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2 days ago

I fucking love science

Over 500,000 people were killed last year. Most of them were children under the age of 5. #mosquitoweek ... See MoreSee Less

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I love Bill Gates!! A brilliant man with a great big heart!!

Wouldn't it be great if we could take the 900 million dollars they have raised to rebuild a church, to help actual people. The church isn't the building, the church is the body of Christ. Showing love and helping others.

And where I’m from we have tons of mosquitos.....we have so much mosquitos that we even had a slurpee at 711 called Manitoba Mosquito Bite slurpee

Fun fact: climate change allows these specific mosquitos to live basically a n y w h e r e. Even there, where you live. Middle of Europe? We will have them soon!

Thank you mosquitoes! I appreciate all your hard work!

Bill gates is a legitimately good human. His foundation helps countless people and I’m impressed and inspired by him

If they would just pass sensible mosquito control laws this wouldn’t be happening!

We have to keep the human population down somehow.

500,000??!! We need to get those numbers UP... WAAAY UP...

how about instead of notre dame ppl donate to fixin this issue πŸ™„

Lesson to be learned here. Don't kill spiders. Use them to set up a defense network around your 🏠 xD

Prevents human overpopulation. Keep the mosquitos.

We are 7.7 billion, we should thanks them.

Natural population control is a good thing.

Trump is going to build a mosquito wall and have Africa pay for it...

Insect...not animal...πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

Sorry Bill, humans are the deadliest animal, but thos is a good goal

Wouldn't have happened if the kids had guns.

And still the world is being decimated by human overpopulation...

Time to outlaw mosquitoes

Paid partnership with bill gates? πŸ€” Shady af.

It’s not the mosquitos it’s the diseases they carry. We don’t blame a car when it hits someone we blame the person driving

Nice. What will you do with half a million MORE people EACH YEAR? Don't cull mosquitoes, cull humans by sterilizing whoever wants to be sterilized. Overpopulation in mosquitoes AND humans solved.

*the 2nd deadliest animal in the world. Humans are the deadliest animal

....lets donate some money to repair notre dame then!

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