Wall Street Happenings

Hi Everyone,

As our world news services don’t seem to be showing us photos of all the momentous rallies held around the world in affiliation with the Wall Street Rally, here are some great photos from 17 of the locations.

It’s interesting that the BBC World Service only showed footage of the Rally in Tokyo and mentioned that it took place in other cities briefly. The Chinese World Service CCTV showed quite a lot more. It seems we maybe able to get less controlled & censored news from China these days!

This article also shares news from the Galactic Federation which is working with us more and more to end the repression of the few families in high places, those that control the major banks and corporations and the politicians.

t’s all looking pretty hopeful! The end of war, the end of the petrochemical industries noose hold on the world, free energy and enough food for everyone.

Roll on the New World and the evolution of consciousness!

Read on and if your’e not into the Galactic Federation perhaps you could ignore the written parts and just send on the photos.

They are so good!

Love Pratima.