Revelation of the Pyramids

This is one of my favourite documentaries on the Great pyramid and other pyramids around the world.
This is part one which I think is more interesting and varied. Part 2 focuses more on the layout of power centres around the globe along great circles, and other mathematically interesting facts that may or may not be convincing.
I especially like the 8 remarkable things they list at the beginning here, for instance that each side of the Great Pyramid is divided into two sections with remarkable precision. But I guess anyone who can create the long narrow passageways would have no problems with that.

Anyway – this is just the tip of the iceberg when you look at all the ancient structures that are being revealed by modern satalite imaging technologies ! 17 new buried pyramids along the Nile to begin with !  Standard academic history needs to be radically revised, but likely it will take a generation or two before the old myths are replaced with new ones …