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The standard theory of human origins is called the ‘Out of Africa’ theory, but there is now a huge body of evidence that shows that the Original Australian people were here up to 130,000 years ago. They were also far more sophisticated than we have been conditioned to believe. They quite possibly explored most of the world, and later were visited by people from Egypt and the Americas ~


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3 months ago

Ancient Australia

An ancient outdoor art gallery in WA's north could join the pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge and the Great Wall of China on the World Heritage list, after traditional owners asked the WA government to pursue the listing. Murujuga is home to the world's highest concentration of rock art engravings - there are more than one million images, some more than 35,000 years old. nit.com.au/ancient-outdoor-art-gallery-a-step-closer-to-world-heritage-listing/ ... See MoreSee Less

5 months ago

Ancient Australia

PLANS TO DESTROY SACRED SITES FROM ROCKY RIDGE TO CURRA, IN VIOLATION OF LAW: Kabi Sovereigns have begun placing signs at Rocky Ridge (aka THE GYMPIE PYRAMID) and other sacred sites, to remind government authorities and their agents that the desecration, damage or destruction of sacred sites of Kabi Bunya Djha would be in violation of Commonwealth, State, International, and Sovereign Kabi Djarkurpa Tribal Laws.

Local residents have recently received eviction notices to vacate their homes before 31st of October, but Aunty Dawn Wan'dum Deerum Nerida and Diane Djaki Widjung were informed by residents that destructive activities have already begun, with drilling and tree removals on some properties.

A notice was hand delivered by Wit-boooka today in Alice Springs to Nigel Scullion's staff member David, who has given his word he will pass it on to the 'Minister for Indigenous Affairs'. The Sovereign Kabi Tribal Council of Elders has given Mr. Scullion 14 days to meet with our representatives. Legal action and other lawful measures will be taken to prevent the destruction of our Ancient Sacred Tribal Lands, waterways and sacred sites.

The Council of Elders of the Sovereign Native Tribes of the Kabi First Nation State would like to thank local Curra and Gympie residents for their continuing support for us to exercise our Spiritual and religious Tribal obligation, to use and protect Kabi Sacred Tribal lands and ancient sacred sites of Kabi Bunya Djha. Your hospitality, kind words and deeds are much appreciated.

Locals can report suspicious activity, or organize signs for the land they occupy, by ringing Diane on 0417062529, or messaging on our facebook Kabi,Dreaming page.

#KabiDreaming #AncientAustralia #RockyRidge #GympiePyramid
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