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2 days ago

Megalith Research

Machu Picchu ... See MoreSee Less

Machu Picchu

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Perfección absoluta!

Makes no sense

Earthquake resistant engineering.

C est vraiment impressionnant de voir la qualité des ouvrages πŸ€”

Perfection πŸ‘½ Technology of the Gods !!πŸ‘½


This is someone telling us: I don't care about cutting stones! Probably because of earthquakes but, look até my foot, I'm stepping on your white envy.

TOO Perfect....

Fabiano Braga os Incas brincavam de Lego

Alien technology πŸ™‚

To many locations like this not to be somethin

Machu Picchu built by a very ancient more advanced civilization but not by the Incas as mainstream Academia claims .they THE INCAS inherited and rebuild it.

Ancient tetris

It looks just like Sacsayhuaman in Cuzco.

Wiracochas style

You can see the theory pillow, the rock was even not hard, when wall has been build

Earthquake resistant. Dissipates vibrational energy and re-assembles.

Quero um dia tocar essas pedras

Jose ☺️

Obras perfectas

2 days ago

Graham Hancock

Rick Strassman is one of my psychedelic heroes, and in this interview he tells me that he received his first dose of DMT from the late, great, Terence McKenna, another of my psychedelic heroes! Rick's groundbreaking research in the 1990's with DMT and human volunteers, set out in his book DMT The Spirit Molecule, and his film of the same name presented by Joe Rogan, was inspired by that first experience. In this interview, which it was my privilege to host, Rick shares his knowledge and the lessons he has learned from his research, and speaks about his ongoing work...In his first public appearance for several years, Rick Strassman shares the background, performance, and interpretation of his 1990s groundbreaking research ... ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

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So awesome seeing Rick and yourself in Sedona. Thank you for the great works.

Great talk Graham! Thank you for posting!

Great!!! Fantastic content! Thank you

I was very excited to hear this but the audio is still not working in your video. I hope that can be worked out soon. Much respect for your work, thank you so much for all you do.

Great book, your great book Supernatural led me to it, together the two books are powerful knowledge, thank you Graham.

Excellent read, I listened to the audio book on my last deployment!

I think I was the last person Terence held pipe for in 1999 on Big of the chapters in my upcoming book: NatureLovesCourage My psychedelic life with T McKenna

So beautiful to witness this interview! Thank you, Graham Hancock, for all that you do πŸ”₯

Must listen when I get home. Thanks for posting this Graham!

I bought this book after reading “Supernatural.” Both are phenomenal

<3 SO GREAT! Thank you to both of you for your ongoing research and exposure of the truth <3

I’ve read that book 100 times probably. One of my favorites. That and Fingerprint are in my top three for life. Thanks, Graham..for all that you do.

Been waiting for this one, cheers!

One of my friends from Denton, Tx. was a subject of the study. He definitely did not get the placebo.

Audio now working. πŸ™‚ Thanks for posting!

Audio IS working, thank you Graham.

How many times has Dr. Strassman taken DMT, I wonder..........

Phenomenal!! So excited

....received his first dose from Terence Freaking McKenna!!?? Lord I've missed half the revolution my entire life. I should have listened to Don Juan Matus when I was 19.😭 Fortunately my spiritual practices are being uplifted each day by remembering them. And it's sure a big boost with material around from Mr. Hancock, UnchartedX, Mr. Foerster, Dr. Calleman, Ms, Clowe even though I still can't make it through one of her books. Yet some day I still hope for the chance to feel the breathings of Mescalito.

Sedona was an amazing experience!! ♥️

It was an honor meeting you both that day, keep fighting the good fight! πŸ™‚

heros of pharma-vipassana? my heros for instrumented vipassana are Elmer & Alyce Green.

Rick's book really intregued me. Glad we are, slowly, starting to look at these altered states more seriously.

I can’t get the audio to work

2 days ago

Megalith Research

The Bayon temple is the central temple of the Ancient capital city Angkor Thom, Cambodia πŸ‡°πŸ‡­
It is said to have been built in the late 12th or early 13th century A.D. by one of the Khmer Empire's greatest rulers - King Jayavarman VII

View image full screen to zoom and spin

Photosphere: Chichuen Wong©οΈ
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Jesús González

So so cool...


Definitely pre- flood...

Orion Johnson


Luanda Dalla Valle

They are amazing to see in real life

Giammi Todaro imagine being here

3 days ago

Megalith Research

360 image of Rievaulx Abbey, Helmsley, United Kingdom.
Date of construction 1132-1145 a.d.

Group discussion link:
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my favorite

Tim van der Elst een van mn favorieten, hier wil ik graag ooit een keer heen :p

Is that actually megalithic?

5 days ago

Megalith Research

Monumental Arch of Palmyra
(Arch of Septimius Severus)
- Palmyra, Syria - 3rd century AD
🌐360° Photo, click for full view, Spin, Zoom and Explore

Image: ©Willy Kaemena
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Love it....

ISIS scum haven't blown this up yet?

Muy bello lugar

Wooow ! 😱


When was this taken ? It looks more intact than when I was there in 2000!

5 days ago

Graham Hancock

QUOTE:"These very early Greeks were organisationally, technically and politically much more advanced than previously thought.” END QUOTE

Giant marble pyramid-shaped island complex rising from sea reveals secrets of ancient Greece's origins
Exclusive: Thousands of years of history being unlocked in the Aegean isles which could provide groundbreaking knowledge of ancient civilisations
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i spent last weekend with very dear and old friends and had the privilege of introducing them to the Saginaw Bay meteor impact theory and the Carolina Bays which led me to introduce them to Your works on Ancient pre-flood civilization. The daughter requested I send her info on all of these interesting topics. Interestingly enuf I had to drive Thru Saginaw Michigan to get to this reunion. Wow, it is flatter than Flat!

As mainstream archeology falls we will learn how these massive places were actually built and what they were actually used for and our whole paradigm of thought will shift in an instant. Please keep up your efforts Graham, humans are a better species with your passion included.

This article actually fills some holes in this little known book. Even has John Anthony West approval.

I wait for the day when mainstream archaeology and it's financial interests finally bow out for good. Then we'll learn the true clear picture of our past.

The further back in time you go, the more sophisticated and more difficult to build "by hand" architecture you find .... How much more is needed to accept that more recent is far not always more advanced ....

It must be very gratifying to keep seeing these discoveries pouring in

It shouldn't even be disputed that our ancient ancestors were very intelligent people. Their colossal architecture, their immense knowledge of all things astrological, and their complex social structures all add up to a very intelligent and complicated group of people.

Of course they were, and we know why don't we! Xxx

If they were intending to paint the marble, I don’t get why they worked so hard to get pristine marble...

I wish I had a time machine

They had 3500 maritime voyages transporting stones what a laugh. I’d say it was built before they existed or they had technology we don’t have .engineers would struggle to build these places now. Archeologists and archeology needs to pull its self apart take a good look at itself and put its self back together. Stop trying to put everything into the same shitty box.

Interesting that at the end of the article they hedge the very facts they list as "probably the result of a common stimulus, namely the spread and intensification of early metal usage, and the mercantile, cultural and political changes that process triggered" as opposed to a single causation, say from an older civilization that we've simply not discovered yet ... oh wait, you're Graham Hancock! πŸ˜‰

Love this. πŸ₯°

Graham are you going to the exposition after 7/14? Or would you be able to actually visit the site? Let us know what you see and think. Wish you well.

We are the ones living in primitive times we are finding this out ,when you get to realize that ancient people evolved and left the planet for the stars,the ones left behind,,,,,well you get the special kind of stupid point,maybe not but when your left behind it’s your own fault...

Oh The Ripples WE CAST Not Even KNOWING The Existence Of THE POND.....

You can't imagine how many artifacts have been looted from this island during the 50s-60s era. Sadly with the help of Greeks in many occasions . Many of those artifacts can been found in museums all over Europe and in private collections...


"Intriguingly, it was built within 100 years or so of the creation of Stonehenge, the first Egyptian pyramids, the great cities of the Indus Valley and the first known Mesopotamian kingdoms. (...) These Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Indus Valley and western European traditions were almost certainly not directly related to each other" Very interesting, "almost certainly not directly related" but they "appear" at almost the same period of time, as if some geological events were preventing them to go "out"...

Interesting article - but I’m continually amazed at the hidebound conjecture academics will spout in order to cling to ‘accepted historical narratives’; meanwhile, refusing to entertain logical evidence-based alternative reasoning - all in order to appear ‘conservative or responsible’. Please..

Fascinating! I am presently listening to Underworld. This is right there and another example of Mainstream archaeology being shaken to its core.

I’ve been lucky enough to be looking at this magnificent island (Keros) every day for an entire summer from right across the nearest island called Koufonisi. It looks like a pregnant woman floating on the water on her back. The locals said that it was Leto (Apollo’s mother) being pregnant with another god in her womb. Nobody was aloud to build or spend the night there. The energy of the place is incredible, and 15 years ago, it was known that the artifacts found there, were predating anything found in entire Greece

[ Reset History, Please ] Every year, new findings are made. Only to be interpreted by the theories they deny. ___


1 week ago

Megalith Research

Megalithic Peru - Ollantaytambo
[ 13°15'29" S, 72°15'48" W ]
Located at an altitude of 2,792 meters (9,160 feet) above sea level in the Andes mountains, this site continues to amaze anyone who comes to see it.
This place is just one of many examples of mysterious stoneworks made by an unknown culture long before the Inca arrived.
The Inca had reused and rebuilt all the places which once belonged to the mysterious Master Masons, but they never came close to obtaining the same skill level achieved by those ancient Masters of Prehistory.

Other suggested pages:
•Ancient Enthusiast-Æ
•Lebanon Baalbek Megaliths Megalithic structures".
•Laboratory Of Alternative History ©οΈ
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The ONES before us.


Impresionante πŸ’₯

Mas que evidente que moldeaban las piedras a voluntad


Que maravilla

Daniel c'est Impressionnant !!! Comment ont-ils fait ?? 🀷‍♂️

Poured look at the protrusions


Naseem Alrwadeh Eng Eayd Sadat Nezar ALsaidat Bani Laith

Tesoros de la civilización antediluviana


Molde! !!


1 week ago

Megalith Research

The ruins of Great Zimbabwe – the capital of the Queen of Sheba, according to legends – are the remnants of the Bantu civilization of the Shona between the 11th and 15th centuries. The city, which covers an area of nearly 80 ha, was an important trading centre and was renowned from the Middle Ages onwards.
Archaeological excavations have revealed glass beads and porcelain from Persia & even China, and gold and Arab coins from Kilwa which testify to the extent of long-standing trade with the outer world. Other evidence, including potsherds and ironware, gives a further insight to the property’s socio-economic complexity and about farming and pastoral activities. A monumental granite cross, located at a traditionally revered and sacred spiritual site, also illustrates community contact with missionaries.
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