Why a page about Russell Brand on aNewScienceOfEverything ? Because he speaks so eloquently about the need for a new society that works for everyone, not just the 1%.
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3 hours ago

Russell Brand

Oslo! Oslo! You strange and beautiful winter-Olympians. More gold, more love
Thank you
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What’s the song?

Had a great time!👍🏻 Thanks!

What was a waste of my time, i will never get back that 45 seconds again

And we loooove U 👌😍

Beautiful Luv yea

Great show 🙌

Jarek Banaszkiewicz

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2 days ago

Russell Brand

Me being beaten up by the Gracie brothers. As they say, you’re welcome.
The full episode of this Under The Skin will be out Saturday!
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Russell Brand Beaten Up By The Gracie Brothers


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jiu Jitsu ain’t real that junt don’t work in no street fights my little uncle done tried

I swear this happens to everyone after one conversation with joe rogan

Please Mr Brand , don’t align yourself with these schmucks 😩

These martial art marketing people should be avoided not only for their business practices, but for their interpretation of history, helping form the "helio cult"

Should of shown em the belly bounce Russ

Use your feet on his hips so he cant get to your face treu in theorie but if t was real your legs kneecaps are wide open an most likely what id go for

not a good move at all... so easy to knock your feet out of the way or nail someone in the package. No one fights like this Russell. Take Kung Fu...

Gracie Jiu Jitsu is great from White-Blue (even though I went a Padro Sauer aff. school) which still shows the same stuff!

Is this the type of threesomes Russell has now?How times have changed. 😄

Rule #1..get on your feet.being on the floor you're vulnerable..

Of course it always helps if you show them the eye of the tiger and of course a really lightning fast sucker punch..thanks Pop!!😉

I came across these guys in the 90s while also been taught by Danny Inosanto. They are legends - the real deal.

BJJ is an amazing skill to have. I learned it as a teen, and now my 4 year old daughter is taking classes.

I loved taking Tae Kwon Do and Hakito. Staying calm is hard to do even when your trained. I was attacked by a very large man with a knife. Your brain goes haywire. Then your brain slowly kicks in to defend your self. But instead of fighting I told him that he didn't want to do this. Amazingly enough for me it worked. Some people are not so lucky.

Mark has a date with you guys on Saturday 😂😈🤸‍♀️

Rule #4 fingers into nostrils and pull upwards..

Russell, you are amazing in all the love, knowledge, and caring that you give and open yourself up to every day. You are priceless and I am grateful to have you as part of my days 🙂

Awww can’t even watch it , poor passive mr Brand and the removal of his West Ham socks .

Rule #3 thumbs into the eyes..

Matt Yo it's everywhere 😡 what have you done

Gordon Eilen you mentioned wanting to incorporate some defense from the ground into CN. This would be good! Any thoughts Josh Moree?

Beaten up? lol, but I enjoyed YOU (sort of, he's too tough to complain) beat his arse. Next time I'm in that situation I know what to do. 😂😂😂😂😂

Great moves- we all should know these! You continue to teach to many, and little did we (and you?) know soon your pants were going to be sprayed.... in plastic? lol Sending love to you and your beautiful family xx <3 <3 <3

They are the best teachers in the world.

Next time your in Glasgow you should come along to my brother Scott McVeigh 's gym to train, it's a Rickson Gracie connection BJJ club and you would be very welcome Russell !

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3 days ago

Russell Brand

It’s not what it looks like ... See MoreSee Less

It's Not What It Looks Like


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Step 1. Are you a bit f**cked?

So this is Russell brand now... in a swank hotel with a load of trained gibbons pandering to his every word. Remember when he was actually funny!? Now he just talks shite about politics and posts videos on social media.

I thought at the beginning of the vid a fart was about to be lit 🤣

He released a small but potent gust.

I think he is sexy and bright...

That’s one way to look like Wesley snipes from the waist down

I can't turn the sound up because I'm waiting for my kid to pass out. Is he trying to reduce trouser-squeak or something?

Jaimee Kain Victoria Deyo twice in a week I have now seen people spray their pants.

Russell demonstrates the scientific way to fart in silence, apparently farting this way stretches the arse cheeks to a point which stops vibration thereby preventing the creation of noise.

It used to be Russells' women who found themselves in that position. How times have changed. 😄

Hehehee ...😜😂😂🙌 Umm, what DOES this "look like"??? 🙌😂😂

Now I understand the gold hair charms...🙌✨🙏🎉🤗3:33 am!!!😜😂😂😂

Hi Russell Brand, lend me 15000 dollars ,want to take a film making course.

You freak! I just received your book. You are blinking stinking fantastic. I love the honesty in you. ♥♥♥🤘

whatever you thought that it would look like.... in my opinion it bloody looks like an intelligent and funny man in skinny pants with his legs spread apart. Pretending or thinking being a female wanting to get fertilized. And thus freaking bizar! I am aware that drugs do tend to be harmful, but If you are going in this direction I would say: Shoot it up! Could be you showing how flexible you can become whilst doing Yoga. In that case I truly apologize. Still scratching me head though. My advise (forget and forgive me "shooting up" remark) More and more prolonged Sirsasana. Peace to the warrior.

Those awful beds where you stick your leg out for heat regulation and end up cracking your ankle.

Man,you can get anyone to watch you do anything...I'm impressed!

That should keep the flies away

You're being prepped like a giant dildo, mate! I'd reconsider a few life choices if I were you, especially those concerning black laquered pants.

was he giving you a Jeffrey at the end?

You are so beautiful,it’s beauty beyond the outer limits this makes no since Luv yea

It's EXACTLY what it looks like 😉

Great. Finished my slightly painful routine to find this. I knew there were practical uses of flexibility .

Joanne Odgers now these are some fancy testosterousers 😍

I thought at first they were a pair of dummy latex legs and you were poking up through a hole in the mattress (a bit like Bernie Clifton’s chicken act). But they are actually yours! Well done on the flexibility Russell (all that yoga’s paid off then)!

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4 days ago

Russell Brand

The infamous Gracie Brothers Ryron and Rener are the next guests on Under The Skin!
Out this Saturday 24th Saturday - including some Brazilian jiu jitsu demonstrations!
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Under The Skin with Russell Brand & The Gracie Brothers


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Russell I feel like you are not as genuine as you once were, you feel like a shitty politician now

Woody... the end is nigh. 😔 Someone throw that boy in a fountain...

Andre, o Russel Brand está se tornando um cara muito interessante pra mim. Ele é quase um Alan Watts moderno, mais contemporâneo e escrachado rs

Monsters 20-02-2018 This is Melissa’s heart that is typing this poem. The death penalty is not equal to the damage you have done. A life time in prison you don’t deserve to have won. Locked in a cage is not enough. Dear anonymous. You didn’t show love. There is nothing I can do for this boy, for he is dead. This is not due to things that you have said. This is due to evil behaviour. If you want to come to heaven, don’t expect me to be your saviour. I will let you drop dead. Which is not enough. I am not sure if there is a place in heaven for you, above. You sins will chain you to hell, so low. Dear anonymous. The death penalty is not enough. Let’s figure out what to do with you then. So…. For starters.. I am turning evil, because of you. Your sins are so un-forgiveble, that I don’t know what to do. I cannot remain brave. I cannot remain love. I cannot forgive you. I don’t even wish you in the grave. A knife will never be enough. A few years of torture, will not teach you the lack of love you have showed towards your own son. Dear anonymous. We are simply done. Monsters 2 20-02-2018 Maybe I will make you a roach, so children you can no longer approach. Maybe a caterpillar. I don’t know. I am trying to think of ways to forgive you, you know. Monsters 3 20-02-2018 You know why I can’t think of things to do to you. Because of what you have done to your son is the worst I can think of. You deserve to be your son. You do. And the worst part is. Your son probably deserved it too. For something he has done to someone else in another life-time. Has this occurred to you? God’s punishment is not light. Therefor. No. God’s punishment doesn’t fear me enough to dismiss my spite. My spite towards what you have done to your son. Situations I am not going to explain. I don’t want my readers to lose their sanity. Let’s keep them save and sane. Like you should have done to your child too. I thought I was a bad mother. In my heart I have blamed myself, but now, I can forgive myself. Thank you.

Cue Russell Brand getting mega-addicted to jiujitsu and winning gold at worlds in 2020.

Hey check this out Dominic.

Mark thinks you’re the coolest on THE Planet 🌍

Hehehe... 😂😂😂✨🙌😜✨You are SOOO funny!!!😇🙏😂😂🙌🎉

Are they going to do audio blue belts?


They’re great. Smart guys and all about health and mental toughness.

I few more lesson before you get down ok haha so 😆 yes better practice first hun haha

Hey check pit Jeff foster on YouTube xx

Mark I didn’t know if this would interest you 😊

I love your way of thinking and believing. You teach me allot. Thank you

Hi Russell. You get a mention in this podcast around 1:30 I think. Check it out. You may feel the need to respond but if not it's always good to know what people are saying about you. samharris.org/podcasts/117-networks-power-chaos/

My first meditation feelings : My whole body , yet I guess this was my inner me somehow penetrated the new dimension of deep me , my spirit , my heart, my brain.... I felt everything... I felt my body swaying in the rhythm of the powerful heart... yet my mind or inner me is deep inside me... almost digging. Digging without pain , showing me the way ... this is my report of my first meditation in my house and I am ready ! I am so ready xx

No doubt this will be great - can't wait 🙂

Simon Jones I know you don’t do podcasts or Russell Brand but this’ll be a good one to listen to.

Victoria one for me and my love of movement (and fighting 🙈😂) v excited to hear what they have to say...

I just can’t get enough

Dave Ashworth our worlds collide!

Tracy you will love this. He uses yuge unpronounceable words and in context 😍

Här är en pod jag gillar Henrik ... på engelska, lite svårt att hänga med kanske 🤫

Christopher Gillis you would be keen to tune into this!

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4 days ago

Russell Brand

Amsterdam tomorrow! Come!

Russell Brand's Re:Birth Tour - AmsterdamFeb 20, 8:00pmAFAS LiveKomiek, acteur, presentator, columnist, podcastmaker en een zeer uitgesproken activist: stilzitten is niet weggelegd voor de flamboyante Russell Brand. Op 20 februari 2018 staat Brand in het kader van 'RE:BIRTH’ tour in AFAS Live. Brand is in RE:BIRTH bikkelhard over zijn eigen (politieke) optredens en de show wordt in zijn totaliteit geroemd om de zelfspot die de Brit heeft - hij wordt "genadeloos en enorm grappig” genoemd.
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Russell Brands Re:Birth Tour - Amsterdam

Russell Brand
Does Kindness Make Us Feel Better?
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Russell Brand


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Just love him, he talks so much truth x And its so true that drugs, sex, alcohol, none of them work. Only true self love.

I am curious where you think addiction stems from and what you do to forgive yourself and others. How does one forgive karma, injustice, misfortune, whatever one wants to call it... and move on? I suppose maybe it’s as simple as making a choice.

I love the flowery and scientific argument for kindness. Be kind whenever and wherever possible, I believe in all of that but ..... don't let anyone cross the boundary of mistaking kindness for a weakness. There's certain people in the world that will snatch our kindness, abuse our pure intentions and leave us worse off for our kindness. Be kind but set boundaries 💕

I love the word pray. Praying is an intension. Putting it out there and believe that it will happen. Meditation and pray and yoga is all tied in. It is constant to live like a spiritual people and we are all joined. Energy and connection. Volunteering is awesome. Oneness is Great go to India.

Russell you have so got it going on. I understand the way you pray. Coming up on 38 years clean and sober. I can tell you are at a high level..so glad you are sharing...the info that you are. Some people won’t get it......but want you to know....that others understand perfectly well .....all that you say. Such a need for what you are doing in this world. You are so on the right path......such a good example. Hope our paths cross someday.❤️

In my 7th year of recovery and this is how I 'try' to live. I ask for gods help daily to switch those selfish/self centred feelings into something more useful. Do something for someone else everyday, even if its just making my hubby a brew. All this stuff works. Thanks for your continued, positive, message of recovery. Like you say the alternative is unthinkable!

I think we also have to check out real intention for being kind. If it’s to make ourselves ‘feel’ better then it’s coming from a place of me me me. We need to be doing it for the other person. Cause we are concerned and care and not except anything in return except that you’ve given time and love to another ❤️

The road to recovery needs good strong boots with a lip that won’t trip you up when the road gets rough! Be kind to yourself and you present kindness to all! Never hang them boots up! Treck and tread with no fear and self love 💖

Thank you for all your service work on these issues. I wrote the other day in a social media thread that sometimes I feel like I’m the last lonely human not “on” something in order to allow me to tolerate an intolerable world instead of facing up to it and taking action to fix it and, perhaps, ourselves with it? I’m very happy that there are definitely others, such as yourself, addressing that very issue. You made my gratitude list today ha.

You have a gift of being able to articulate your experiences. I think it is wonderful. I travel the same path but sometimes find it very difficult to communicate to others what exactly it is I'm doing. Keep doing your thing!

If I could download all the intelligence and experience that a person has within them into myself…I would start with you first. Thank you for saying everything I want to say perfectly clear. And letting me know that what I feel within had words that clearly explain what I didn’t at first understand.

Russell brand wanna come share at my home meeting!? Yes!! Be good to see you and hear your experience strength and hope! 👊❤️🙏🏻 pm right 🤣😂👊❤️ please 😉

Russell Brand - your words resonate greatly with me. I appreciate that you are so open and speak your truth. We need more people like you in this world. You are a good honest person and that if a trait very hard to find these days.

You are a beautiful soul Russell Brand!❤️ That became even more obvious when I got to see your show here in Sweden yesterday❤️

I wish we could get someone like Russell to speak at one of our conventions... there’s generally about 1600-2000 recovering addicts... most in early recovery.

Thank you for being you. If on the slightest chance you read this, we would Love to have you over at Spreading Gratitude. You would be perfect over there. No drama, no politics, no religion, no selling of anything, no bullshit. Just people being Grateful for this wonderful gift we call Life.

If I had the opportunity I would go again to University but to study at Medicine Faculty in order to save the world. Doctors don't share their wisdom.

His words are a simplified explanation of themes found in Neoplatonism i.e. Plotinus and the American Transcendentalist movement like Thoreau and Emerson.

With so much negativity in our lives right now, thank you for committing to putting out a different narrative. ❤️

Ok — sold me. Good job we are connected — was a total b tonight to a jerk — still felt like crap, really told person I’m sorry no one deserve my blow back —— even if she was profiling me.

This is very inline with the 3 principles. Recovering our innate health and whole selves we were born perfectly as Ankush K Jain

Boss, Russell! Just started your new book after getting my partner a signed copy for Christmas Lvu Fella Keep up the Gr8 work We're coming from Liverpool to Cu May Day 😉 Dxx & Cxx Carl Bell (of The Brink Cafe Dry Bar!) #CelebrateSobriety #4D #SobervibersUnited! 😀 Recovery Love & Fship <3

Tussle is eloquent enough he should read on air jungs red book that would make ten think strength in weakness and weakness on strength pqpq

Being on kind to someone give you a feeling like no other , that’s why I become a beauty therapist, to help people feel good about them self

Eve Barnes-Corby do you follow Russell Brand, he's the new guru man, he's unreal. I know you're not online but he really has some great stuff to share. I watch him all the time. WIFI permitting

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6 days ago

Russell Brand

Stockholm thank you for the fika thank you for the LOVE! ... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

I wasn't there but I've been listening to the stuff you've put online lately. So much intelligence and so much love and compassion. So much insight into our human state. People all over the world will open their arms to you. You are an exceptionally beautiful human being. x

U r a beautiful person. ....May God keep u happy as always. ..I'm ur big fan from Pakistan. ..stay blessed. Ameen

U are my inspiration daily when im feeling a bit "fucked" i read a chapter of ur book every morning in the early hours to ground myself and start the shitty day x

Lots of love to people, that's what I see in these pictures , and somehow it makes me feel comforted and happy. Thank you for this feeling, Russell Brand

How did I miss that 😱😭 Gothenburg anytime soon? 🙏🏼

Without a doubt one of the most intelligent man I have ever heard.

Love your podcast! ❤ Thank you for making it accessable to the masses!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Life is a better place With you in it! Lovedeveryminute🙏

😂😂 feeling nervous but excited x

I love this man.. I suffer with mental health .. he's a absolute inspiration I can't wait to see him on the 8th March would make my day actually to meet him xx

He's so good to his supporters ❤ such a man of substance Josh Coleman

Don't forget not to wear your Prada jacket in what's that country again? 😀

Thank You Russel ♥️!! You were awesome, fantastic show! Lots of fikaLove ♥️☕️♥️☕️♥️

Thank you for a great evening. Long time since I had such a good laugh 🙂

sad to see that russell is turning more and more into a "brand"instead of a movement. #HuggingBabies

Gorgeous,words can’t express your beauty!

What a lovely first day back!!✨😂🙌😇✨🙌🎉👍 #Rebirth 🙌🎉

Thank you Russell for your show last night! 😍 Thank you for being you, and thank you for your work to awaken the "sleeping" enlightened people in the world💖 Xxx😘

Thank you for the show Russell you were awsome and I had a lot of fun. Great to se you perform in real...even from the suicide seats😉

Thank you for the show yesterday! I didn't know you were doing standup comedy, and that's not the kind of show I usually go to. Yet I had a great time! 🙂 I discovered you through your brilliant (and important) activist work, and bought a ticket to your show as a way to show my support. I guess your priorities have changed now that you are a dad, and being so publicly critical of the system must have been stressful, but I hope you'll continue. I also believe a lot in developing community, and I'm participating in projects related to that. <3

Wonderful show, great podcast. Keep it up!

Any chance you're coming to America- man do we need help.

Toronto awaits your emotional intelligence ....

Get yo hands off the blondies lmao

Comedian? fucking shite and at £37.50 a ticket You robbing capitalist twat

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I'll be in Amsterdam on Tuesday ! Come see me!

Russell Brand
F*ck The Royals - Is it okay to insult the Monarchy? Amsterdam special!

Special LOVE DAY offer on all tickets to the Amsterdam & Stockholm shows with these links:

Netherlands: www.ticketmaster.nl/event/russell-brand-rebirth-tickets/209127

Sweden: www.eventim.se/biljetter.html?affiliate=CP3&doc=artistPages/tickets&fun=artist&action=tickets&key...
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Russell Brand


Comment on Facebook

You're in Amsterdam, how many minutes clean?

😂✨🙌😍Insult, No One, 😜😂😂✨😇🙏🙌🎉😍💞We are ALL Divinity, in a Costume...💕 Have FUN, in Amsterdam, Rusty!! 🇳🇱

Russell be careful what you wish for, having lived under a vicious dictator for 25 years with nobody to keep him in check. The Royals stop that happening none of the Politicians can get above themselves some would love to be a President.

Russell Brand we love you - how about you come to Australia?!! Specifically Brisbane or even better the Sunshine Coast - lots of soul here 😊👏🏻🤘🏻how I’d love to spend an hour shooting the breeze on all things universal with you 🌅☮️💛☯️🇳🇿🏝🏄‍♀️☀️🐠🐳🐨

I hate Monarchy and Oligarchy ....rather love anarchy

Russell when is the American tour?! Please come!

Monarchy is an insult to human dignity. Insult the royals and all their supporters at every opportunity. It's the only reasonable thing to do.

Wish you'd come around Berlin, would've skipped some courses to see you and even writing exam if necessary 😉

thanks for the close captioning on facebook Russell, so appreciated so more people are aware it can be done.......and for readers to those with ADD CC helps them focus too. I've hated paying any attention to the Royals but I do love the story of Harry and Meghan. I do believe they should sell off a large portion of their real estate to the people of the world who could use that land to nourish the world sustainably with tiny homes, eco-homes, sustainability and love., for the cost of their service to Earth.

The draconian lesse majeste laws in thailand offer 15 years in the Bangkok Hilton (Prison)for just being suspected of insulting the royalty there.Liking something on Facebook or sharing a BBC documentary can put you in Jail as well.

it is kind of demoralizing to the whole charade that the next Duke of Wherevershire will be espresso-colored with red hair.

I don't see Athens, Greece on your tour list!

Cyril in HIGH HOPES (1988), had no problem with it.

Will be there 🙂

How about quickly popping over to Belgium? It's right next door, we would love to welcome you! ❤

Love to wake up to my Russell fix every morning ❣️

And Stockholm tonight... Not sure if it is illegal to insult the king here... 😀 We can try. 😛

Angie Shipp ? was telling the story of your feedback after bill bailey earlier today - no idea where Russell brand might sit on that same scale for you?!

watched Get Him to the Greek again ....love your humor, wit and intelligence....make another great movie!!!

Insulting them isn't enough. We need to be forcedly evicting them and reclaiming our assets.

It's just a fantasy... royals are just a family of power lusting murderers.

The intense thrill of Russell Brand articulating my feelings, like no one could do better than he, is so exciting it's actually painful....LOL!! Loooooove this message!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!

I wish I could be there Russell mate

Sorry, washing my hair....

I'm in love with this man...

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1 week ago

Russell Brand

Jordan Peterson discusses that interview on Channel 4 News with Cathy Newman.
You can watch the rest of this Under The Skin episode on YouTube!
... See MoreSee Less

Should You Be Kinder To Cathy Newman - Jordan Peterson & Russell Brand


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Here's the full podcast youtu.be/kL61yQgdWeM

why give air time to this right winged biggot.

Looks like by being open minded, your left leaning fans are turning on you.

Nearly all the people criticising Peterson on the comments here just seem to throw insults!! Can you not throw any relevant/real arguments back to challenge his opinions? Or is it just name calling level of debate these days?

Possibly one of the most fair interviews of Peterson I have seen. Was nice to see Brand actually listen and dissect the content of what he's saying as opposed to what he thinks he has said.

You've read and studied and interviewed many prominent people from the so-called radical left. I was hoping you would challenge him on his generalisations and false assumptions about Marxist and Postmodernist theory. Sadly for me, you failed to do that. You let him bamboozle you with shifting meaning around archetypes. Not often I say this, I've enjoyed many of these podcasts, but this one and the one with Sam Harris I found disappointing.

As far as Jordan and Cathy in the “gotcha moment” give Jordan a break! He deserves a FU! Moment now and then for God Sake 🙄

Yet another conversation in which Peterson got to pretend to be an authority on these sorts of subjects. This interview should've challenged him more, especially given that most of his work outside of psychology is just well tailored quackery.

...I've just noticed that this guy speaks with the exact same cadence as Donald Trump. Is this some sort of proven speech psychology?

Not particularly a big fan of you pal but this makes sense 🙂 remember the hearts and minds of the many are most easily captured in the centre..... so stop drifting to the left quite as much 🙂 🤙🤙🤘

Discovered Peterson couple of weeks back and now I'm a complete admirer, the way this man thinks, responds to questions and generally carries himself is worth of complete respect.

An interview with Gabor Mate inc discussion of AA Russell Brand I hope you see this comment. It's a really informative honest and candid interview. I heard you say you'd like to interview Gabor Mate.

Interesting interview but consider their discussion of the Sleeping Beauty tale revealed a very telling misconception central to Peterson's thinking. He says the Dark Fairy in the story is a symbol of the Terrible Mother. While symbols do have a way of collapsing into many different versions, one on top of the other, and there is reason that this interpretation has merit, it clouds the essential meaning of the Black Fairy. She is excluded from the birthday party because she represents Woman as a sovereign power. Rather than define her as Mother, define her as the sovereign feminine. She is a powerful witch. All the other fairies that bring feminine qualities that are desired: kindness, beauty, etc. are welcomed. She is denied. The best archetypal representation of this figure in modern culture is the heroine of the musical, Wicked." For Peterson to miss this meaning did not surprise me. It is missed by most men who continue to define women only by their biological function. Men are individuals, women are mothers, temptresses, a sub-set of human, not the ontological equal of men in their feminine selves.

Forgive my ignorance, I have been raising puppies and children...incredibly sleep deprived. I think I missed a lot. Who is Cathy? What interview did Jordan Peterson and Cathy have?

Russell, I have a new-found respect for you. You did a stellar job of remaining open, questioning, and keeping things interesting. I’ve watched almost everything JBP has online, and this added a great deal to the conversation. That is the point. Conversation to open up possibilities, solutions, understanding, and closing the sore divide. You interrupt a bit too much and I personally find it hard to understand the thick accent, but I was straining to hear every word because they were all pertinent. I was reluctant to watch anything of yours, but now I just might keep an eye on your podcast. I’ll certainly watch the podcast YouTube version over and over. I listened yesterday, now it’ll be nice to see the body language as well.

Russell Brand I wish you were in Control of our Country. So much Knowledge, so many Morals & Ethics & well Spoken. We need someone like you. PrimeMinsters & Elites need to go.

I don't know why people hate peterson so much. He's not some kind of messiah, he's just an interesting person. Also it's not like he doesn't admit that inequality is a problem, he does.

Pretty sure she laid out provocative questions and he dealt with very well. And im left leaning before anyone starts

I think the "Gotcha" was pretty funny... And let's not forget that moment was a big factor in the viral success of the video. That would suggest it was the right call for Peterson to make. There are plenty of Peterson interviews online, notably those with Joe Rogan and Dave Rubin, in which a conversational format is adopted. It was clear that a 25-minute slot on Channel 4 with Newman was not the place for it.

He had every right to take her to the cleaners as she wouldnt have hesitated to do the same...he showed restraint and remained measured throughout...maybe the left should approach everyone in the same way if they want to bridge the divide and have their views respected...

Bethany Hammond Graves our worlds colliding! Admittedly I haven’t watched a lot of Russell Brands Under the Skin yet, but I used to follow him really closely. We should have a tea and watch date?

Well done Russell I don't agree with his political views but I think he had an open and genuine conversation with him and tried to understand and communicate with him. It seems like maybe Russell has relaxed or maybe come back to earth somewhat maybe due to fatherhood. Well done guys hoping that more on the left start to understand these are the type of conversations we need not censorship. ✌️✌️✌️ If your a new fan of Prof Peterson in the UK come and join us on the UK party boat we need more politicial viewpoints. 😊 . www.facebook.com/groups/1365413176919223/

He's right about not voting the system is rigged more people voted Labour and lib dems but still couldn't form a government

Thanks Russell, I've been saying this to everyone I know for a long time: he's not a leader yet, but he has a bigger heart than you think (if you watch enough videos you and aren't freaked out by his aggression... hint hint). My hat off to you for connecting, fantastic, could have watched you do this in a whole series!

I enjoyed this discussion. Needed another several hours to get deeper. Similar to the Sam Harris interview, could have been a prolonged series. Good work by Mr Brand, who continues to gain my respect as a thinking human. And Mr Peterson was interesting and thoughtful - not at all the monster he’s been portrayed as elsewhere.

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1 week ago

Russell Brand

You can now watch the full episode of Under The Skin with Jordan Peterson on YouTube! youtu.be/kL61yQgdWeM ... See MoreSee Less

You can now watch the full episode of Under The Skin with Jordan Peterson on YouTube! https://youtu.be/kL61yQgdWeM


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I absolutely despise Peterson. Alt-right's "smarty pants" champion and a complete misogynist. I'll watch anyway because it's you Russel, but he shouldn't have a platform.

It's interesting people's reaction to Jordan Peterson. His comments are based on scientific research outcomes. So how can there be any upset? He just presents evidence based information from years of research. They aren't opinions.

Sorry ..can't get onboard withPeterson..nope.. Charlatan

Would've helped if a woman was involved on some level Russell.

Watching this when I get in! Who knows. Might even clean my room afterwards.

It was interesting. Prof Peterson not my cup of tea so I won't give him more headspace. If he truly is attracting young men away from the alt right, as he says he is , then that is a good thing. But he still gives me the creeps😝

Finally can type him .. powerful of you Brand .. if you didn't consider yourself a healer ! You should , because you are healing Peterson ! This is a marvel to watch

This is the power of stigma. For having watched his lectures I can tell you that Peterson is neither left nor right, he’s more about hitting you in the face with facts. So the alt right is a label that is put upon him vs him really being that. He’s got however a position that because the past was as such than it ought to be how it was ought to be. Which I’m less keen on agreeing. Apart from that he’s often brilliant in his analysis. You don’t have to be right winger to appreciate those. He’s got many fair points.

This is a nice conversation with a good mix of listening, agreeing and discussing - not forgetting the moments of genuine laughter between the two of them. Thank you for this beautiful content.

Thank you so much for that beautiful and intelligent conversation.

Perhaps one of the best podcast I've heard in awhile. Russell and Jordan's style of communication and personal points of view seem to compliment each other enabling deeper levels of discussion. Should have on again someday!

This is a true conversation. Well done Russell on conducting healthy discourse with a person who may have different views than you. We should all take note and converse in this way in our daily lives.

Or otherwise Co-operation vs Competition... sadly the former doesn't favour egomaniacs,the emotionally stunted and the psychologically damaged.

Just watched it was a productive conversation good pod cast

blowing my mind. the kwakwa... potluch, the connections with jungian archetypes, what he says about the articulation of potential.. love this interview

Well done Russell I don't agree with his political views but I think he had an open and genuine conversation with him and tried to understand and communicate with him. It seems like maybe Russell has relaxed or maybe come back to earth somewhat maybe due to fatherhood. Well done guys hoping that more on the left start to understand these are the type of conversations we need not censorship. ✌️✌️✌️ If your a new fan of Prof Peterson in the UK come and join us on the UK party boat we need more politicial viewpoints. 😊 .

This was an excellent conversation. I loved how respectful they both were. You can always learn something if you are open to it.

Really enjoying this podcast so far. So much to take in from the first 40 mins. I like that you interview controversial people in these podcasts. It helps open up a dialogue with them which is important imo. I liked what he was saying about Jung and finding that inner darkness and being in the belly of Moby Dick in order to find the light (I've, unbelievably, not read Moby Dick and don't really know the story, so maybe there was a spoiler in there for me too ha) but as a former psychology student with a deep interest in psychotherapy, I found it to be a powerful image. Really poignant stuff even though I'm not sure I agree with some of his ideas.

Incredible interview! I'm surprised when you mentioned William Blake you didn't bring up his belief of the two, possibly three stages, of life- innocence, experience, and higher Innocence.

Russell constantly rants about the corruption of power and capitalism whilst using adverts on his podcasts. This seams hypocritical to me. Why doesn't he set up a subscriber model like othe people do. ?

Love your content Russell Brand! Your under the skin here with Jordan was a real iron sharpening iron kind of encounter. I know he must have felt the same way, keep creating this amazing content. I'm a new fan. <3

Russell's comment about tyranny and nuance was the best thing about the interview!!

Emily Heath I'm going to give this a listen even though I don't like this man ... but i think RB may have found a good way to engage ... fingers crossed

Much gratitude Russell Brand for this interview.

Did they get anything settled?

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Russell Brand

The latest episode of Under The Skin is out now!
My guest is Dr Jordan B Peterson who discusses with me some of his 12 Rules for Life.
Listen on iTunes or whatever podcast app you like.
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The latest episode of Under The Skin is out now!
My guest is Dr Jordan B Peterson who discusses with me some of his 12 Rules for Life. 
Listen on iTunes or whatever podcast app you like.


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Have any of you actually researched who Peterson really is and some of the awful tripe he's come out with?!

Just listened to this. I thought it was a really interesting conversation and that both Peterson and Brand demonstrated a huge amount of openness - as Peterson himself points out. That's something that is really missing from much of the public debate in my view. I thought Brand hits the nail on the head when he talks about the deliberate removal of nuance from the conversation. Nuance is all important in todays complicated age. The right and left both have a tendency to polarise and simplify. We should resist with everything we have.

Peterson trying to come across as intelligent but is still using religious fairy tales most of us rational people pissed ourselves laughing at, at school.🤔 #sheeple

Well done this was a great podcast this week Russell. No talking over the guest and just polite listening and replying.

He's intelligent... But I tune out when he starts promoting Christianity

Never trust a dude wearing a V neck shirt.

Peterson is the second coming of christ

im a doctor under your skin and i have been complicit to thie genocidal crank goernment for decades, ignoring solutions and taking all your money and keeping you ill and poor - it was research because i am a doctor. think about it, hahahar, presenters get 320k while nurses get jack nothing and cant even live. thats the system we like, abuse and bullying you while ypou pay the state to do so. one could say if they were entitled.

This Peterson guy have just too many rules on life that noone should take him seriously or if u do ud end up being in his clinic begging for antdepressant

Jordan Peterson is an incredible speaker, excited to listen in.

Peterson was subject of a hit piece from Mic. A lousy piece of propaganda masquerading as credible journalism. Peterson is into ideas. You don’t have to agree with them but you can remain open minded. He makes a great case for ideas I previously rejected. I don’t agree with all his ideas. And nor should I, you or anyone. But it is good to be challenged. Here’s a debunk on the hit piece. youtu.be/eLhfHPE5M4E

Dialogue, so enriching. Well done, Russell Brand and Jordan Peterson.

Yeah the religious bent is an immediate turn of. Spirituality is onething. Religious beliefs are another. I'd you want to spell till a larger audience, religion. Must be left out as we all have our own. Cultural and individual belief systems.

Incredible podcast... can actually see the change in Russel for the better, a lot of it down to this great man 👍🏻

His new book is great. His appearances on Joe Rogan and The Rubin Report are good too.

Some people cant handle brutal truth but its what a lot of people need. His stuff has helped me so much, i encourage anyone to find him on YT or read his book.

Loved it Russell .... you are redeemed ... in my eyes at least...

Couldn't you kindly share a link?

One of the best interviews I've heard with Dr. Peterson. Was a true conversation. Fantastic!

Jerret Bartley I haven’t listened to this yet, but thought maybe you would like to check it out. Cheers

Mitch, predicting more or less tolerable than the Sam Harris interview?

Emily Gomes take a listen if you’re interested! One of the podcasts I follow.

Really unpleasantly surprised and disappointed you're into this bigot! Thought you were better than this.

Oooooh looking forward to that one

Jason Titus jordan b peterson is amazing. Check him out if you havnt!

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Russell Brand

F*ck The Royals - Is it okay to insult the Monarchy? Amsterdam special!

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F*ck The Royals -  Is It Okay To Insult The Monarchy? Amsterdam special!


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Special LOVE DAY offer on all tickets to the Amsterdam & Stockholm shows with these links: Netherlands: www.ticketmaster.nl/event/russell-brand-rebirth-tickets/209127 Sweden: www.eventim.se/biljetter.html?affiliate=CP3&doc=artistPages/tickets&fun=artist&action=tickets&key...

I'm not excited about any wedding but I'm especially not excited about Harry marrying someone off his family tree. Scrap the monarchy altogether it has no place in modern day nobody I have met EVER in my 37 yrs of living so far gives 1 💩 about the queen. I'm not even going to watch the film because I don't give 1 f*** about the monarchy or cousin what's her name from America

you guys should keep the monarchy - for cultural solidarity. get rid of jeremy corbyn instead.

I just love listening to his vocabulary.

Where do you draw the line? You said get rid of royals and just have people? So we get rid of everyone with money power and influence? Popstars ? Get rid Actors ? Get rid Professional athletes? Get rid Overpaid ex-comedians whose cult like followers will attack this comment.. get rid ... We do not need them do we 😂

It’s a job they are born into. The modern royals are using their position to help more than ever. There may come a day when they are no longer relevant but I don’t think that has happened yet

mmmmm contentious!! for my part i'm proud of our traditions but it's the 21st century and we need to ''move on''. our current queen has been a good ambassador for the uk but it's getting outdated now. when she is no longer with us what do we do? personally i'd rather have a king than a president, after all the royals have no real powers to make changes but can you imagine who could be 'president?', boris? david? corbyn? blair? what we need is less infighting, less rhetoric and mp's who know their constituents and help them. royalty? leave them be but they should not expect public money to be spent on anyone but the head of state and immediate family, the rest should pay for themselves, they've got enough!!

Why do our taxes need to pay for Self entitled kids born with their silver spoons in their mouths? We have starving children and food banks in this country and yet ooooh look at little rich George is going to private school and has a toy woooo. People go see the pyramids so the tourist argument is moot.

Oh shut up if you don’t like you won’t watch it will you . I for one will and I am very proud of the royal family . No one knows how much work and money they bring into this country .

Why insulting them? It’s part of your history..you pay for them...and they represent you..it’s like ur insulting yourselves..makes no sense ..if it’s outdated or a burden..just vote it out and take that money to help middle class..make all castles and mansions museums..charge entrance..and give the money to the middle class via programs/food/education ..etc..if not just let them be..

Things must be going very well indeed in the Netherlands if this is taking up so much of their government's time and attention. Guess we are not the only ones with time wasters at the head if things.

Monarchy's are outdated and in almost all countries with them, are just figure heads with no real power anymore.

Lots I could say, but here's just an easy one: Trump can't come to Britain because there is NO WAY the Queen can or would want to receive him. We tolerate, and almost expect our politicians to toady up to him, but not the Queen. Queen 1, drumf 0. ...which somehow, not quite sure how though, demonstrates an important power she has, that politicians just don't.

Hell yes insult the F*ck out of them 😍

I love you too. Great Trewnews broadcast. Have a wonderful time in the Netherlands.,

Isn't their claim, because they are blue bloods, reptillians, not really humans. They believe they are of a finer race. I personally don't care. I could have met the queen when I was 9 in the USA. I told my mom, nah don't care. And 42 years later, still dont care. Nothing much on this earth impresses me, because we are spiritual beings living a temporary human/worldy existence. Dont let the material world slow you down from evolving as a being of light. Except, certain necessities like FB, totally entertaining...lol

That is how such power is maintained....through separation from the people and perpetuation of myth...ie pageantry.....if the queen or any monarch caroused around with the people on the street....then they would become familiar, overly familiar, then lazy, then disrespectful, then her power would be gone......

If you had a smoke with Russ you're head would fall off 😂

❤ Russell Brand. Have decided that every morning I'm going to play his posts because I love his point of views and his vocabulary makes me feel a little smarter ☺

It won't hurt them and free speech should generally be allowed; but insulting the Royals, or anyone, demonstrates an intrinsic problem that it's not okay to leave unaddressed.

I want to Knight you Russell. What say ye? And then we shall burn a dutchie and have high tea and proper Krumpets. I almost have your dialect perfected, and to me you are Royal Bloke.

Royals have been getting insulted by some members of 'the people' since the beginning of royalty. I would say it's not so much 'the insulting' that's a prob, but this current effort to make that illegal.

No one should be ruling the world. It's all about respect one another. We are all different to one another. Everyone should be themselves, that's what makes it interesting.

Never visiting Amsterdam I'd be arrested for sure 🙊 way too trappy for all these laws & rules etc f**k that in the pooer

Russell is absolutely right about the point he made about the new proposed Dutch law. It is an abdurdity by itself to even come up with something like that.

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Russell Brand

Tomorrow's guest on Under The Skin is Dr Jordan B Peterson
Don't miss it - out on iTunes, Android and YouTube.
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Under The Skin with Russell Brand & Jordan Peterson


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Omg I have to stop following you! The fact that you’re talking to that backward thinking misogynist anti-humane sexist bigoted so called intellectual is really disheartening. Tata!

Don't like Peterson. Don't believe that any intelectual can actually be religious and believe in fairy tales.

Peterson is a complete hack who uses one sided examples to prove the point that any step towards progressivism is a step towards left-wing totalitarianism. He completely leaves out actual historical context in order to substantiate his claims, but is never cornered because he dances around any question with a linguistic ballet that happens at a million miles a second. Slow him down and you see very plainly that he very seldom has a point that holds any real value. I don’t know when we started giving clinical psychologists the merit to explain historical, political, and social systems, but it’s obvious that people like him because he says what people want to hear. Whether it’s his insistence on the relevance of the Bible, his borderline manic paranoia of anything progressive, his misinformation of the historical context in which totalitarian communism thrived.... it’s pretty easy for anyone to see what his agenda truly is.

Peterson is winning the war right now. He is single handedly red pilling millions back to normality. Good to see Brand getting onboard.

Canada's embarassing right-wing darling. He is a sexist and has been accused of harassment. Russell i thought tou made better choices.

NO FUCKING WAY!!! 😱 I've been waiting for this for so long! It'll be very interesting indeed seeing as Russel has been getting influenced by Marxist shite. Russel got me into left wing anarchism while Peterson made me reconsider my views and move back towards the centre. They both have had quite a lot of influence on my political views and perspective on life in general. So yeah, I'm thoroughly excited to hear this conversation!

Just be prepared for heaps of abuse from his cult following, Russell. Their zeal is not to be taken lightly.

One of the most intelligent and well spoken men of our generation.. Wonder why he's wasting time talking to Russell Brand?

I love how atheists are throwing Jordan under the bus because he uses religious analogies to paint deep concepts and isn't wearing a "god delusion" t shirt. The man is doing amazing things in very short time for men and boy's. Now is not the time to quarrel over him not believing in the big bang theory.

Something post modernists in this thread could learn from Russell Brand here... Russell actually knows how to have an intelligent discussion, he understands logic. You should be lucky to take a page from that book.

For a political party that touts its tolerance, the left is extremely intolerant when it comes to different ideologies. The sheer amount of people in this post who are saying that they loathe Peterson (for speaking the truth, no less) is staggering.

I really hope Russell lets Jordan answer questions without constantly interrupting unlike the Sam Harris interview.

I like listening to both of them, despite them being from opposing viewpoints. The world needs more healthy discussion and debate like this.

I'd love to know how many people who've firmly categorised him as some alt-right throwback have actually listened to a word he's said. It's okay to be okay with people who are not exactly like you.

Sad to see so much divisive language in the comments. This will be a great interview, both Russel and Jordan share the same vision, which is that you are a miraculous being that has a gift within that is so magnificent, you cannot begin to imagine the beauty of it. How have they come to see this? That's for you to find out, but rest assured, they both hold this with the highest regard. This is the prevailing energy of both these great humans. It's not a war. We're fighting for the same thing. I find it amazing that people can't see this while it's in such plain view.

If you actually read Peterson you would know he’s an evolutionist who uses religious stories to analyze morality. Like religion or not it is a part of the human story.

like him or loathe him at least he is sticking his head above the parapet!! too many people are so afraid of political correctness/being accused of racism etc that debate is now a dirty word! freedom of speech? ye right!CAPITALism doesn't work!! too much £/$ shared amongst too few!!

I look forward to this. I was impressed with the Sam Harris interview. First time I’ve ever listened attentively to a full episode.

I dont agree with everything the man says, but i respect someone who can construct a well thought out arguement without resorting to "safe space" name calling. If you disagree with the guy, listen to him. Know your enemy. Getting hurt feelings isnt enough. Empathy should be tempered with pragmatism. An extreme in either case is dangerous to society. Thats the message i hear from this dude.

I like a bit of Dr Peterson. Can't wait to see you have a discussion with him, Russell. Are you going to send the poor guy down the FAST SPEAK WIND TUNNELL? He'll not know what hit him. All the props for selecting good guests and discussing topics and issues that really matter. Under The Skin is getting better and better every week. Xx

So called progressives should take a lesson from Brand engaging with Peterson here. Refusing to discuss things is the opposite of progressive and no platforming people is closer to fascism than equality.

If you are a fan of either one and happened to jump ship because these two guys talked, you're a part of the problem. I'm glad lines are being crossed in conversations.

I can’t wait for this one!! I really like some things Jordan Peterson says but then other things not so much. Really interested to listen to this interview! He looks knackered here 😂

Even though I don’t agree with half of your political opinions, I respect your openness to others’. Something that we need more of in America.

One thing everyone needs to get a grip on, is you don't need to agree with everything someone says to be able to listen to their ideas. I'm Agnostic, and a leftist (particularly when it comes to economic issues), yet very much enjoy Peterson's thoughts on a lot of topics.

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Russell Brand

This is hoodie alchemy! hoodie magic! hoodie enlightenment!

BuzzFeed Video

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BuzzFeed Video


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It's good for when you live in California and it's always warm and you're not sure if you should take a hoodie. In London, you've got a to take a cardigan, a fleece, a jacket, pair of wellies a backpack with a portable battery, umbrella, water bottle, and a pair or dry underwear.

All the people complaining that the hoodie is stupid, the sales guy is Rener Gracie, he can kill you with your own body parts in about 3 seconds.

I don't get the practicality. If I use it as a back pack then it gets cold and I need a jacket, where is everything that was in it going? Conversely, if I need a jacket and wear it, I'll have another bag for my things anyway. Hm

Great, except what am I supposed to do with the stuff in the bag when I'm cold and put the hoodie back on, only to no longer have a backpack?

Yeah and then the bag is just full of the hoodie material. Stupid idea. Just get a bag and put your hoodie in it.

its cool and all, but i think the problem it has is somthing that most of us have. its full of itself.

I need this for when I get so cold that I just wanna empty my belongings to the open wind and wear my bag like YOLO

Hey man, aren't you always endorsing the damaging effects of consumerism but here you are advocating for it? Still though, that is one sick invention!

When you realize that these are two of the highest level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blackbelts in the world. Rener and Ryron Gracie.

Imagine a world, where you can have a hoodie in your backpack. Then when you need to wear the hoodie, you can still have a backpack for the rest of your stuff. Oh wait..

This is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing! Rain or shine, at Hero Hoodie we always got your back! 😉 Get yours at HeroHoodie.com!

I swear they made this stuff when I was a kid. Yeh I remember. Jackets that turned into bags. Adidas Reebok or Nike made this type of thing back in the day

A backpack half full with hoodie... Just what this world needs

It's great for when you are out and get warm and don't need your hoodie any more but don't want to carry it around.

I wouldn’t put my phone and keys in a backpack, I know that’s not the point of the advert, but it annoyed me haha

Gracie’s quit Jiu Jitsu to flog shite hoodie/bag combos ?

Sarah Lynne Ward f**k the Gong I want this hoodie .... YESTERDAY ! 😂😂😂 its witchcraft or some magic crap .... I love it I need lots of £ to buy 7 one for each day of the week size FAT because im gaining weight 😂

😮 That's witchcraft! Actually that would be very handy to have where I live. Around Autumn and Winter it can be cold in the morning and warm up quite a bit during the day.

It's stupid because if you get cold and want to put it back on but you've used it for your shopping you'll have to empty it out or freeze

Ryan I’m getting you one of these so you can carry your own jumper and then you won’t need to pass it to me!! 🤣

I think it is a less cumbersome way to carry your hoodie around than in your hand or tied on. I like it

Lea Fo das brauchen wir! Damit wir die hoodies nicht um die Hüfte tragen müssen 😒😒

Will buying this make me happy? Because I already have a hoodie, and a bag.

Char 😮😛 we needed this back in the days when we used to walk to parties dressed up under our horis haha

Is it all wrinkly when you change it from back pack to hoodie?

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I'm LIVE on Comedy Central Netherlands RIGHT NOW.
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Comedy Central Nederland


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All the good comments, went to the live version...😂😂🙌😇🙏✨🎉👍 Xx #HaveFunBeingYou 😂🙌✨🎉👍

Russell-stop using (&brandishing)single use plastic water bottles. Get yourself a reusable cup! Love 🌍

Come to Brixton with your joss stix x

Well done and said Russell, well done!!!

I watched the second coming this afternoon loved it Russell xx

Are there any spiritual masters living today that you know of?

12 days sober here. Started 40 days of kundalini meditation today. Thanks for being an inspiration, RB!

Your Addiction is your Compassionate nature ...Cant be a bad thing mate

i would love see your show , but im in Australia, self harm i used too when i was a child, and yes ya right its anger,

Years ago I was lead to believe that to practice Nichiren’s Buddhism correctly, one had to attend meetings and belong to an organisation. Nowadays I’ve come to understand that anyone, regardless of whether they become a ‘member’ of a group or not, can benefit from their own personal practice. The reason for this is that the Law Nam-myoho-renge-kyo represents the identity of what some scientists refer to as the ‘unified field of all consciousnesses’. In other words, it’s the essence of all of existence and non-existence, the ultimate creative force behind planets, stars, nebulae, people, animals, trees, fish, birds, and all phenomena, manifest or latent. All matter and intelligence are simply waves or ripples manifesting to and from this core source. Consciousness (enlightenment) is itself the true creator of everything that is, ever was and ever will be, right down to the minutest particles of dust, each being an individual ripple or wave. The big difference between chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and most other conventional prayers is that instead of depending on a ‘middle man’ to connect us to our state of enlightenment, we’re able to do it ourselves by tapping directly into it by way of self-produced sound vibration. On the subject of ‘Who or What Is God?’, when we compare the concept of ‘God’, as a separate entity that is forever watching down on us, to Nichiren’s teachings, the true omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence of what most people call ‘God’ is our enlightenment, which exists nowhere else but within us. When the disciples asked Jesus where the Kingdom of God is, didn’t he tell them that it was within them? Some say that ‘God’ is an entity that can never be seen. I think that the vast amount of information that is constantly being conveyed via electromagnetic waves gives us proof of how an invisible state of ‘God’ could actually exist. It’s widely known that certain data being relayed by way of electromagnetic waves has the potential to help bring about extraordinary and powerful effects, including instant global awareness of something or mass emotional reaction. As well as many other things, it’s also common knowledge that these waves can easily be used to detonate a bomb or to even enable NASA to control the movements of a robot as far away as the Moon or Mars. However, none of this is possible without a receiver to decode the information that is being transmitted. Without the receiver, the information would remain impotent. In a very similar way, it’s important for us to have our ‘receiver’ switched on so that we can activate a clear and precise understanding of our life, all other life and what we and all else that exists truly is. Chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo helps us to achieve this because it allows us to reach into the core of our enlightenment and switch it on. That’s because the sound vibration of ‘myoho-renge-kyo’ represents the combination of the three major laws that underlie all existence. ‘Myoho’ represents the Law of latency and manifestation (Nature), and consists of two alternating states. One state of ‘myo’ is where everything in life that’s not obvious to us exists. This includes our stored memories when we’re not thinking about them, our hidden potential and inner emotions whenever they’re not being expressed, our desires, our fears, our wisdom, happiness, karma, and more importantly, our enlightenment. The other state, ‘ho’, is where everything in Life exists whenever it becomes obvious to us, such as when a thought pops up from within our memory, whenever we experience or express our emotions, or whenever a good or bad effect manifests from our karma. When anything becomes apparent, it simply means that it has come out of the state of ‘myo’ (dormancy/latency) and into a state of ‘ho’ (manifestation). It’s simply the difference between consciousness and unconsciousness, being awake or asleep, or knowing and not knowing something. The second law, ‘renge’, governs and controls the functions of ‘myoho’, ‘ren’ meaning cause and ‘ge’ meaning effect. The two laws of ‘myoho’ and ‘renge’, both functions together simultaneously, as well as underlies all spiritual and physical existence. The final and third part of the tri-combination, ‘kyo’, is what allows the law ‘myoho’ to be able to integrate with the law ‘renge’. It’s the great, invisible thread of energy that fuses and connects together all Life and matter, as well as the past, present and future. It is often termed the Universal Law of Communication. Perhaps it could even be compared to the ‘string theory’ that some scientists now suspect exists. Just as our body cells, thoughts, feelings and all else are constantly fluctuating within us, everything in the world around us and beyond is also in a constant state of flux, in accordance with these three laws. In fact, more things are going back and forth between the two states of ‘myo’ and ‘ho’ in a single moment than it would ever be possible for us to calculate or describe. And it doesn't matter how big or small, important or trivial that anything may appear to be, everything that’s ever existed in the past, exists now, or will exist in the future, exists only because of the workings of 'myoho-renge-kyo'. These three laws are also the basis of the four fundamental forces and if they didn't function, neither we nor anything else could go on existing. Simply put, all forms of existence, including the seasons, day and night, birth, death and so on, are all moving forward in an ongoing flow of continuation, rhythmically reverting back and forth between the two universal states of ‘myo’ and ‘ho’ in absolute accordance with ‘renge’ and by way of ‘kyo’. Even stars are dying and being reborn in accordance with the workings of what the combination ‘myoho-renge-kyo’ represents. ‘Nam’, on the other hand, is a password or a key; it allows us to reach deep into our life and fuse with or become one with ‘myoho-renge-kyo’. On a more personal basis, nothing ever happens by chance or coincidence, it’s the causes that we’ve made in our past, or are presently making, that determine how these laws function uniquely in each of our lives from moment to moment, as well in our environment. By facing east, in harmony with the direction that the Earth is turning, and rhythmically chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo for a minimum of ten minutes daily, anyone can experience actual proof of its positive effects in their life. In so doing, we can pierce through even the thickest layers of our karma and activate our Buddha Nature (enlightened state). We’re then able to bring forth the wisdom needed to challenge, overcome and change our negative circumstances into positive ones. It brings forth the wisdom that can free us from the ignorance and stupidity that is preventing us from accepting and being proud of the person that we truly are, regardless of our race, colour, gender or sexual preference. We are also able to see and understand our circumstances and environment more clearly, as well as attract and connect with any needed external beneficial forces and situations. Actual proof soon becomes apparent to anyone who chants the words Nam-myoho-renge-kyo on a regular daily basis. Everything is subject to the law of Cause and Effect, so the strength of the result from chanting depends on dedication, sincerity and determination. To explain it more simply, the difference could be compared to making a sound on a piano, creating a melody, or producing a song and so on.

watching you from zimbabwe, I'm a month clean, thanks for putting your self out there man, safety in numbers!!

When will you commit bigamy and marry me? Only joking Russ, I really want to start meditating but always avoid it. How do I ease myself in?

That's how my husband looked like after they cut part of his brain out from brain cancer.

If I ask you everyday to marry you will you say yes lol Or maybe can we hangout sometime maybe that’s easier....maybe. You won’t even see this but doing this one thing that scares you everyday so I’m try to do it atleast weekly

Dude, please buy a water bottle like. Chilly’s (other recyclable water bottles are available) and stop using plastic bottles .... hep the cause!!

Russel, I'm definitely a fan, but a man bun? Really? Lose it mate...

Send me a ticket for me and my son . My husband was drown on his feeding tube before brain cancer killed him. We need love and enlightenment. We love you.

When you visit Amsterdam, please consider visiting the shrine of the Marian Apparition of the Lady of All Nations.

I would truly sell everything I own and giveaway the rest in order to see u live I’d be willing to do anything just to meet you face to face you are the true inspiration to me keeping going everyday cause I would have

Still re-listening to your Radio X shows! Please bring back your chats with Matt one day! It shows another beautiful side to you

you are brilliant and giving such good advice x

What's that your using on your skin, and does it come from unicorn sperm, darling? Looking vibrant!

Can we talk about your doggo for minute? He's beautiful

I see brain cancer doesn't ring a bell. I'll just sit and rot. Thanks 😫

Russell Brand, you may enjoy reading Penny Peirces's work, "Transparency" is her most recent. Love your political perspectives, also! (She lives in Florida.) Have a marvellous trip.

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