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11 hours ago

Nassim Haramein

Resonance Science Foundation
Unity of Geometry - Root Power : by Jonathan Quintin Art

Explore the connected universe in an interactive online learning community with Nassim Haramein, the Academy faculty and participants from around the world: The Resonance Academy –>

The Delegate level 1 Course: Exploring Unified Physics is a comprehensive, self-paced online multimedia course packed with 30 years of research and the latest information on this topic. This material can literally transform the way you look at the world as it helps you to better understand our universe. Come join the thousands of people who are engaging with each other and our progressive faculty team in this co-creative learning community. Registrations are open now.

The Resonance Project - Traduction Française • The Resonance Project - Página Oficial Hispana • The connected universe • Collective Evolution • Spirit Science • Sacred Geometry and Ancient Knowledge • Thrive • Jamie Janover
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Resonance Science Foundation


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seems like Serpianski gasket or like Cantor dust. The self similarity to an infinite level

Wow! Thank you!

Jonathan Connolly

15 hours ago

Nassim Haramein

This massive solar eruption that occurred in 2014 emanated from what was the largest sunspot since 1990. Called "AR 12192", it measures 129,000 kilometers across or about 10 times the diameter of Earth! ... See MoreSee Less

This massive solar eruption that occurred in 2014 emanated from what was the largest sunspot since 1990. Called AR 12192, it measures 129,000 kilometers across or about 10 times the diameter of Earth!


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Was there another 1 completely opposite of the location of this 1 too...??? 👀 #VectorMetricEquilibrium

I'm still waiting for you to come with practical applications off your brilliant stuff. Or you have already become one of those restless bogus blablablators?

What kind of danger for the earth? This will be interesting to know Changes in the sun in the moon????

I remember that one.

Attendez Nassim, 2022 sera prometteur. Je crois qu'on va voir ce quon a jamais vu! Ca sera historique Comme explosion solaire

Assia Bou Mahza adhère à la page et montre à ayoub ses conférence

The longivity and amount of energy produced by a star is breath taking.the perfect output and the future of energy consumption.intelligent life would use stars as fueling stations

Got that from NATIONAL ACADEMY of SPACE ACTORS??? "NASA"???? Facepalm Sorry!!!!

Just's not.



Oh Boy. Okay. Nassim Haramein Thank you.

Joel le Nomade

Yanis Brabus

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20 hours ago

Nassim Haramein

"..the patterns in music and all the arts are the key to learning." - Plato ... See MoreSee Less

..the patterns in music and all the arts are the key to learning. - Plato


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the space between the notes...

Reason why it is vital that A (La) be again set at 432 Hz which is in harmony with the earth's resonance. That is how it used to be before some people decided to set it at 440 Hz (around WWii), which is in disruption.... with nature sounds, makes us confused (compare pattern 432 Hz versus 440Hz do on a plate: the image is self speaking) .

the solfeggio scale uses specifoc frequencies which are not randomly chosen. Plato knew his stuff, so did many others - its just that the knowledge goes missing and people forget then learn other incorrect models that appear correct

Yessssssss! ✨✨✨

and try to find love

The frequency has shifted since the original solfeggio, its closer to 427 Hz now.

Haha the 'keys' to learning

A new alphabet to mirror the 20 amino in form and function to make only three letter words to build the brave new world

I must say I far prefer the 440Hz tuning! It sounds lighter and happier 🙂

String theory. Oh how i wish.


Tout vibre de l atome à l étoile. La musique à un pouvoir incroyable sur l être.

And we are still trying to make this point.


The harmonic structure of the universe. ♫


Love it


Thank you for this Nassim Haramein.


Tom Metcalfe You should share your thesis with The Resonance Foundation

Mitsos Ziogas Αλκυόνη Μπούρα Theodore Ntouskas

Michael 🎶

Rebecca Martin

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1 day ago

Nassim Haramein

The Great Pyramid of Giza encodes the geometric ratios that squares the circle. Explore the many many mysteries of this amazing structure in the upcoming elective course in the Resonance Academy by faculty member Jamie Janover, "Ancient Egypt Revisited" –>

image by Cosmic Creations
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The Great Pyramid of Giza encodes the geometric ratios that squares the circle. Explore the many many mysteries of this amazing structure in the upcoming elective course in the Resonance Academy by faculty member Jamie Janover, Ancient Egypt Revisited –>

image by Cosmic Creations


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That’s ancient teaching, Nassim didn’t come up with it... Secrets in Plain Sight (Full video):

Steven Myers The drawing lines is merely a graphical meme representation of the mathematics behind the analysis . The math is hard for most people, and always involved even for those with a math background They key is not a coincidental correlation, but a series of mathematical congruences to objectively measured and known phenomena...geological and cosmological, not to mention various mathematical constants. This is nit accidental, the research techniques are valid, it implies deeper meaning in terms of communicating design and Purpose to civilisations that might rise long after Egypt (or whomever built original pyramids) crumbled), and these various correlations and design aspects may well hint at or communicate real capacities of technology when they are more fully understood. An example of this was the "bird sculpture" model that looked like a modern glider that "coincidentally" had a tail portion broken off right where the tail fin would be. Modern wind tunnel and model tests proved it was a functional glider in design and function as it operated perfectly as such . Ditto Mayan gold figures supposedly representing "flying fish" according to orthodox archeologists, but which, when constructed in models and as drones, proved to be perfectly , and I mean perfectly, suitable aircraft, from those with delta wings to those with unusual "circle hoops" in the leading edges (which exist in no species but proved in practice to generate incredible lift in an unorthodox and previously unknown manner). You can say accident, but those correlations can't be, especially when they are a network of compounding congruences.

It's there to forever teach the generations ahead...for those that seek knowledge through geometric truth

Steven Myers Some correlations for you. THe causation was deliberate design.

The picture is sure out of scale. the great Pyramid is not as wide as the earth. The moon is too close to the earth. People will do anything to made up this number stuff. Even "Number 2" can be highly significant!

It has been a long time since I've heard anyone discuss the squaring of the circle.

The moon is so unusual as it is.. just from a simple or in-depth observation you can tell it's there by intelligent design. Stories and artifacts referring to Fallen Angels rebelling creating life forms in their own likenesses makes a very compelling reality that we live in . .

Wait, hasn't it been proved that PI is a trascendental and not a constructible one? Thus making it impossible to square the circle. What am I missing here?

and again you sell other people know, as your Nassim ..... I wrote about months ago on your side .... the same as with the tinting universum- eg the monochard ..... have made pictures of it , and built for the event

But the planet is not a perfect sphere?

Angel of Orion Hidden meanings YouTube .

5^2+12^2=13^2 second Pythagorean triplet


#FreeGiza #PrayForGiza

Su objetivo principal fue la asencion espiritual y de nivel de conciencia

Nice Nassim Haramein.

Prateekpawan Paharia

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Nassim Haramein
A new interview with Nassim Haramein was recently published by Bulletproof Radio >>>
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Nassim Haramein


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I have translated the interview into French - anybody on the scientific side of things out there who can check it before I post it ? it would be much appreciated !

Kind of. The next Fractal level of energy in Matter form is what you're talking about, your 'quantum level'. Matter and radiation from that matter occur and reoccur as one goes down the size scale. The Universe is a Fractal based on Atom/galaxy. The galaxies that are our atoms are themselves made of smaller atoms, of which Space is made, and subatomic particles are made, and photons are made. But the information aspect comes about because each of us has Life on OUR galaxies that are not only fractals of us but are fractals of our life situation, and are constantly living all the possible ways forward from our NOW at thousands of lifetimes per second. So, there are always tested ways forward WITHIN us at every moment.

YES ! Absolutly and this easy way you explain it is GREAT !👍💗💗💗💗Speak To the Univers it will ANSWER!💗💙💚💛FRENCH Reconnexion healer 😊

Gravity is caused by the movement of momentium generated (gravity aware) particles in space moving in the direction of heavy particle clusters to fill quantum deficiencies. How many particles have to be generated to sustain a body like the moon?

The man with the million dollar smile.

Another way of putting it is "Ask and you shall receive"

Thanks mate you are an inspiration 😊😊

amazing thoughts.





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2 days ago

Nassim Haramein

Nassim Haramein added torque and Coriolis forces to Albert Einstein's field equations which led to a model describing the topology of black holes as having a Torus structure rather than one generally described as simply funnel-like. ... See MoreSee Less

Nassim Haramein added torque and Coriolis forces to Albert Einsteins field equations which led to a model describing the topology of black holes as having a Torus structure rather than one generally described as simply funnel-like.


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Nassim Haramein adicionou torque e as forças de Coriolis às equações de campo de Albert Einstein, que levaram a um modelo descrevendo a topologia dos buracos negros como tendo uma estrutura de Torus ao invés de uma geralmente descrita como simples de funil.

so whats on the other side??????

Of course. Every living thing is a spinning torus field

When and where did Haramein make these suggestions? Please provide a citation or link.

nice! now animate it please..

keep investigating it is interesting

I drew something like this. Other day

there we went further ... to the hyperbolic tower ......

BarujHaShem que Jasmal Maravilloso !!😇❤️


Excellent Nassim Haramein Thank you.

Carl Davis

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check out more at
and see it on iTunes, Amazon, or Vimeo-on-demand
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2 days ago

The Connected Universe

I have always loved trees...their fractal, geometric beauty
and trees are more "interconnected" than most people know...

If you want to expand your understanding of the interconnectedness of all things, please check out our movie on iTunes, Amazon, or Vimeo

Wonders Of The World
Wonders Of The World
Kindly Rate 1-10 ...
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Wonders Of The World


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ufff mucho mas que 10...



in Physics I believe this is called chaotic patterning ....

U can't rate nature.... Its always at its best

will it be available on amazon germany as well?

10 💜 trees


Kat Dig

Brittany Porter

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2 days ago

Nassim Haramein

Join Nassim Haramein for a Q&A session after the screening of The Connected Universe film in Encinitas, CA on March 2!
(event lynk in commentary)
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Join Nassim Haramein for a Q&A session after the screening of The Connected Universe film in Encinitas, CA on March 2!
(event lynk in commentary)


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Question! Why does this man waste his "genius" in out of space, when the entire earth is dying! You truly gotta learn how to focus before saying the foundation of all life somehow comes in second place. Next the this mans simple interests. = Insanity!

Mr Nassim i am buildingg a decentralized internet infrastructure technology unbound by politics and oppression. I need your advice urgently sir.

Why are you disconnected from the source Naseem?

Been watching and learning from you for a long time thanks nassim

Love this guy. There is hope.

So generous.

Love this man 💗💗💗💗

Roch Rat

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3 days ago

Nassim Haramein

Could you go longer that 45 minutes in the quietest room on Earth? ... See MoreSee Less

Could you go longer that 45 minutes in the quietest room on Earth?


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I think I could. I think anyone used to meditation could do it.

Water isolation chambers are like that too, Most people want to get out within a few minutes...experienced meditators love it!

To be completely isolated with absolutely no sounds at all - no thanks. I don't think the human nervous system is designed for that. Or anything else in the human body or mind, for that matter. Its actually quite interesting.....

the problem with that study ... is it is actually in error ... there were studies done by one of the multi letter agencies where they put ... um terrosist or other prisoners in these rooms for days on end ... drove em mad as heck but then the did take to mental condinting much better ... its part of the various retraining techniques used back in the cold war ... all kinds of info on ... heck who do you think designed it

It would be so perfect for me. I don’t think I have ever had any room quiet enough for me. I have very sensitive hearing and it can really get annoying hearing little sounds that most can’t.

I wonder if they really researched on that there was no one who can stay longer than 45 minutes? Or is that one of these typical type of modern lurid and cheap trials to rise curiosity and emotions of the reader...?

I've been in a sound proof room one time my life and I can still remember the greatest sensation of peace I felt from that brief moment...I read about this room a few months back and still haven't forgotten about wanting to try it out. Everyone is different, I think adept meditaters would get great use out of space like that 💙

In Canada, when walking in the forest during a snowfall, the forest gets very, very quiet with the deep new snow.

Yes, it would be like a sensory deprivation therapy (which I love) taken to the next level!!! Sign me up.

Would immediately do & totally enjoy it. I'm highly sensitive as fuck and an experienced meditator. I really WANT this is in my basement. 😀

Take me there and I´ll easily break this record, I also know a bunch of people who can do it, most are in India

so long I'm still feeling the frequencies of mother earth vibration to keep in sync with I could do it

In the early 1970's I used to spend my lunch hour in the anechoic room at UC Davis, Banner Hall. At the time I was told that it was the 2nd quietest room on Earth. It looked like this room. The longer I spent in the room the more of my anatomical sounds I could hear by the end of my summer job there I was convinced that the sound of rushing fluid was the blood flowing through my veins.

Tegenspraak. In een dode kamer waar je geen geluiden kunt waarnemen door oa gebrek aan reflecties ervan, kun je ook geen geluiden van andere oorsprong normaal waarnemen. De allerlaagste frequenties worden niet volledig opgeslorpt, als de dode kamer niet groot genoeg is.

I would love to be able to stay in that room for longer then 45 minutes. I could probably stay in there as long as until I had to go to the bathroom.

I could stay there if i get some candles to meditate on the light!! So he probably means, nobody Spiritual could stay longer than 45 min!!

like to give it a try...interestingly the healing role of the crystal Moldavite is to help children of the universe (hint: particularly starchildren) to chill out in the space of 'no frequency' (broad interpretation in language, but often confused and misinterpreted as being high frequency due to crystal origin and process )

That's not accurate, there have been individuals who have stayed in this room longer than 45 minutes...

Well you can hear your own body so you still have a source of noise and it can give you the sense of not being in solitude, but it might be scaring specially for people who love loud noices.

That would very interesting to experience. Why wouldn't these people that can't stay in the room longer than 45 minutes just start singing? I'd imagine the sound vibrations in that room are out of this world, your voice may be as well.

the first YouTube video I pulled up on the matter the reporter Brooke the 45 minute record with ease and raised the bar to an hour. He was even in the dark too. Later he said he could have easily went for 5 hours

I think the feeling makes you want to keep popping your ears. I've been in a room like this for noise, vibration, harshness testing for automotive and just a few minutes already bugged me like my ears stopped working. 45 minutes is a long time!

probably not...would take some practice building up the timespan. I love the idea of being comfortable enough to hear only my heart, lungs, etc...but really don't think I could do it 😭😭

I have been in a room like this and although I didnt look at it as a challange it was very weird and I was quite happy to be out of it after about 2 mins

the proton itself sits in a similar room, the room it sits on is the flowing ether (walls) calculating the mass and size of the walls requires averaging the impulse repsonse accumikated on the ether / walls.

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As you explore the Connected Universe, you will see the role that geometry plays in the relationships and connections between things.

Here are some beautiful plants, where this geometric beauty is particularly obvious. Enjoy.

The Sacred Plant
Sacred geometry is an ancient art and science which reveals the nature of our relationship to the cosmos. These geometrical patterns are a mathematical sequence that show up as spirals in a variety of these beautiful plants!
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The Sacred Plant


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The Sacred Plan(e)t.

If it is so.. 'throughout the Universe' as we observe it to be.. then it is operating in the exact same fashion.. within you and me..

Seeing at an easy scale, the patterns go on, scaled up and scaled down, to invisibility, but mathematically elegant, beautiful, assign it sacred if you must. It is anyway, beautiful most would agree 😊

All Life is Devine, thus so are Plants..<3..

Ericka La Gata

Emily Mclamb-Franco

Alan Dow

Luke Greatorex

Irma Jeanette Ahrano Matheny

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3 days ago

Nassim Haramein

"I no longer believed in the known God of the Bible, but rather in the mysterious God expressed in nature." - Albert Einstein ... See MoreSee Less

I no longer believed in the known God of the Bible, but rather in the mysterious God expressed in nature. - Albert Einstein


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I'm currently reading the old testament, there is a lot of repetition, brothers killing brothers, telling foreigners she's my sister when it's the wife, angels, God making covenants with men, believe that a God who created humans with a complex physical and emotional systems, cannot give us an example in writing....which caused the invention of the printing press and influenced the earth and everything in it more than any other book ever, no I don't see that as impossible a book that declares itself a living breathing word. You can dismiss it by thinking your work and the scientific works of man are more important and valid, but one all of this is turned into fine grains of sand the word of God will still remain.

Yes. There is no God. There is a Creator. Its symbols are in nature. Nature is within. So be the kingdom of God, all creation. We are the observer.

Yes ancient Indian philosophy" Vedas and Upanishad" reveling "Brhamma" is the ultimate truth. Brhamma is everywhere.Who know Brhamma becomes Brhamma. Everything is an oscillation of Brhamma that's why it referred to as "Nada Brhamma" means music of God.

They are One creator under many names and forms. Nature is amazing and is the repository of our karmas. Keep exploring, Al Einstein, wherever your Spirit is, because there is much much more! 🙂

About 45 years ago an acquaintance commented "... the more I study the less I believe in God ..." of course he was referring to the god they teach in the Catholic religion, today that acquaintance has 3 doctorates.

God is everything and everything is God. Baruch Spinoza. I think he used a similar stament about God God is impersonal and not limited to a specific object or place but the whole existence.

Probably the same one, BUT too radical to be part of IT. Impossible to explain to people even now, so the bible was a good attempt for the time. 🤔

Creator is in your heart, and you are the part of the All, religions are man-made. Certainly, there is some great truth in the Bible, but lots of information has been changed through so many years. 🙂

Even demons know the bible is the true word of God, they've been influencing cultures much longer than we can understand, they want to confuse you so that you will not accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior to which no man comes to God except through Him who died for your,our, all of humanities sins regardless of their belief.

Known God? What is that? More likely this is just some sort of lack of faith. Think again Albert. not first or last mistake. I am an Architect and in my long experience I have noted that nothing is built with a concept and a concept requires a drawing...and without a drawing nothing is constructed. While this is allegorical and offers no proof I will still observe that intelligence - God must be behind all creation. 😎🍎

The scriptures are so misunderstood .. Coz it has been taught that way (wrongly) for centuries .. 🙁 even einstein in all his wisdom .. Did not hv the full capacity to understand "reality" .. Many more veils to be ripped open and many more dimensions to cross before we in consciousness can have such understanding .. We just haven't reached that level of spiritual maturity in our evolution... Just saying

It's the same just not welled explained as everybody in the same time would as We Are One! I just Love the way Nassim Explain it too!!!

the bible is writen by who won the war, he who wins the war writes the History

That's not what Einstein believed! Einstein believed we existed in the mind of God. Where do you do your study's man? Fabrication incorporated! You can't just make stuff up! That's why he had the theory of relativity! Hello? Is anybody their mcfly? 🤣

And that is eaxctly what the Quran says. Read the Quran with what Einstein said in mind.

The bible is actually the ancient wisdom and enlightenment teachings disguised by the literal interpretations, so their the same gods. 😀

de los nuestros, la religion de la verdad es la religion de la tierra... la naturaleza gobernante... ashi está la fe, la esperanza, la riqueza, los sueños y la abundancia... me sumo a la religion de Einstein... Dios Natura.

The cristians dont like but i like the cristic energy on them.

I feel we are building on the dreams of others Nassim. The ancestors of the past did the best they could with their limitations, technological applications and most importantly the love they have for their communities. Can love be represented in geometry besides love hearts?

beautiful!!! If only our education system could teach most of American's to think so wonderfully!!! Especially the ignorant evangelists who at the moment are a huge stone around humanity's neck!!!

Material worship is NOT healthy folks!

Religion war ... who has right??? 😂😂😂😂who is creator, who was created? 😂🤗🌈

All of your work is found in the science Kabbalah. Come see at .....nature = God

Fantastic photo and quote.

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I have been blessed to have swum with several pods from 40-150 but never seen a superpod like this!! Swimming with dolphins in the wild is a truly incredible and wonderful connecting experience <3 <3 <3

We had some amazing moments filming with wild dolphins for the movie- truly special

Malcom Carter - Director
The Connected Universe

When a super pod of 2000 dolphins decide to swim next to you! What an experience 🙌🐬
... See MoreSee Less



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Can't help but wonder how many dolphins were injured by the boats motor.

thankyou so much. its so beauriful . THANKYOU

Como sabes que son 2000 no? jajajajajajajjaja

Michael Verhaaf

Patricia Kennedy Alfano

Leonie Nora

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