❤️👍🏼

It sucks that so many people take you as a joke though. The things you tell people, the trying to help and connect and open up the eyes of anyone who isn’t or refuses to look is amazing. More people need to understand drugs and addiction because with the current world so many people fall into it and I see so many close people drown in the addiction. There needs to be more education, and less punishment for the sick. It makes me sad that the baby boomer and later generations all have grown into a world were there was little knowledge and discussing it was frowned upon and so nobody did because it was taboo, really ruined a brighter future for mankind, at least that’s what I believe.

I love Russell Brand . He owns it and goes there . Yes -he’s a maniac - ( aren’t we all ?) and he owns that as well.

I have struggled all of my adult life with my weight, and I know it's an emotional reaction. I eat when I'm unhappy, stressed, tired, bored, the only time I don't look to food is if I'm very happy, or angry! I've tried diets, pills, generally being healthy and still end up back here. The one thing I've never done, and I'll admit am a bit scared to do, is dig down deep inside and realise the reasons I do it, to think about things that I have long buried.

Step 4 was the eye opener for me. Recognizing my part freed me from blaming others and took away my self pity. I am now in control with the guidance from my higher power

I'm one of 11 kids, all of my siblings have an addiction. I always felt different and wondered why I don't, thought maybe something was wrong with me. Drinking, smoking - cigarettes and weed, snorting, methamphet, popping pills and gambling, soft drink. That was my normal as a kid, teen young, mum. I'm a social work practitioner now, I've learnt so much now and I see my whole family through a different lense, especially as mum, dad, 2 brothers and 1 sister have passed on all to cancer.

I feel this is AA told by him in humorous way for us addicts to deal with at a more grounded level of understanding ourselves . And help us to not be so abusive to ourselves , to forgive and love ourselves . I'm booze free 2 1/2 months now ..bcs of health issues mostly I had to quit but I also wanted to quit. This time I have..thx Russell.. one day at a time 😊

John Hosmer “I feel like I’m only worthwhile when I’m being of service to other people.” I do share your love for Russell brand.

I've read this book twice now, makes so much sense out of something that didn't make sense to me, hoping to get it signed when I come to see you 3rd may in sunderland ❤

This was probably the best interview so far. Russell was treated so well. Nice! And I’ve never heard the definitions and descriptions of alcoholism and the 12-steps put so succinctly and normalized so gracefully. Thank you!

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2 weeks ago

Russell Brand

Messiah Complex is now out on Netflix for your viewing pleasure! ... See MoreSee Less



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No Messiah Complex on USA Netflix, what gives?

sad facts wrapped up in educational sarcasm 👍

Uhn Che was into mass murder and torture ... the ideals he claimed he fell well short of himself.

Love that show, and hello, that look with the long beads and heels is bloody jubbly 🙂

Fck Netflix stop Geoblocking this show in Germany :/

Kavita Desai watch this geez wen u get a chance xx

I remember watching you live in Calgary couple years back, seriously your the best. Too funny yet very thought provoking

Only if there were underage girls laying in bed next to him...

Russell Brand is very intelligent and is also a comedian. A very good one. He would not have mentioned iPhones and suicides if they had not been linked. Foxconn, but it's Apple's thing. If you get too literal about any of this, you can miss the entire point of him being onstage. Humor. Dealing with life's unpleasantries through laughter. Maybe he could write something about anxiety disorders or OCD. Hehe...

That counts as your tea break 😂😂😂

This is true and it's so sad but it is also so funny, damn!

So inspiring russel...as usal!!keep up the good work...is there any chance you visit greece???just asking...!

Stephen Brogarth so this guy I totally get. Quite brilliant and funny. Unlike Ricky Gervais. And yeah I do put them in the same category 😆

Quality. Looking forward to Blackpool re.birth.

Apple actually pays more then most. The problem is with the rules in China.

D'oh! Just upgraded my phone... I'm part of the problem! 😟 Well, refurbished is good.

Dan Bellis Catherine Jones that’s how Kingspan resolves our problems!

Ohh Russell, I LOVE U!!!! So nicely put!!! Laughed my head off!!

Ellen Minier 🤣 the whole show is fantastic!

I think Gandhi would make great memes about it 😂 😂

Don,t mess with Che although I like it

Very funny and very intelligent man

As the English say, brilliant!!!!!

Kumi Reyneke posthumous appropriation 👏this man's turn of phrase

Nicola Bruce Our weekend viewing pls

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2 weeks ago

Russell Brand

Here I am in Edinburgh with its inhabitants- The Scots. And what beauties they are. #ReBirth ... See MoreSee Less

Here I am in Edinburgh with its inhabitants- The Scots. And what beauties they are. #ReBirthImage attachment


Comment on Facebook

Blackpool, Portsmouth and Derby coming up! russellbrand.seetickets.com/tour/russell-brand/list/1/200

What about the lassie chucking her makeup mirror then trying to make sure Russell doesn’t steal it 😂 audience interaction was amazing 👍

Absolutely brilliant night!!!! Xx I’m still giggling!! X Check out my starry eyed wee pus 🤩 😂 x Liam Hewitt Gina Dawson Emily Greig Joolz Mushroom Jazz Donaldson A M Johnson Johnson Gutted I never got to say hi and have a cuddle! So close....!! 😂 book signed tho..... and a sore belly from laughing xx

Had tickets for Edinburgh but had a bereavement in the family and couldn’t make it. Absolutely gutted. 😞

I learned that who doesn’t look for you, doesn’t miss you and who doesn’t miss you doesn’t care for you… that destiny determines who enters your life but you decide who stays… that the truth hurts only once and a lie every time you remember it. There are three things in life that leave and never return: words, time and opportunities… therefore, value whoever values you and don’t treat as a priority whoever treats you as an option. . . Check out our page for some truly amazing content <3

Spreading the love. You are on the leading edge Mr Brand.

I feel tomorrow may be the best yet 💫

I hope you could find your way to Tatlife.com it’s all about healing and completely inline with your beliefs and thought process. TAT changed my life. Either way, please keep being you 🙌🏼

Sorry you had to witness my 13 year old Scottie getting humped by my 4 year old Italian Greyhound whilst on your run today!!! Unfortunately that is totally standard for the old boy x

Great wee nite oot watching and listening to you make myself and partner laugh. Also thanks for giving us from Turning Point Scotland the opportunity to come along. Glad u found Jesus and the 12 step programme which works for me. 😇

Adam Sonik Presha I'm getting really excited for this 😀 plus we have the boys that weekend when we get home.on the Friday 👊💕

So much laughter and love during your show, thank you. X

Russell come back to the States my love. Florida to be exact!!!

Best night ever... my face hurts still. EPIC!!

Inside the Armadillo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 got my book ready but I have no chance of getting anywhere near you 😪

Lol it’s something terrible that I must confess ,I’m sometimes to honest it has got me in a lot of trouble some good and bad lol,I get so turned on when I see Russell it’s almost shameful lol but I’m not ashamed I just adore him so much I quest hws my heart ❤️ throb i said it lol it’s out keep being you Russell can’t get enough

U pray I am able to get the chance to introduce myself to you one on one of course

Thank you for a wonderful evening. Most insightful and entertaining. Namaste

Had a brilliant night!!! Thank you Russell!!!

Was awesome Russell Brand saw you got the letter Ace (film producer and world peace lover) is hoping you contact him.

Did they understand a bloody word you said?

Great night Russell thank you xx

Woo hoo... as you can see I'm nowhere taken be seen Pamela Smith 🤣🤣

Noreen Hamnett look he does give out hugs! 😄

Megan Mckinnon.... spot you and Mike 🤣🤣

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2 weeks ago

Russell Brand

People of Derby... ... See MoreSee Less

People of Derby -


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I'm sure the aeropark is a lot more interesting 😂

At least the Aeropark is interesting pal!

😂😂😂 and what's wrong with east Midlands aeropark. It's a lot more interesting than you tbh

Sorry, I’ll be at the East Midlands AeroPark that day...

Aeropark all day long ... better than listening to that cockwomble !!

Just waiting for the tickets - hoping to grab a selfie and get my Revolution book signed 👍🏻 Legend!

There must be sum paint to watch drying somewhere in derby that would be more fun

Congratulations on your sobriety,keep it up,mate! Here in Anaheim Ca. /OC/ LA. California. America

Dave Hill I will be at east Midlands aeropark

Wow. Hey russel. I'm a big American fan of urs in Greenup Kentucky. Yea don't get no more redneck than Greenup hey. Any way u look great. I can't get over how good u look now. Like u I have an addiction problem that I got help for. It seems I'm on a knifes edge everyday but I manage. I'm so glad u took care of urs too. I inspire me. Thanks for being u. Good work

Please come to New Orleans! I promise, you will have the time of your life with the friendliest people in the world.

Aero park for me!

Stef Blount can’t believe we’ll miss this 😭

Tracy I want to go again!!! 😊 xx

I would say that you should come to the USA! But, let's face it, who really wants to come here? Especially any time recently. 😒

Please come to Connecticut, it's a great town, and a lot of people I know here believe that you are awesome! 😎

Jude Lloyd if only this wasn’t the day before my deadlines....

My daughters coming to see you here, as Sheffield didnt tell her your gig had been rearranged and she missed you!! Xx

So wish I could fly over the ocean to see one of your events !

i wish i could go! im just sitting in charleston sc thinking where the hell am i?! lol

Hi Russell Brand, have seen this tour already, wanted to come and see you again but my achy breaky Heart won't let me as it is very ill again. Please don't retire before I get a chance to see you again. Take care xx

Are you bringing your live show Re:Birth to the USA ? <3

Hi My beloved you are amazing ps and sexy lol

I love how he explains himself

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2 weeks ago

Russell Brand

What's happened to Under The Skin?

Russell Brand
Some exciting news...
But...what was your favourite episode?
... See MoreSee Less

Russell Brand


Comment on Facebook

Tony Robbins. Ugh nevermind and I just shared this. Delete. He's a big no. Why bother. Did you not get the news on your side of the world?

When you interview #tonyrobbins can you please ask him what the F*K he was thinking when he attacked the #metoo movement? And defended businessmen who couldn’t hire women because they were “dangerously attractive”?!? youtu.be/74YILhy4RgE

Really? Jim Carrey? I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR THIS CONVERSATION. 😍 Both of you are so spiritual/philosophical and funny. Brilliant! Congratulations Russell!!

Jaclyn Dunne it was Jim Carey I was trying to remember......that’s gonna be an awesome interview 😍

Extremely excited to hear you and Jim Carrey.

How about talking to regular people? About interesting topics? It could work.

can you please ask these people to be on under the skin 🙌🏻🙏Johann hari, Brene Brown, Peter Joseph, Daniel Pinchbeck, Margaret Atwood

So much faith in the human race and it doesn't even matter that there is a very detailed list on that wall telling humans how to wash their hands properly...

I've been listening alot to Gabor Maté, absolutely blew me away with his ideas on addiction. Just bought his book In the realm of hungry ghosts. Look forward to your next series Russel. 😚

Please ask Tony Robbins about his deep seated misogyny, in light of his recent guru showdown and the #Metoo question.

I'm so happy to hear you're having Jim Carrey on the show. It will be complete madness. I want to hear a lovefest between you and Oprah as well. xx

We can only hope that people do evolve. Right now, it's not looking so good.

Loved season 1 and really look forward to your next season. I’ll keep my fingers crossed you get Malala. She will be a fascinating guest.

So many inspiring interviews Russell-- loved them all! And thanks from us to Jenny too, who supports your fabulous efforts to educate those of us who strive to learn and grow constantly 🙂 <3 Xx

Not on twitter for a few days. Harassed by the people in the streets and the police while home. I already sent you a message about this. Not sure I ll come thanks to quick change between wings to banana. Not sure it is all that serious. But still friend. If I don't come I ll have to leave quick for another country as I explain you harassment pbs. It is very serious.

Your discussions are an amazing time capsule of our times. I appreciate those being saved. I wish you'd do more stand-up for Netflix or Sundance or Hulu; wherever you can get a great deal for more of you. Thanks for all you do & your "Recovery" book is great. Love & Hugs. ❣️

Thanks for bringing so much light to addiction and additive systems. And for your hope and power of recovery. I would love to see you interview recovering sex and love addict and author/advocate for recovery from sexual wounding .....Staci Sprout.

On Slavery, The entire middle East and North Africa were built by slaves.


We are all slaves to the system ... And specially when conforming ... Man kind has not changed since even before the Egyptians ... Some rule and play on the glips in everybody else's brain constantly putting you down ...

I'd like to hear from women too, please. While I'm at it how about some inspired youth, I raised a smart one and I know alot of other people did too. The next generation will change the world. I'd like to hear more from them.

Gabor Maté is absolute best on drug addiction, so many to speak on the subject don't even have training in "trauma & recovery". Stephen Porges- (The Polyvagal Theory & The Vagal Nerve). Jamie Wheel, Jason Silva, Tom Bilyea (Impact Theory)


That's exactly what God is

Why Tony Robbins? What a twat! He's manipulative and egoistic and if you must have him on please grill him about his misogynistic bigoted twattiness! He needs to be held accountable for his stupidity. I'm actually surprised you're going to bother with him, Russell Brand. He's on a different waka to you, surely you must be able to feel that in his vibration. No mana.

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"Justin Bieber Should Take Heroin" says Braaaaaaand

Russell Brand
Messiah Complex is now on Netflix...
... See MoreSee Less

Russell Brand


Comment on Facebook

We watched your show last night Russell. Nothing like achieving epiphanies and belly laughs at the same time! Incredible insight gained no doubt through struggle. You are an unlikely prophet but in perfect for form for our times. So nice to have a celeb to feel proud of. You're now #1 on my dream dinner party list!!

Oh! They thought you weren’t aware that your ‘stereo’ had an off button! Who knew stereos had an ‘off button’, WHO?! Own up!..... Big love Russell Brand x www.google.co.uk/amp/www.celebuzz.com/2010-04-19/russell-brand-thinks-justin-bieber-should-do-her...

Russell you should check out this Vaynermedia company doing some awesome stuff with addiction centres in the US! www.garyvaynerchuk.com/vaynermedias-4ds-helped-mission-driven-company-achieve-impact/

Completely and utterly unrelated (except I just watched Messiah Complex), here, have this: naughtybits.us/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/WHARGARGL.gif

I love you, Russell ❤

HAHAHAA!! 😂😂😂😜✨ Do they NOT understand the concept of Comedy??😂😂😜 (No, but they understand sensationalized lies, as the 'news' ...to sell more ads)...😜🙄#NeverTrustTheNews Nor the #TellLieVision 😜📺🔌🚫

On Netflix UK? Can’t find anything of yours there.

We watched Messiah Complex at Plymouth I don’t think I have ever laughed so much 😂

Russel Brand the clever and very much witty dude from Britain with a decent set of hair to booth lol love your messiah stand up its eye opening as much as it is entertaining mate keep it coming

Wish the french would understand your jokes and some prod would bring u over here in Paris ,thanks for you love and shine !

Tommy, the offer's still good.... I'll get on the 'Gram, if you watch Messiah Complex. Incidentally, I posted a podcast, not too long ago - a Brand Sam Harris debate. Brand (no formal education) schooled Harris (multiple doctorates,) in my opinion.... Worth a listen, also.

Oi Russell bout time I showed ya how it goes , Aussie down Unda story

Not a massive fan of brand if im honest....but that was funny as 😂😂😂

Ronald McDonald the painted nonce hahaha made me piss myself xx

Caleb Murphy we should watch this!

but i thought jusin bieber was on heroin:-):-)

and I'm looking so forward to watch 🙂

Mark hey I quoted chunks of this show on the phone to Cullen, it’s very funny, now on Netflix

Ryan Taylor the Daily Mail with its usual shenanigans haha.

I still cannot explain why I love you so much!

Thanks for being you, brother!

weekend Bristol tour where are you ?

Anthony Medina we are going to watch this

Sasha D J Wilkinson have you seen this show on Netflix?

I can't find it on here...

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