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1 day ago

I fucking love science

LIVE: SpaceX are launching two mini-satellites into low-Earth orbit using their Falcon 9 rocket.

The launch will begin at 6:17 am PST, and the two Microsats will be deployed approximately 11 minutes after launch.

They are the first of a planned 4,000 communication satellite network called Starlink.
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Elon Musk is basically a bond villain. It's only a matter of time before he announces SpaceX's new headquarters inside of a hollowed out volcano.

I'm sitting here with my little nephew Bob Reed. He is so excited. He's out of school today AND it's his 7th birthday!!! He loves rockets and space. Everyone say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB!!!

The only thing that would make this better is if they strapped my ex-husband on the side of that. Dance time!

No such thing as flat-earthers . Only sad virgins, living in their mum’s spare room who need to feel they are special with secret knowledge.

Attention all Political, PC and uneducated dunderheads: this is a commercial launch being paid for by the customer who is not even a US coustomer

Thank you, Mr. Musk. You give me hope in these dark times. You're an excellent leader and example to humanity. Science FTW. <3

If the earth was flat, cats would have already pushed everything off. So theory dismissed.

Waiting for the tesla car to do a drive by 😂

So cool. I realized this was being launched on west coast, ran outside to see it rising through the atmosphere from central California.

Terry Pratchets Discworld books are really good - I have everyone of them and re-read them, maybe the flat earthers think they are true?

"You can see the curvature of the Earth" TRIGGERED

Disable all comments, please. IFL science is great for streaming this, but it attracts too many bigots, we can't even appreciate this without being called brainwashed.

This rocket could bring Matt Damon home easily

Its part of a new set of satellites they are putting up to create a round earth hologram to keep flat earthers from discovering the truth

Can we launch all flat earthers next time👍🏼, for science, of course.

Isn't SpaceX separate from NASA? Why's everyone complaining about the money being used on this launch?

I don't even know why are we debating flat earth theories, the source of funding, or just hater opinions, instead just focusing on the amazing stuff they're doing.

This is not a government-funded program, people. It's privately funded. Just watch and learn something.

I saw a flying spaghetti monster just above the flat earth 😁

There are a team of astronauts inside frantically ironing to power the rocket via steam that's what is coming from rocket

Space X is a private company, it is a business, and this launch is inteded to bring internet to places that have no infrastructure.

Congratulations and the best of successes contributing in the development of the humans be. Congratulations from Uruguay

Where are the “Flat earth” people... Can’t wait to hear them explain this one!

SpaceX makes me proud to be an American, something I can really use about now.

Haters will hate, but science keeps moving forward! ☺

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