Why a page about Russell Brand on aNewScienceOfEverything ? Because he speaks so eloquently about the need for a new society that works for everyone, not just the 1%.
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6 hours ago

Russell Brand

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This sounds great, but my day starts as soon as my toddler wakes. I don't even pee In peace!

Why do people tune in to stuff if they hate it? I think Russel Brand is brilliant!

Fork handles.😬

People want peace in the world, but they don't have peace in their own house, never mind peace in their minds. It does all start internally. Great one, Russell Brand.

I wake up and look at the ceiling for a couple of minutes and it sinks in after.... I'm in another country.

Top it of with some exercise and your good to go👌

Sort yr beard our son !!

I am going to add the candles to my morning meditation-great symbolism/ritual💖. Thank you.

If your going for a shift down pit then I very much doubt this is going to make a jot of difference 🤗

russell. half an hour alone in my head is a punishment, not a privlage, anxiety fear and agitation.

It sounds similar to my thoughts and soliloquies.

Start by coffin up my ticket refund you modern day dick Turpin 😉✌️

More temptations today candles are great friends like candles for me prayer.

Thanks for sharing Russ. That looks so peaceful. Half an hour alone just brilliant!

Who else is not watching football? 😜🌹

Can't I just start off my day giving some oral pleasure to whatever man/woman happens to be in my bed? I feel like it's a good way to send them off and get the other half of my bed back. 😉😉😂😂😂😂😂😘

Don't you have a wife and child? How about you start the day with them instead of lighting a candle for them?

🤔..i noticed theyre big candles...how long do u usually leave them lit? or just put them out whenever..im gonna go get candles now..thanks ✌☺hagd

Love your wise thoughts, guru Russell x

Doing it right now. What an important half hour. Thank you.

Present tense necessity is the incorruptable good

Oh , stop it ! If I couldn't love ya any more . . Lovely

Totally start the day right

Untethered soul is great!

I like the 4 candles!

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1 day ago

Russell Brand

"If you are not working a conscious programme, you are being worked by your unconscious programme"
A clip from Joe Rogan's podcast.
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You can get the book here if you want to amzn.to/2IWf00A

When I felt completely alone and no one understood I found Russell Brand of all people and he STARTED me toward a better path. Thanks

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and the courage to change the things that I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Keep going back, it works if you work it and it won't if you don't. 7 days without a meeting makes one weak. To thine own self be true. Unity, Service, Recovery. xx

Carl Jung taught this- WELL. (ha!) Why peeps Always trying to REINVENT the Wheel, and call it Theirs? A Step Beyond! Occult Priestess (me) www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShZljaWFB7U

Diana Lacroix I think this is what was happening to me this last week. I was unconsciously programming. Add pms to that and I could have been weaseling my way back to a bad place. Well today is a great day- clear headed and way more organized in my thought process. I love you for listening to me and walking next to me ❤️😎😘❤️

My recovery must come first so that everything I love in life doesn’t have to come last! Keep Going! #SOBERAF

I think the steps are great, but I couldn't have given up my addictions, or at least just turn them into mildly bad habits, without a lot of self forgiveness along the way. Make your goals feasible and don't punish yourself too hard if you fail, just keep trying to find the goals that are achievable, then be proud to knock them down!

Yes Russell! I’m nearly 2 moths in and just working step 2 with an amazing sponsor. Thankyou for calling me in.... 🕉Finding a way back to myself that I can do one day at a time with the right support and the timing is just right. 🙏🏻💪🏽❤️

I show your clips in my groups for women in recovery. Your energy and honesty is contagious.

Thanks fir these post to remind me of all the crazeyness of addiction

Never mind all that nonsense were is my ticket refund you modern day dick turpin!!

Trying to work a consious program on healty relationships what i day i am like a school girl how to let in niceness and become better again instead of the negative unconsious that drives and be expressed in other healty ways

i don't know anyone else these days who can pack so much wisdom in so few sentences! except maybe cardi B 😉

Russell is giving back & being brutal honest! We all need to listen & accept what we know is in our True self!

Hi Russel, I was abused in my childhood, all these rules seem to contain me, I want to let go and fell freedom in my life.

You don't have to have long term clean time to feel this way. You just have to know the how it feels to have thoroughly taken the steps and work a program daily. I felt that way between 60 and 90 days. It's not the only path to freedom and happiness but it's an easy one.

Mr Brand I have never particularly been inspired by you or your humour, but after reading your Recovery book, you are truly an insightful teacher that can relate to people! just saying 🙂 that I am encouraging people to read this book

Thanks Russell Brand, needed to hear this tonight. 👍

the 12 step programme is not for everyone. there are other ways out there and this constant promoting of the 12 steps is making those who can't use it feel like failures.

Just ordered Recovery in audiobook format. Next on my list. Tks for writing it. Tks also for maintaining that accent. It's soothing.

Dominique this is what i was ranking about

I have always said that they should teach a twelve step program Jr. or Senior year in high school.

Nathan Corbin how much of a trip is it that this is what we talked about yesterday? Running macros lol

Ok - sold me .... hubby and I don’t drink by choice. We both work on thinking for our selves. —- might be worth seeing what you say about the peer pressure of meetings. The making of others accountable for what you should be accountable for yourself - or the instance that your wrong doings are another’s business — all go to the idea that within the things that work in the steps there are also some ugly social loop holes and nets —- I believe with the idea of getting the criminally ill off the streets, but are misused to torture the innocent. I have seen it done. - I really never committed a crime. Not even buzz driving. But I was accused of lying working my steps. — with out dirt some can’t do their dirty tricks. Not everyone is on the level and sometimes more are in on the bs then you realize. 12 steps aren’t perfect.

Love the analogy of conscious and unconscious. Well articulated Russell...

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Russell Brand
Observe. Connect. Breathe.
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I always disliked Russell Brand, I thought he was so egotistical and annoying. But the last 3 yrs or so I have the utmost respect and admiration for him! 👌🏼

Also understanding that anger is a healthy response and normal whereas holding onto it is not. You're allowed to be angry as long as it's a moving process and not where you stop and hangout.

Russell Brand has now completed the full counter-cultural cycle. From hedonism to revolution to self help.

I love this... But I’m pretty sure my higher self is even angrier than me about the traffic sometimes 😂

A good time to educate myself in this, since England will be playing soon 😂

It's funny, people seem to be getting angrier and angrier, be it at work, in traffic, in a long line up at the store, at home reflecting on media such as the news, and even when simply debating with someone who holds a different point of view ; anger everywhere. And I'm often sitting there isolating and observing their anger, wondering if it's merely a lapse in self-awareness or general feeling of frustration or hopelessness in their life... I'm not saying I am never angry, I just wonder why this seems to be the knee-jerk response to our challenges these days. I don't remember encountering this level of anger as a child, and I spent lots of time observing people then, too. Anger is also a result of the breakdown of genuine communication; I highly recommend Marshall Rosenberg's book, Nonviolent Communication if you've not read it. It helped me gain insight into the way people behave... and demonstrated how that behaviour is really just a way to communicate their unmet needs. We should be teaching people how to do this effectively, beginning in childhood; imagine how much anger people would be spared, if they knew how to manage and express their feelings effectively. 💜

One good way to deal with anger is just simply to do some therapy.

Love the stuff you put up it's so helpful.... there was a period of my life where I was very angry about some stuff... that anger drove me to do some great things ... I'm not as angry now but not sure if it was a positive thing cos I needed that anger at the time

You've truly helped me rebrand myself. Ha, see what I did there, Brand. Keep that fire burning, my man.

I Connect with you Russell...& breath in all positive energy of the Universe... It feels good !!! Thanx,man! Send'ing you Love from Slovenija...💜🌍💙🙏🏻 PEACE

I appreciate you talking with Jordan Peterson about many different issues, i was always hoping you two get together and have a debate! Great stuff.

Great message. I think you could help Jim Carey. He seems to be struggling with this.

Such a lovely man, funny, kind and wise ❤️

When's get him to Greek 2 Coming!!? We need more furry walls 🤣🤣

I think if you add a pair of spectacles or a pipe you would look like a very distinguished professor. Professor Brand! And I, for one, have learned quite a bit from you, so thank you!

Its a choice to be angry. There has to be a moment between the thing that makes you angry, and the response “anger” where you stop and breathe (like Brand suggests) and say no its ok. Im going to choose a different response. Because you hit your toe doesn’t automatically mean that you instinctually swear. You swear because thats your chosen response, and often the one that you’ve trained yourself to do.

I fucking love Russel Brand. Such a beautiful mind.

Just being conscious and aware of the situation and taking a breath to get your bearings is always a good idea.

Thank you Russell Brand...these words help me you ate wonderful. ..and bloody funny at the same time

Im in hospital for 11 days now and I started crying listening to you ....because I saw the situation from the different view. Thx

Hope your mum is on the mend! Thanks for sharing ❤️🙏

I have observed, connected and breathed and still want to hurt the bastard who hurt my loved one.

Breathing with you brother!!! Peace..love and mung beans 😇😇😘😗

I thought this said ‘ how to let go of Ange’..

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Reading from the first chapter of the Recovery audiobook...

Russell Brand
From screens to crack - are you hooked?
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Referendum on Cannabis!!! ❤💚💛18,000k Signatures❤💚💛 For the "will of the people" Sign the petition 👇

I think the compter is the silent drug nowdays it quick fix every minuite its sapping my creativity looking at petty post i wounder in a few yeras will 12 step compter program recover will start what level can it go to all the hidden agendas and how far people what bring it its not like getting drunk and running around the globe as the other person is too addicted to the phone to be there to meet you.Lack of human connection. Its seems to be the thing to do nowdays instead of reading a book, i am sure the compter is waiting for that quick fix facebook buzz ir gossip or let down.

I am hooked.. totally addicted! It’s just what you resists persists. I am guessing sometimes it’s best to swim with the current until the grip releases and then swim away to safety xx step four inventory, now that could be a great process as long as I write by hand.. that should take a few months 🌺🙏🏽🌺 sitting in the shade - away from all screens and hooks 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

some of us know we will be reborn in a new body to try the cycle over and over until we get it right! Keep up the good work !

Just ordered the book ...might see mtself in all ut horror . Am i ready ?

Jesus: the cure for death.

Love the book! Almost at the end! Great job Russ, teaching some very important spiritual lessons!

A fantastic program to help those of us that are lost (we all fucking are) reach inside to allow the realities of our entirety bubble out while facing upwards or outward to another source that is greater than all of our everlasting efforts to embrace a mustard seed of hope. An in the midst of our daily walking and practices we learned how to stop and smell the fucking roses only to notice that our lives had become more manageable and that love, joy, and peace, were becoming a part of ourselves and our lives. I love the 12 step programs and communities. Thanks for working your program Russell and through that your gifts. They are blessings. 🤗🙏 Ps we’re all hooked, disengaging social media and using it for my benefit of learning and voicing my truths. Need to get back to the dirt and plant some veggies. Happy summer btw!

I gave up Twitter after reading your book. Thanks. But not all vices are harmful - if you remember that temperance is a virtue. 😊 youtu.be/9itwt_opsvQ

This is the only time I've felt momentarily better inside of my grief

EiD greetings Love <3 we talk about heaven after death some other day 🙂

Thank you dear Russell 🙏🏼🕊for this message.

That was cheery

Sebastian you think my speeches are dramatic? They're right on par with these wise words 🙂

Samuel Howard has Russel taken a few lines from your world view 😂

Bloody hell Russ.


Love ya work Russ!

Well said.

Love it !!

Donna this is the book I’m looking at, that’s it I’m getting it hehehehe

All too true.

Great video

Ricky Somal I reckon I could do with this... and you also lol xx

Christian Valenzuela Joseph Fenoy

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4 days ago

Russell Brand

Observe. Connect. Breathe. ... See MoreSee Less


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You can get my book Recovery here if you want to amzn.to/2IWf00A

Anger for me is my goto emotion. As a child, no one helped me to understand the difference between anger, frustration, being overwhelmed, jealous etc. it’s taken years to undo and it’s my mission to help my children not only understand their emotions but to know it’s ok to have them.

Thank you, Mr. Brand. I love you. As always, in a purely heterosexual way, but have been married over 11 years, so it could go either way at this point.

I loved the - observe the situation. Just because it's happening,doesn't mean we need to get involved. Anger takes so much energy. I take a deep breath, let it out and just gaze at the situation. Things that are out of my power, i just tune out. I'm not a child - I don't need to chuck at tantrum. Stuff happens so i let it go. I focus on breathing and what makes me happy or at least what do i like. It helps to know yourself, like yourself, love yourself enough to not want to exert energy into anger. I don't think many people really like themselves, know themselves and i know most people don't really love themselves. If we did, we wouldn't react. It is a choice after all.

Best way to reduce anger is saying " I seek refuge in GOD from devil" if you are standing, sit down and if you're sitting, lie down. Hold your tongue at all means. If Anger still persists make ablution ( wash hands, face and feet).

Hmmm I just got a random notion...who’d like to see Jim Carey and Russell Brand hangout?! Interesting that the 2 largest faces of celebrity ‘wokeness’ both gained their infamy as comedians eh 🙂 He who laughs last..... 😁😁😁

Hard to cultivate relationships with people you can TRUST. Also I feel that people are not really cultivating relationships anymore or as needed. People seem to stay more surface and shallow than to actually cultivate like a good fermentation. More and more people seem less able to truly connect as though they are afraid of seeking to understand or gain understanding perhaps because of the risk of misunderstanding? Or they are forgeting how? Or maybe we should really pay more attention to how our cognitive functions are being impaired by the lead levels as high as flint Michigan in the majority of our water sources? Its a shame people are too afraid or unable to swim in the deep waters in the short stint of life they have to gain such a perspectice as the human experience.

It's really late here in Hawaii, I do love this guy & nobody can talk me out of it, but I gotta say it: "dude, exfoliate"

I need more insight on this ... I think rationally sometime ... sometimes it’s just mad rage ... how to get over past hurts? 😔

I’ve started to tell myself: "I AM not anger, but I have an anger feeling on visit." Then everything goes easier because I know that feelings and emotions are temporary💚🌟

Anger is usually covering for fear or sadness. Anger feels better than emotional pain. Maybe the anger is a mask.

And if you want to find the root of your anger...try to remember the emotion you felt right before anger. Anger is a secondary emotion...what came first is the root, finding that is the key to freedom from anger.

Observe, breathe and connect with higher self. One of the basic and most powerful tools you can use to bring back mental stability in a chaotic or unstable moment.

Hi Russell i study with Elkhart tolle and Abraham hicks i was addicted to boyfriends lol .. not so now and happy and free to be me . I love your thoughts ideas thankyou x

yeah I think I may keep mine, I live in the states and it is not only anger I feel but FEAR, RAGE, HORROR and PAIN (tears everyday now)

So proud of the person Russell has become and how he tries to help others through what he's learned on his journey. Truly inspiring.

Im the most impulsive person i know i latch onto anger too strongly because i feel too deeply all at once im slowly learning to disconnect from those impulsive emotions because they hurt you and get you nowhere

Anger can motivate change. Like getting Justice for my grandson who committed suicide in January because he was bullied by his step parents. And then his two sisters were molested by the same stepparent. Anger =justice!💪💪💪💪

Thanks Russell Brand !! Connecting to your higherself is connecting to your higherself brain. Understand that these are chemical reactions an reconnection with breath changes the brain. The more you practice the easier it becomes. Good reminder.

Thank you I really needed this today! Thank you for helping so many people.Sending lots of love and light😇

Its not about how young he looks with the beard Mary Smith he is trying to help people don't worry about his appearance!

Thank you Russell brand. I would of been at your rebirth show last year at the symphony hall in Brum. Unfortunately I moved away, due to a relationship breakdown so 2 empty seats upon which I tried to sort out. Anyway that's history! Now.. glad you are carrying the message forward inline with Ruby. Peace and Love. X

Thank you Mr. Brand for your wise and comforting guidance. Loving the spiritual approach you are taking to life. Would love to break bread with you one day. I believe it would be a thoroughly engaging meal full of quick wit and repartee. Allowing me to leave a wiser more compassionate being. Thank you.

I have a lot of reasons why I have built up frustration and Anger. I've come to learn, there are some things you can't change and some things you can. Focus on the things that you can change and worry less about the things you can't change. It's helped me deal with questions that have yet to be answered.

I love you, plain and simple like. You are my comrade. Peace brother. Someday I hope to meet with you. Blessings to you and your loved ones. -(Doni)elle. ~Flagstaff, AZ.

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5 days ago

Russell Brand

"I've turned my life around using this programme" ... See MoreSee Less


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You can get my interpretation of the 12 Steps here amzn.to/2IWf00A

The 12 steps are not for everyone, but helped my husband, who was one of the worst alcoholics, he is 38yrs sobber now, has been a great mentor to hundreds over the years & still is.

Russ. Mate. I commend you of the changes you've made to your self. But I have to say. You don't need a 12 step plan. You only need 2 things in life to remain content and happy. You and discipline. And by that I mean personal discipline. Not sexual lol


"I've turned my life around using this programme"??? Really Russell? What about the "We" and God. You did it all on your own? Really? 🤔

Russel I would love to be able to sit for an hour or 2 with you once a month it would do my mind and body so much good. I need to see the brighter side to things so times instead of a dark cloud

'The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely preferred to the presence of those who think they've found it' (Terry Pratchett)

Had counselling due to my anxiety, depression & ptsd from sexual assault,abuse from bad relationships & being bullied...I also admitted I would binge and purge aswell...I’ve since then got myself a pt, worked out regularly and I’m eating well...I have this book and will start to read it soon now my head is in the right place...you need to help yourself...it’s not about being certain addict like drugs or alcohol is recognising there’s a problem & how you deal with it at the time...when I was having a rough time I would drink a lot and not care about myself...

I found hard work, a good net work of friends, and putting my family first far more productive than god when i got off smack, i used for 20 yrs been clean 15yrs, i hated the 12 step program so choose to do it on my own, i dont belive in religion and have good values without it! I just got sick of my life and hurting others and decided to change it was that easy! After the birth of my child i could not pit her through that and so stayed clean. It was hard at first but nit any more. I dont judge people who turn to god but its certinly not for me and if your a boring realist like me well u can still get clean without god!

Russell, I'm so very proud of your choices, and so very proud of your decision to help yourself by helping others. God bless you and yours and I wish you all the happiness in the universe! -Kristen

The 12 step program saved my life and has given me 24 years of sobriety. Russell looks like you have repacked them for wider use outside the walls of AA/NA/Alananon. Great work.

I give away what was so freely given to me. Like my sponsor did, and his sponsor.....I guess I’m old school like that. My mom has said many times I should be a drug/alcohol counselor, I tell her that I am, I just get paid in the spiritual realm not in the carnal.

Russell Brand you make my heart happy... not just for your comedy but because you have chosen to let go of selfish and do good for others.... thank you... stay strong and keep the faith. Drugs are not O2 or water ... you do t need them to be happy.

I loved your book and I"m now looking for a Sponsor.

I love the 12 steps! I use them for my everyday struggles and have been for over 11 years now. I used them as a single parent to raise my daughter. She and i both have grown up together in the program. I am always telling people how the 12 steps can apply to them no matter who they are. This post was absolutely perfect!

It only took the first 5 pages to completely change my mindset! Incredible, I started to read your book to understand my mothers point of view in her struggle for sobriety, however your book has opened my eyes to my own addiction to her addiction. Everyday is better and better as I look at my mom with completely different eyes now. You are doing a beautiful thing. Thank you sincerely 😇💓

I go to a 12-step study every Monday night and I've been sober 32 years so good for you keep up the good work!

Great steps...changed my life...getting into that deep cellular memory...that's the cherry on top Russell...body guru I'ntl 🍒👹🌀⚡️💦👊🏽💨👣👣

Started reading your book today to try and understand and better help the recovery process for people I know who are addicts. I'm really enjoying it loving your terminology 😁

I totally wasn't prepared for how much of this book would relate. Thank you for opening my eyes to a new positive me.

I'd really like to talk to Russel, cause as an addict and alcoholic myself, he does make some ludicrous and yet also very insightful statements about this subject I am forever linked too.

I love you Russell, but attraction rather than promotion... I personally don’t believe that an individual should be making money off of a 12 step book they have written either...

I turned my life around by going cold turkey... 3 years ago tomorrow... 8 year habit sat at home and clucked it out... was the hardest thing I have ever done but wow so worth it 😎😁

I got your book I had not started it yet I am sure us will be a one day all day read

Russell Brand have you ever heard of mind over matter? truth11.com/2011/04/28/quantum-physics-mind-over-matter/ this is a link to an article you may find interesting. ...btw I have the book and the movie. I love quantum physics. Mind over matter Proves GOD...….

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6 days ago

Russell Brand

From screens to crack - are you hooked?
Tag a friend who might relate to this.
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This is from the first chapter in the Recovery audiobook.

You can get Recovery here amzn.to/2IWf00A

I don’t think people are addicted to screens, I think they’re addicted to knowledge, communication, entertainment, connection, all the things that screens bring to you, they’re connected to people’s work, friends, family, hobbies, every aspect of their lives, that’s why they’re hard to put down.

I’m 5 and half years sober/clean but struggle with most days, how I’ve not touched a drink/drugs is beyond me and others are surprised also. Definitely going to buy this book Russell 👍

I think it varies from person to person but if it's not a screen it's a book, not a book then television not television then it's sports. It's knowing how to enjoy something without being consumed by it. You can become addicted to anything really if you're of the addicted personality variety

you're absolutely spot-on, Russell Brand. Most of our waking moments are wasted in front of these addictive devices while these same moments could be spent with the people who loves us, on something much worthwile

With regard to today’s youth, I truly believe that tech addiction is as real as any other. The mind is then much more vulnerable to latch on to anything to sustain that feeling of being rewarded

I recently went away for a weekend. This place was an old country cottage with no technology. Time stood still but it was so weird to not have my phone attached to me every second. The realization that there was no google to get answers, no immediate contact with my friends. I feel sad for my youngest son who will never know what that will feel like. I was brought up surrounded by nature and we had the best times.

Well this message comes from the screen, how would you ever reach this amount of people with your ideas? Its common sense and balance. Younger generations simply need to be taught that it's merely a tool for communication. All of this is inevitable, and change will happen whether it's good or bad. The only problem I see is the amount of useless content is out there.

I'm perfectly at ease with this post now, it's oddly comforting...and I remember a time not too long ago when this would have made me crawl into some dark depth of Sheol. Forgot I took the journey.

at least it isn’t Wednesday.. this video would have been seriously depressing on a dreary, horrid, rainy Wednesday .. 🤨 good job it’s ‘sod death, at least I’ve got a mobile & life is marginal’ Tuesday.. phew.. next time, make it ‘optimistic, ready for a break, time to live, haven’t got time to die, I can see the weekend’ Thursday for everyone’s sake 👍🏼 thanks 🐾

The mind needs attention, it has been conditioned that way for thousands of years! Nothing external is to be blamed The mind is an internal tool of the Body Resetting the mind is the Key But it is a long hard and continuous process, it could last a lifetime! All the external elements serve the purpose to create chaos and suffering after the peak or the high is over! Out of the suffering! Resetting is possible If it’s the wrong reset - the cycle will repeat itself After enough resetting Awakening might or will occur The moment that all the noise of the mind either stops or has no power over the Self Presence or conscious presence is established One has reconnected with Self One has realized what is! Consciousness aware of itself - the rest is just Noise, the noise that creates separation chaos and suffering! For awaken beings nothing is addictive! It’s either “useful” or “not useful”! 🧘‍♂️🐛🦋

so what's your point.....get over it...we're all gonna die.. do whatever feels good.... and u wrote a book for all people to stare at for a glimpse into your privateness....

Yeh I wake up & check fb. I think I’m going to stop, it’s silly. Heard a neuroscientist talking about fb/social media addiction, and said if using it evokes feelings of inadequacy, jealousy & resentment, bad times. Also our attention spans are shortening because of it. But also said if used for connection and upliftment (if it’s even a word!?) then, good times. Balance I spose innit. 🙏

But why is it so addictive no one talks about that. The reason is when we use social media it releases serotonin and dopamine there in lie the danger of addiction.

Believe it or not, there is a modicum of self-realized folk who wander about and attempt to pull the unwoken into that which they previously were unaware. With knowledge comes responsibility.

considering every state or courntry is byasted to there own world your only going to see the real truth if you open your eyes to somthing that isnt programming you like programs on tv

I love you Russel!!! And yes....I figure I got about maybe 30 more years here on Planet Earth....chisel poised. 😉

When I was counseling Russell Brand in the Soul Realm... Death took me aside, and said... "A Mans dreams, must Die, a Thousand deaths, before he Raises to his DESTINY." Death is very Wise! (Charon, the Ferryman)

I'm addicted to trousers - get very twitchy without them....

Imagine the people that see this as the first thing they wake up to, on their mobiles. Mind blitzed

Well I'll just have to buy your book, now that I've watched your montage of doom, won't I?

Existential crisis wrapped in a gift 😛

Thanks you cheered me up mate..😁😁

Aww that introduction is so clever.

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1 week ago

Russell Brand

Seranading Bear Is Back! ... See MoreSee Less


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We might not all be as fascinated with your dog as you are... why are you cursing him with the vacuum of celebrity?

For a second I thought it was a real bear... then I thought of Russel Brand shirtless in a kilt riding a bear... then I thought of a shirtless kilt wearing Russel Brand riding a shirtless kilt wearing bear riding a unicycle. I’m lonely, help. 😭

You are such a beautiful soul. I downloaded your book from Audible recently. I love the way you open up your heart and share with such love. I will always pray for you and your family to be blessed.

That actually made me giggle! Everyone's a critic eh? N'mind. I've missed the serenading of Bear and now Kai Kai. Lol. Xx

Bear has got some hard core harmony skills.

Russell i have been listening to more and more of your posts with great interest, many resonate with me but by far the more moving was this.. to see your real genuine relaxed happy and loving smile towards end of this post was heartwarming. 😆

Love your serenading Bear video’s Russell, he clearly loves you to bits, and you him. You wonderful man x

I met your ex-wife, that luxury prostitute singer attracted me to her account and wanted me to buy her products and started to offend and humiliate me. She's a fake and a coup. Now I know why you separated from that luxury prostitute. You did good to get away from that garbage.

Love how he sings along and that smile .You have a nice singing voice there .Inspirational .

Your awesome I would love to come and work for you hope you get to read this I could drive you around I do any kind of need be job hope to connect with you

Didn’t know you had such a lovely voice!

Russel much as I think you’re awesome don’t give up the other job to become a singing not your best gift

Kai Kai jumps out 😂 he can't take the pain 😂 lovely dogs xx

My girl loves it when I sing to her also,I get lots of sloppy kisses,Bless em our fur child.Just imagine if all people had the hearts of dogs the world would be a much more loving & peaceful place.

Dogs asking where it hurts ...I'll lick your face and try to help!

You need another record!! Infant Sorrow rules!!!!

Love it❤️❤️❤️. Just referred a few people your book today. Thank you for being you and sharing your greatness with us

No matter how much those digs love, they can't put up with that 😀

I've always loved this. So glad to see another one. He's so cute. I used to have a dog named bear who looked so similar. 🙂

Awe I love your doggies!!!

Love when you seranade you're dog 'Bear'

Ha ha ! Dogs love a sing song , used to sing all sorts of old rubbish to mine .

There is nothing like the love of a dog💜

Some things never change. Lmaorotf! I like your singing, not to worry, your dog's are tone deaf, but cute 💞

Truly Adorable...All of you Furry creatures... Lol Blessings... 🙂

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1 week ago

Russell Brand

How do we deal with fear? ... See MoreSee Less


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im on day 7 of a alcohol detox - for 13 years i have been addicted to heavy drinking and i have tried to stop but i read your book and realised i could change so i imposed a stop 7 days ago and yes it has been painful but i am determined and i realise i am on step 3 and need to reach out for help so i am now going to attend a recovery support group - i think you are a wonderful man and i thank you very much for writing in such clarity and depth and speaking in such clarity and depth about spirituality and the universe and most of all for your clear advice on addiction - as my mum always says "russels been there and look at him now, and he still needs the support sometimes and so do you" gotta love our ever present mothers - one love russel - may the force be with you - peace

I encourage you to interview more women on your podcast. It is predominately male--there are lots of women out there with profundity! =)

My fear is that my daughter will be slooowly run over by some enlightened comedian making a video while driving and who’s only defence is the limitless abundance of the universe 😉 Keep up the good work but, you know, pull over first.

Russell: here you dont say absolutely anything. And if thats fine by you I guess you are over. Live a normal life. So much more. You say you advocate for freedom, but you are still an addict. In every sense.

Can't read this because of the terrible white words on white background. What a silly idea that was!? 🤣

The funny thing is that you can say the absolute same thing cheering for drunkenness. Get drunk and say the same things. Russell is a lovely person, but he cant argue for anything except that you probably die sooner from this fucked up world by drinking.

Ohhhhh Russell. I love your vids but I must object to what you’re saying in this one about making a vid while driving. Lots of “less enlightened” people out there that probably take what you say word for word. You’re a role model, please be sensible about what you’re telling people! Other than that you’re a temple of wisdom!

I remember my first stand up gig. I was shitting bricks. The best thing we can do when faced with fear, is to keep moving forward and do it anyway, what's the worst that can happen? You might follow through or get the shits through solar plexus chakra nerves, but it all comes out in the wash - and the skids 💩🕉🙏🏾🙏🙏🏽 xx

Changing my mindset regarding nervousness, as a positive motivator, changed my life. When I feel nervous, I remind myself that it's just excitement because, whatever the case, if it's causing me nerves, it's worth being excited for. That may mean, I'm excited to get something over and done right and want that feeling after its all finished. Maybe I'm excited about a date I'm going on. If I'm nervous to talk to a girl I like, she must be special enough to be worth being excited for. These types of internal dialogue can instantly alleviate a majority of my nerves, it's amazing!

Please don't like this comment guys, I'm tired of the amount of likes I'm getting lately

I think the fact that we're living in 'infinite space' as you say, proves that there is something out there, gotta have faith. Anxiety and angst does nothing to help anything. God bless you Russell Brand you've helped me a lot.

Fear of growing old is relentless

Needed this , thank you for posting

and yes i feel the abundance everywhere - within and without - the fruit on the fruit stalls, the flowers, the limitless and formless expanse of the blue sky (to quote eckhart tolle) yes the abundance is a wonderful thing

Russell Brand when you actually know what fear is and not near shock fear let us know ...or you could just ask an expert <______

Bless you Russell! Sure needed this inspiration today. Someone suggested having more women on your show and I think so too! The right and left side of your brain are very fluid so you almost talk as you think...brilliant!

good vid , great topic ,,but the way the points were edited in ...all the flashing was distracting ..felt like it was being interrupted

Russell Brand I just love your inner child!! And these short clips. I’m traveling the wonderful journey of recovery right now (up to step 4) and am already feeling so blessed and grateful for what I have received, what is being taken away and most importantly what remains. Acceptance and surrender is the start of it all. Wow such a difference in my old false self who had panic attacks at every turn. Namaste to all my fellow travelers 🙏

Please interview more woman, cuz some of the men you interview are just terrible when it comes to women!

Ahhhhh Russell, the respect & gratitude I have for your soul continues to amass... Thank you for the tenacious dedication of time & energy given towards the Zeitgeist we have found ourselves in again! You didn’t just find the path for yourself—you chose to walk it back in hopes of lighting a candle for it to be seen by whoever were to come after. Many, many souls are forging across this path, right now; Each of us making sure there is light flickering before we take the next step. Thank you. Never forget: The truth—in all its essence—will always reign sovereign. All adversaries are virtually non-existent. Your message IS being heard, Your soul IS cherished♥️🌻🌞 KEEP SPREADING LOVE & LIGHT; This world needs You!

Alex Jimmy Lol 😂 We do this sh#t all the time #drivingandvideotaping 🎬🤣😜 #goodadvicerussell😁

This massaging the law reminds me of the mindset of my children. I who follow all the rules can't figure out where they got that, oh yah.

Take a min to listen to this and take in what Russell is saying and take a breath and relax and live your new life.Enjoy.❤

Needed this. I worry endlessly and most assuredly needlessly about my future. One way or another a resolution will be reached. Pro or Con? I guess I will have to wait and see. Thank you, Russell

Russell thanks I so need these thoughts at the moment. When I was young I Lived by these thoughts w9thouf "knowing"?

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Russell Brand
The commodification of sexual behaviour - is it healthy for us?
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Just wondering do you have a phycology degree or a license to practice. Off not why are you doing these vids.... I'm a fan but feel ya over stepping your mark. As for damaged people the wrong advice can be seriously harmful advice.

Why has it taken me till I am nearly in my forties to awaken???? Lovin your work Russell Brand xxxx

thank you Russell Brand you inspired me to change my life. Thank you for proving it was possible. I am happy for the first time in my 50 years of life, and you played a huge part in that.

So very true Russell. We all really crave to be loved, but sex can seem like the answer. I've written a Kindle book entitled 'Cure your sex addiction: a self help manual'. I believe that sex addiction stems from emotional hurts like rejection or abuse. The key to overcoming it is to heal the soul and the spirit. Is it okay to post a link here? I normally do free download promotions on this book when the system allows, but its not available at the moment. I'll renew it when I can. Thanks for your great work Saint Russell xxxxx Amazon Prime members can read it for free any time. www..co.uk/Cure-Yamazonour-Sex-Addiction-guide-ebook/dp/B07C1RMPLJ

I would sure like a clear definition of love,because they say the "puppy love" at the beginning of a realtionship fades over time and the sk called"real love" kicks in,to me the "real love feels for like a kind of sense of duty/obligation but basically is a boring drag.

Its taken me forty something years and several abusive relationships to relise being in one dosnt make u whole, i am happy on my own for the first time and its very empowering! We live in society that wants us to belive we need a partner when in fact we can b much happier without one

loving those videos with Russell brand x

Feel sorry for that girl on tinder its all peer pressure to get laid in such unsafe ways and waist of a life for beautful women, it should be natural for people ,not this social bolix where everybody has to be needy and lost maybe not everybody, but society nowdays encourages all this disconnected behavour. Just a bit anger listing to that.

Rebecca Lou get Russell to write your essay 😉

Coming from the guy that literally divorced his newlywed wife by text.

Russell you are so awesome. 💕

Love you Russell good advice as always, on a lighter note please remember poop is a colour too. Peace

Thank you for your fresh/egoless attitude.You are a sunray.❤

Appreciate you and admiring where you're going in this lovely little life. 🌻

Unrelated to this but... where is season 2 of Under the Skin? I thought it was meant to be back June 2nd? X

You have been so helpful for me. Thank you

You're truely amazing Russell.

Way too strong. Using these experiences and trying to sell a book for it is disgusting.

Love him! 🙏

Wot are ur veiws on wots happing with tommy Robinson ??????????

I think he is hilarious

Any plans of visiting ireland

So good x

Spot on.

Amazing words

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1 week ago

Russell Brand

Love Island? Milgram experiment Sponsored by Superdrug.

Bloody hell, Love Island! What a show, what a thrill, what a seething crucible of sex and power all jammed into a hot, fake-tanned, half hour on ITV2.

Forgive the zeal of the newly converted but I love this show. My wife and I cling to each other on the sofa while watching, like we’re adrift on a life raft called ‘marriage’ as we watch the ‘Islanders’ cope with the amplification of powerful evolutionary forces under the scrutiny of a few dozen cameras and a few million salivating voyeurs.

The show is, I suppose, Big Brother (which I used to work on, by the way kids, ‘Ballbag. Dinkle. Don’t be too quick to judge Jade’s “racism.”’ Remember that? No?’) with the most exciting components; sexual tension and fragile political alliances, dialled up through truly excellent production.

Beneath the pop aesthetic and ITV2 veneer (and veneers play their part on screen too, there are gnashers in that villa that create light that only mosquitos can experience) what we have is a prime-time Milgram experiment where sexually-awakening (at time of writing) heterosexuals are subjected to concentrated competition for status and mates.

Some commentators bemoan the artificiality, but I believe that a situation where young people are forced to vie for sexual partners and status under the eye of an invisible guiding force is perhaps more anthropologically authentic than the courtship and lives that most of us experience. They are basically in a modernised tribal environment where natural, evolved forces are harnessed or exposed. Take the device in episode one; five males and five females are lined up, nearly nude, introduced and instructed to select a partner. This done, a sixth male, Adam, and by God does he deserve the moniker of the First Man because what this guy has given up in ribs he makes up for in pecs. He looks like he’s leapt off a plinth in the Vatican because he was sick of being touched by cardinals and needed to freshen the pallet with an Essex girl sorbet. Anyway, the Islanders are told that in 24 hours Adam will be able to select any of the women to be his partner and no one, female or male, can do anything about it. Adam bears this omnipotence without query or doubt, conducting interviews with his prospective partners like a gorgeous detective looking for an orgasm instead of a suspect. And do you know what? No one queries it. No one says ‘Hang on, you can’t just pluck me from the domain of my personal authority and plant me in your radiant sphere of sexual potency’ because THIS IS LOVE ISLAND AND HE FUCKING WELL CAN.

More extraordinary still is that this contrived power granted by the ingenious producers, functions as ‘actual’ power. The men are intimidated, and the women are attracted. Even women who initially balk at the idea of this beautifully groomed hormone snatching them from their temporarily betrothed, on being ‘interviewed’ by Adam (and this could of course be editorialised) they flutter and flirt with atavistic delight. Case in point being Kendall, who Adam vacuumed like Zeus from her delightful coupling with the adorable Niall, possibly because they seemed so happy and suited, when exposed to the attention of the nominated but fucking well cast Alpha Male, was powerless to resist. Or unconsciously went with a strategy that made more evolutionary sense. It’s amazing, intriguing and exciting. It certainly isn’t politically correct; if early episodes are anything to go by gender roles are reverting to a template set in Babylon. It should be called ‘Jordan Peterson Island’.

In episode 2, two new women, Georgie, confident, funny embryonic TV presenter-in-waiting and Rosie, Celtic mystery and boldness, were introduced and all the Islanders regardless of gender, sex or gender role, went into a frenzy of self-care. The original women were banished to a turret (honestly) while the men, in their poolside Sunday Best greeted the new arrivals like the beautiful bonobos it seems, deep down, we all are. They charmingly displayed and gently vied. Meanwhile the Rapunzels looked down aghast and threatened, aware of their jealousy, and explicit, but still unaware as to how these powerful forces were being so artfully brought to bear.

At their age, dammit at my age, I would not have coped well with the insecurity and excitement that this mainstream pop experiment induces. One wonders, well it was my mate Matt who wondered actually, if the coming decades will see ‘Love Island’ litigations, where former contestants sue for psychological trauma. For now, though this show is gripping and the fact is that we all live in contrived and constructed environments that are a long way from the pre-agricultural world for which we evolved. Perhaps the ‘reality’ in this piece of Reality TV reveals truths about sex and power that could be useful to us in creating fairer systems for all genders and sexes. Or perhaps it’s just a right laugh, sponsored by Superdrug. Either way I’ve never been more grateful for the ring on my finger, holding the hand of my partner, purposefully adrift on a life raft sofa, evacuees from continents of ‘love’ and power.
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In other words...'I feel bad about watching it, so here's a very eloquent justification for watching it'. You polished a turd most excellently. I also watch bad television at times, so no judgement here from me. If you want to watch it, just watch it.

I don’t watch it but wanted to comment on the memory of the “ballbag” and “dinkle” days from BB. Good times!

I read this in your voice, picturing flaying hands and hair tossing. Could listen to you talk all day 😉

As always, good writing. ✍🏆But, if I was made to watch TV, and sit on a couch, it would be the death of me!😜😵 Or, you. 😜😂😂Lol 😂😂😂 Me, misusing my focus, on detrimental, negative, lower vibrational frequency, nonsense... which will then manifest more of the same, in real-life??😳 Uhh, no, thank you.🔌🚫📺✨💃

It is a reflection of the hell on Earth humanity had created to keep mankind as far from love as possible. Participating in it, watching and judging it either way, will keep your mind trapped in the 3-D programming. It lowers your vibration so be mindfull watching these kinds of shows and do try to balance your energy fields to lift your vibration again. After all we are multi dimensional beings and shifting takes practice. 🙏🏼

I find it a bit "look at me, look at me, I have a great body" and that's all it is, vacuous, and vein people. So I just find it tedious.

Eeeh! Russell I am sat in Costa in my local Wetherby, near Leeds, with my elderley mum (90, got her out after 9 days of not) reading your words. Laughing my head off, everyone thinking either my mum has said something extremely funny, (which she is very capable of) or, I'm a strange woman going mad in the corner lol! Either way, who cares. Great observation comes flat on a page and comes alive ....to the reader, and it engages, or it comes surrounded by coffee drinkers, and observation of folks, whilst sat in my corner. Nevertheless you make me laugh and think! You make me belly laugh. Never having watched Love Island before, I expect to hear David Attenborough discussing the antics of monkeys and their mating strategies. Makes you realize that we truelly did evolve from their brothers or sisters. (Monkeys I mean). Just to say, I have never engaged with you before, and now do in all of your facets. Your a dear! I mean that. My dearest son has had ups and down with addiction and onwards I plod sending bits of your facets lol! , to him via social media. I hope! So, yes, you are truelly blessed, sat on your settee with your little one fast asleep. Squeeze them a little tighter each day time and feel rich with love. Regards Susan x ..

Haven’t watched it yet! Loads of people I know rant and rave about it from all different perspectives, I like yours the most 😈 it will probably be a new guilty pleasure. I set sky to record it as off today... your post has tipped me over the edge so I’m giving in to give it go 😬😂

I think you are seeing something there, that is not there .. maybe look out a window or take a deep breath and remember that its just stupid people doing stupid things on a stupid TV show! and thats just fine.But it means nothing now and will mean nothing tomorrow or at any other time that is even remotely of any importance, other than maybe distracting people from confronting life and the other important stuff for a few minutes.(I do hope this is as I would believe a satirical post on your part)

I refuse to partake in commercial media deliberately. However, I did catch the ad for the Australian one in between the power button and the source button, and I felt ill. It's superficiality, banality and grotesque vouyerism. When we as male and female have the privelige and honour of raising our vibration with a significant partner, that beats all the false sensations of this kind of sexual display. They aren't the beautiful people in my eyes.

Oh no I can’t ... and I love Russell and I get this whole social experiment craic.. but them kind of people give me the willies 😂😂

It sounds mind numbingly dull Russell... Would rather watch you for half an hour than that show... 😎

Omg your addicted to this. I know the feeling. I promised myself i wouldnt go down that path again and watch such a riduculas show but here i am agajn watching it.

Epic fail here Russel, supporting this painful exploitation is not the way to go...but you keep laughing on the sofa with your lovely wife and perhaps Superdrug will sponsor the follow up series. The one where these young misguided, vulnerable souls turn to drink and drugs and more ‘fillers’ to hopefully but not inevitably get to middle age with their life in tatters or if they are exceptionally fortunate, find themselves sat on the sofa with their life partners watching and laughing....and so it goes on. I was hoping you would endorse positive change, what a shame. I hope you change your mind ❤️✌🏻

I would like to see a Canadian version of this show. A male and female from each province and territory. Hopefully in the summertime for the poor buggers lol

Spoilt now what with Poldark back tomorrow night and some minor incident involving Malcolm from Croydon dressed in full chain mail sparking off world war three in Volgograd next week.

I stopped reading when you said "half hour on ITV2" the show is 1hr and if you dont know that then how could you even begin to think about writing a speech about it.

Love your use of language, you sofa raft cap-i-tan, but I think those shows are fkg vacuous. Still, the posers of the world have to have something to do to pass the time on this rock. How low can a Bonobo go?

Any thoughts on anthony bourdain? No one is mentioned addiction for a guy who was open about his history with heroin and crack yet drank to excess on tv like it was no big deal. Seeing people like him dying and no one talking about the part addiction and recovery play, dooms the next one.

Wow.... if Jordan Peterson ever made a play for president of Canada he would become the 1st ever Jungian President as apposed to the Marxist set so in vogue the past while... imagine a politics from a Jungian approach!!!.... anyway never seen love island 🌴

"it’s just a right laugh", because we're so far removed from "the pre-agricultural world for which we evolved" by choices (the speed of communication and ease of travel). 🙂

Great review! I am capture ( glued to the tube) every time The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is on here in the USA. I go through withdrawals if I miss it! Luckily, I get the chance to watch it later because my tv provider gives that option. But the wait is agony!

It's formulaic titilation appealing to the car crash rubbernecking part of the brain. It's like itv binged on american reality tv shows while on a cocaine bender and said "ok, i got it figured out. hold my beer while I go make a show"

I've not watched any of this season but I did sample last years and didn't last more than one episode... I think they are all just on that show for 5 minutes of fame and will do anything to be in the spotlight... Can't see them joining the 'Revolution' any time soon.

Richard Sweeney “I’ve never been more grateful for a ring on my finger” 😉 Brilliant piece on the Love Island phenomena that you detest.

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2 weeks ago

Russell Brand

Ol Steven Tyler knows the score on recovery and goatish androgyny. ... See MoreSee Less


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"The way fat people talk about food they used to eat?" Seriously? Who is that inane-drivel-talking interrupter? He needs to take a three-year course in interviewing technique. Year 1, Module 1, Lesson 1: How not to be the most annoying interviewer ever.

"fat people?" What is wrong with you? Show respect to everyone's place here in life. Disrespectful man....

I know someone very dear to me that had enough and one day just stopped drinking. I do think however that AA is very important for so many people. I don't know but I can't believe most people stop on their own. I saw the struggles my loved one went thru and find it hard to believe most people don't need some sort of structure. Please don't make it sound unnecessary to the mass. I am extremely proud my loved one wanted to live a real life and chose sobriety. They have been tested but never lost their path.

I always go back to a David Bowie interview from the '90s were he said his life was so good and his relationships were so good and happy, he just couldn't jeopardise that by using and drinking again. That always stayed with me.

I feel really uncomfortable with breaking and sharing someone’s anonymity. Yes, he’s broken it. That’s his choice. But to then share that on a public forum.. I duno. Just feels weird. And I agree, AA isn’t for everyone. It works for me and I couldn’t do it another way but I’m not so arrogant I think I’m part of “ the only” solution. It’s there if and when people need it and as long as it’s kept intact #trad12 long may it continue x

Well I’m in AA and approaching three years one day at a time. AA is not about drinking and not drinking. It’s about living life right so you don’t feel you need to drink. There’s a lot of people out there sober that don’t drink who don’t know how to live life honestly. If you’ve never been to AA You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re a dry drunk. If you complete the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous whether you drink or not it would improve your life. It’s therapy for a dollar. If you get angry about what I’m telling you then you should go to AA Obviously have some character defects to work on.

"goatish androgyny" is now forever in my lexicon.

I’m 18 years being sober being in recovery ( what ever way you want to put it !!)... I choose to not drink or take drugs. I chose to have good people around me I chose to make my children friends and family happy and proud I chose to really see things and watch and absorb and remember ! 18 years and those days I struggle. ( because you still really struggle. It’s no myth !) I chose to remind myself with good support from my husband that if I want a drink I can. But this minute hour day I chose not too. Reading through all the comments I see negativity on people’s choice on support. Come on !!! We try we fail we try again. !! 18 years sober! . I’m not failing and I would do anything to keep winning. But it’s MY CHOICE. respect people’s choices. That helps more than you think ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽

Hats off to Tyler...But the interviewer was a bit of a tosser ( Australian for 'wanker'... maybe that's Australian also 😀 ) ... But anyway, what was that comment about 'fat people' ! ... Dear Me ....

Rogan has no freakin idea what happens in the rooms - annoying hearing him wanting to push the past and not focusing on the present and positive change taking place. Maybe it's in the full interview but this short clip is pretty cool from Tyler and crappy from Rogan

Could Joe Regan not let steve tyler finish answering? Poor interview

Joe Rogan is a clever guy. Listen to a few interviews before you judge. He usually has a point for the interruptions. So just go listen to his podcasts. If you do you might just learn something or maybe you won’t..that’s up to you.

When Russell posts Joe Rogan like the best worlds colliding

Good for him, I am happy to hear him speak like this after such a long struggle. I've known Steven for 30 years, seen him go through hell with his problems. I'm proud of him! 🙂

AA didn't help me one bit Neither did Alanon The 6 AA meetings I attended in my 20's along with Alanon were a joke All the participants had beers wine coolers and liquor in coolers in their cars Most were court appointed and could care less I quit on my own 24 yrs ago drinking and 32 years of anything else So helping addicts instead of condoning their behavior is needed in this country now

A lot of folks can't get past the God part yet they ask him to damn things everyday. If you're too unique, smart, pretty, better, cool or beaming with pride, please enjoy your misery while you spiral down...

People who never were an addict will never understand that being in recovery is so much more than just stopping using. Sometimes I feel bad for people because they will never have what I have spiritually, emotionally because of narcotics anonymous. I hang out with millionaires on a daily basis that used to be homeless heroin addicts. Life is beautiful once you stop drinking and doing drugs.

Sober 8+ years. I quit because I got tired of the major depression and the massive anxiety attacks the day after.If I had to fear the bottle taking over every day I wouldn't have made it this far. I don't know how AA folks do it.

Got to admit. .being sobar is the first step to truely seeing the pure essence of your being....many people hide it behind the bottle ..glad Tyler is living in the now ...and seeing his abundance. ..

I went to AA for a few months and then decided I wanted to quit on my own. I am 3 years sober as of last march. I can definitely relate to what he was talking about in this video, dealing with it sucks at times but it's great most of the time. I dont plan on going back to AA though, just going to stick with my own willpower.

I love what your talking about. Addiction needs much more attention, like this. It will catch on I'm sure. Russel Brand is also bringing attention to addiction related problems. Who would have known years ago, that is is actually a great thing to talk about publicly like your doing. I'm sure this will have a postive impact on others.

Once you listetn to a Rogan show, it's impossible to stop...lol...so we don't! And then there is Russell's Under The Skin--- so many brilliant and interesting guests! I so appreciate the honesty here, and had a bit of laugh when Rogan asks about fat people talking about the food they "used to" eat. We all have one issue or another ... stay the course, keep on plan, push forward a bit harder 🙂

So glad Bill and Bob set up an Organization that remains self supporting through its own contributions, a few bucks in the basket from members, and did not try to capitalize and make money from other people’s recovery as RB is doing. I get paid to help others get and stay sober by getting to stay sober.

I love Steve Tyler man! "When you get sober, if you don't continue with aftercare, & go to a couple meetings, you're gonna end up using again..." yep! This is apt for many situations we may go through in life or distractions that we become "addicted" to. Stay sober.

Bullshit!!! Not everyone needs AA or NA... some people have the power to do it on their own. I'm able to go to bars, parties ect. No weakness here... BUT NOT TO KNOCK THE PEOPLE THAT DO.

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2 weeks ago

Russell Brand

The commodification of sexual behaviour - is it healthy for us? ... See MoreSee Less


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You don't have to preserve yourself sexually just to connect with others. You can do both in moderation.

I nearly teared up towards the end there. Finally what I've been thinking someone said and it's almost hurtful to hear. "You want a real connection. To feel loved and to love another. You won't find that masturbating or using tinder". Hit me hard.

Does anyone know whether there is a 12 step programme (or equivalent) for addition to gaming?

Some people are empowered by their sexuality and enjoy it. We don’t have to have a deep connection to fulfil our selves. Sure some people prefer that and some get to a time in their lives where that one connection is what they need to fulfil them. But others fill their lives in other ways, work, other relationships, community work, charity, their children etc. so sexually they find contentment in quick meetings and one night stands. Nothing wrong with any of those things. To say you won’t feel loved or feel beautiful unless you have a deep connection with someone is awful. I think it’s the first time I’ve not only disagreed with him but been appalled at his advice. Opinions are everyone’s entitlement I though and you take what you need from all advice given. Not everything is going to work for every body.

Why not to embrace it instead? She doesn't need to be judged or judge herself based on the social norms that it is not "normal" to do whatever she desires to do at this moment in her life. Have sex and enjoy it while you can. That's why we are here after all in my opinion. Why not to enjoy our physical body while it is capable of it.

Russell I just wanted to say Thank you for sharing your book with us. Recovery is quite stirring emotionally and it has been helping me do some serious soul searching. Guess what, turns out I am fucked. 🙁 Using the character flaw workspace has actually created a monster of sorts for my internal being. How may I sort through my personal issues successfully without creating chaos externally? There are huge amounts of emotional content being conjured up and already I have lost my cool in dealing with my relationships. Help?

Y is this guy not in the running for prime Minister he would 💯 get my vote cos he’s real 💯👊🏻

That's what we are all seeking . Connection . It cures addiction . I've seen it first hand

That's the word...Connection...We are all connected,to each other and our planet.Be authentic, find the connection..much love and light to ALL who struggle with addiction,our World is chaotic, but its also changing as more and more awake...Blessings x

What you are doing is pure love. I have learned to love, first my self, beacuse of what you are talking about.it is not new but we who have been given and worked the program has to chare it with others to keep it. I was empty , though i had everything i was nerver satisfied. Now i need nothing. I am clean. And i could not understand before i understood. I am so gratefull, that i came back, and for all people, like you,that had gone befor me, waited paciently for my sanity to come back. Thanks again for a modern approach. 🙏🧘‍♀️🤸‍♀️

I think extreme behaviours often mask some other suffering

Eff you Russell, I totally love you to bits, you're such a thinker & true believer of value, honestly tho thank you for putting your thoughts out there as we need to hear these things even if we don't want to!! I remember my friend saying , omg Russell brand is one of us!! Yes my friend he is very special 😝

Bruno Murphy so watch this video, he works on the principles of recovery set out in his book. It does work

Lovely advice Russell Brand As Johann Hari says as well, we're all looking for honest, sincere connection. Meditation can help a lot with allowing ourselves to open our hearts and minds to feel the connection that is already there, as we're all One, and to trust our feelings to effectively discriminate between positive, nourishing connections and those, that don't really resonate with us on a deep level. 🌈

Tinder or other apps might not work for her, but might for other. Why not saying not to do whatever that makes her feel bad, but by not criticizing what others do and they are ok with that.

I've got to get this book.....helpful on sooo many levels. You have a way with words Russell Brand that connects with people, an honesty that is humbling and inspiring.....AWESOME 💞❤💞

I met my love on tinder. Probably wouldn't have crossed paths in relation world. We are thick as thieves. That said, there were a lot of frogs out there and people I didn't want to hook up with.

It sounds kind of crude but I normally have problems being in crowds so in order to diminish that I actually relieve myself (squeeze the mango juice)before I go out

#joerogan not the best choice my dear. I would expect more from you, to not post such a #dumbass interview.

Sex addiction is one of the hardest addiction by the fact that we take our sexuality with us, people, places and things.... Is not enough and the added rush of neurotransmiters that makes it complicated and is socially accepted at least some parts of it.

Every post u do helps me more and more please keep them coming ..thank u

Maria Llantada I feel like this man is your spirit animal but I don't know you that well

We are all looking for love, but by God, it's great trying to find it, with a jolly good bunk up with a stranger. Ohhh I say .

Russell, you're right but everything in moderation pal 😉

So true! thank you for explaining and sharing with us.

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2 weeks ago

Russell Brand

If somebody contacts any of you on Facebook Messenger under the name "Russell Brand" do not respond to them. It is a scam account. This page is NEVER used to contact anybody privately. Be careful, a few people have said this person has asked them for money. ... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

Hey Russel I am a prince who needs money for travel to your great planet, please send me moneys via internet.

I feel gutted now. I've been telling everyone that Russell Brand owes me £50 that I lent him.

Happened to me. I msged your page to notify . Still have the msgs also I was super sad it wasn't Russell Brand calling me 🙁 darn scammers . Almost got me

Yes, I was one of those -- but they never asked for money. I thought it odd that Russell would pick me out of a million people...lol For one second I felt honored, but then realized it just wouldn't happen like that. Thanks for putting the notification out there because people just hold out hope that some miraculous event might take place in their lives.... but not to be so... back to reality.

I’m so gutted I really thought Russell brand had contacted me n we chatted 😞 these damn people nearly had me !!!

Are you scamming me now? Maybe the real Russell Brand wants to speak to me...damn it...so confused ;).

I do have a friend on this Island called Russell Brand as well. now it get confusing 🙂 always check thier profile first before answering strangers

I had this happen to me!! Didn't fall for it. Knew better as soon as they asked for money so they could send me Russell Brand swag...i said that I was pretty sure if Russell Brand wanted to reward a fan, he could afford the postage on his own...

🙄"Billy Idol", also made a scam, friending me on Instagram, and asking for money donated to his charity in West Africa! Ps~ I think I know where the scammers are! Hehehe 😂😂😂😂 Maybe we can trace his PayPal account???😂😂😳💡

lol why on earth would Russell Brand Brand ask me for money. I would think it would be the other way around... Hey Russell old friend! 😂😂😂

Take over the page and hand out a few quid,you must be flush now you are clean,just reading booky wook,we grew up in the same sort of shithole,Benfleet for me,Aussie now.😎

I've had a couple different people contact me on messenger saying they were famous people. I just deleted them!!!

In all fairness. Russel Brand doesn't even run his own Facebook page. He has a digital media employee to do that as do all celebrities... Read the post again very carefully. He's hardly going to private message any one that admires him or his work.

I received a private message from you apparently a few weeks ago. We had a lovely chat and then you asked me for money. Bugger. I was so rapt that your had got in touch. Cheers Russell. xx

I’d probably keel over from a cardiac arrest if I saw your name in my in box Darlin send an ambulance she’s died and gone to where ever we go👍🦋

I wont feel any sympathy if anyone falls for it... Red lights should start flashing when a famous person asks for money, especially when I'm the one whos broke. Now, if an MP got intouch and asked me for money I'd be inclined to believe it...

Bogusshit. My niece was convinced she was speaking w/ Jason Momoa(shared genealogy) for months but my sister knows(friends with) his Dad here in Hawaii. Then I played off a wannabe Ron Perlman. Waste time.

It's not really the money I mind so much Russell Brand but the pictures of me in that yoga position with the cat I'd really like to get back.....

So Many people here saying they would love to donate money to the genuine Russel Brand. Obviously. There's a gap in the market and much demand, Real Russel if you have the time .... 😀

I've had this, they are sneaky as they looked like you replying to the kind words I'd sent about your Mam, then starting spouting about meditation etc and I thought whoa hang on this cannot be you as you've got more important things on your mind at the minute, I sent a message back saying that I always warn my children about scammers and here I am replying to someone who could be anyone, all of a sudden I was blocked haha. Nice try. He had no funny things to say so obviously not you 😂

Should u not also be concerned about the Russell brand fan pages Ur name is still associated to that?

Yep it's happened to me, but on instagram. A fake Russell Brand account asking me for money. Of course I knew it was a fake account. Lol

Thanks for the warning. Lately I’ve been receiving requests from so called shipping company owners, when you look at the profile there’s very little to show 🤔

I have had this happen to me like 5 times... its insane! plus they are on twitter trying to contact me to..under your name russell.

I got this! I was going to show the conversation but you don't allow photo uploads. It's quite obvious it's not you. They were not very articulate! 🤣 X

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2 weeks ago

Russell Brand

"I find it really difficult to find positive things about myself..." ... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

That theory would be valuable if life was about paying forward! The more positive you say and do for ppl, eventually it does bring you down when there is no paying it forward! The age old theory, of don’t expect in return, we are humans, and at some point you sit back and think about all the good you have said and done too others, and you reflect on the times when you needed people the most! And guess what everyone was too busy for you, or showed no interest! Be self absorbed, focus on what makes you happy Tracey, do what makes you happy! Russell Brandt you are wrong with this one! But your still Hot as f**k!

low self esteem comes from putting too much value in what others think about you and not accepting that no one on this planet is there to make you happy or make you feel good about yourself, that's completely up to you to do. all human beings are flawed and getting hurt is a part of life, you can't stop what others do to you but you can control how you react.

Before you can help others, you need to help yourself first and foremost. Love Russells philosophy, but, OLD as I am, I see myself in him 20yrs ago..lots more to give, but, lots more to learn too. Some people ruin good natured young ones lives, as they see their kindness as a weakness...and use it to their own selfish advantages. So, be careful. Be strong in yourself 1st. Before you can help anyone else.

Remembering when you were born into the world you were perfect just as you were, finding your esteem is to remember back to who you were originally, find a way back to your default setting...remove the layers of untruths you have learnt along the way, strip those layers off and your perfect state will be revealed again 🙏

I’m surprised Mr. Brand needed a structured 12 step program. His I.Q. is high. I guess the addictions were so ingrained that they could not be self-exorcised. The sharing of his personal journey is so therapeutic for all of us and guarantees his ticket to heaven. 😊

Word....love the new russel...so positive so helpful...get it bro....but hes right...in my lowest points of my life..my heart would say go serve...od find myself giving food in food lines..mostly at my old church..and when i did i would get these thanks yous these hugs these prayers these stories that lit my heart on fire....nothing gives you more worth than giving yourself to another in service...

I love all these videos. I haven’t been able to read the book, but does Brand ever acknowledge that some people have esteem or addictive issues based on chemical imbalances? Internal alignments beyond our control that we then have to work with? It’s not a choice or a history of poor choices for many people. Again, I’m posting ignorantly because I haven’t read this yet. But Tracey may be dealing with depression. And while eating healthy and working in the service of others and especially finding a way to connect to the world are wildly important - some people cannot make connections until the depression is directly treated with therapy and medication. Just saying this for those who may be scrolling and struggling with similar issues. It’s okay to need outside intervention. It’s not a failure. We can all help each other in numerous ways and we should, because we’re all going to need a hand someday 💓

With a mix of the 12 steps, cognitive behavior therapy, and meditation I’ve been able to overcome the majority of my esteem issues. I’d also like to thank Russell for his work. I very well wouldn’t have pursued the help I needed without reading Recovery.

A lot of ppl confuse themselves with their actions, or thoughts....your actions / thoughts are not you. They are a response to a belief or thought. ✨🙏🏻

To me, shyness and low self-esteem can be overcome by putting thoughts of yourself on hold, and just helping others. I see oldies struggling, I go and offer to help put shopping trollies, pack shopping into their cars, offer a compliment on a brooch or cardigan. Things that put a smile on other's faces usually put a smile on mine. And the more I do it, the easier it is to do. It helps build self confidence and stops me focusing on me.

There's also a kind of pattern of helping, being super-productive, feeling that compulsion to do more and more and more. I am borderline burned out all the time, frazzled, out of sorts, low esteem. An old counselor of mine said, "You're a human being, not a human doing." I feel compelled to never rest, or to push until I cannot function anymore, lest I be thought of as (or called, as I had throughout my youth) lazy. There's a way that doing good can be like begging for affirmation, even if you don't mean it to be. You said something brilliant in that you are running a program already in your life. Good or bad the program is running under the surface. I am always trying to earn esteem subconsciously. And it doesn't work. You can think, "Okay, I'm doing all these things, helping people, maybe making a difference," but inside you have this unmet yearning still. I am on a quest for the feeling that I am a valuable, whole and worthy person just as I am, with nothing to prove.

low self-esteem comes from someone in your youth who was important to you putting you down all the time. It is helpful to take a step back and know that what they were putting you through was a reflection of their own problems and not you. I learned in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) that most of what other people do has to do with them and their issues rather than you or what you have done. When you, Russell Brand, were being obnoxious and whatever in your pre-twelve-step days, it had little to do with what was provoking you in the moment and alot to do with the issues that were living undealt with inside you.

I'm trying to find a word that describes a lack of confidence. Something that gives a sense of worthlessness maybe. I've dried looking up in Thesarus.com for similarities to lack of confidence and antonyms to self-worth, but with no luck. Anyone have some ideas?

Low self esteem such as spending time with people didnt have any value with you. Instead of you follow that drama why you dont open widely your mind, see the big picture. That will bring you joys instead..

I have found my destiny , and it involves shifting the tides of the capitalistic system at the roots . Yet dealing with people on this subject is draining me . I will never give up because this is bigger then me , but I still get drained .

Hey people, i have been living with a toxic family. But i'm here encourage with myself, and loving myself over the others. Is hurts but exist people who really love me and that's why i need to break those bad habits. The time and God is more wise than us. Take time but God is all for yours, no matter what do you did in the past. I'm here for wherever person who wants to talk. I have a big heart to listen all of you. Bleassings. We can do it. I leave the alcohol, bad habits, over passed the depression, anxiety and over pass leave my friends to wait better people. Is hard but at the end is the best

I'm starting to truly believe that being on Facebook a lot makes people of all ages and backgrounds slowly but almost surely feel less valuable because there is so much bragadocious that takes place, and it probably isn't even intentional. But the subliminal can affect us more deeply because it comes out of left field. Perhaps Tracey could stay off social media a while, or set self-imposed limits to really get involved and "live life". I notice many people limiting their time on social media these days. Oh and reading Recovery! 😉

Russell brand subconsciously reaching out to all the troubled ‘Lisa’s’ out there! Don’t worry brand I got your book... can’t wait to read it and see the woman I become post read 💁🏽‍♀️🎉👍🏼xxx

A very wise man was saying exactly that to me only yesterday. You can't both be wrong!! To feel esteem you must live an esteemable life. Makes sense. I will endeavour to do that from now on.

You have been a valuable asset breaking down the steps in a way that gets thru Thank you so very much 7 years and 8 months Sober and still learning!!

I’m halfway through Recovery, it’s absolutely wonderful. If you haven’t read it yet I urge you, get a copy, read it, share it.

Yes, that’s what Russel is actually saying, practice the 12 steps which is a program done in a group not alone! The 12 step meetings are free and accessible everywhere you are. All what you have to do in logg in to their website to find their meetings in your local area 🙂 www.adultchildren.org

I've suffered with low self esteem all my life. It's only really been this year that I've started believing in myself a bit more that I am worth something. I'm still getting therapy (I always will), but helping others, being a part of a campaign towards something positive and working hard to get the best grades I possibly can in adult education has helped me feel useful in society. Because of that, I now feel better.

So....you cant make a new life with an old brain and heart..with old beliefs. A Higher Power and The Steps rewire everything from the ground up..its a remaking..its the brand new language of the heart..you have never heard spoken..that you dont know how to speak yet...and when you do..no matter who you are...where or what you are..you will become..what you have always been without knowing it..Love...you become both.. love and.the beloved...and from there..no thing..will ever ever shake you!💗

I keep saying it has taken me 26 years to learn to love myself, I don't have the time to convince anyone else! If they don't make you happy then get rid, negative people do nothing but bring you down. So nice of you to reply Russel 😀 you are too lovely xx

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