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During the whole of human history, we have only eliminated one disease: smallpox. We did it through vaccines. ... See MoreSee Less

During the whole of human history, we have only eliminated one disease: smallpox. We did it through vaccines.


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Well if vaccines work tell me why my Natural Doctor cures cancer with Green Tea and a hint of cinnamon! This is just corporate propaganda! There’s more mercury in the shot than on the planet Mercury! I know this because my son had autism and got a vaccine once and still had autism, so vaccines help cause autism! #yesiambeingatrollhaha

Here's the thing. When and why did we stop trusting scientist? Scientist created pain relievers they discovered planets. They made medical machinery. They understand the body. The discovered electricity. They tell you 100 YEARS IN ADVANCE when and where there will be a solar eclipse. So you go there at that time to that spot and you a solar eclipse because you trust the scientists telling you about it. You trust that there were dinosaurs. You trust fossils they discovered. If you're not super religious you trust the big bang and when the earth was created because clearly the scientists know better than you do. But with all of this trusting YOU NOW DECIDED TO STOP TRUSTING THEM IN TWO CATAGORIES. CLIMATE CHANGE AND VACCINATIONS. You distrust the two things with THE MOST AMOUNT OF EVIDENCE SLAPPING YOU IN THE FACE. Theres more evidence of climate change and that vaccinations work than there is about the big bang!!! Yet you choose to distrust the scientists in the most easily provable areas!!

Get rid of the aluminum & mercury-they have no business being in there, and there is no "safe" amount

Only one disease eradicated? That's not a very good average, is it. I wonder how many people have been damaged by vaccines that appear not to work as claimed, left to suffer with no compensation from the vaccine manufacturers, despite being used as unwilling and unknowing guinea pigs for the sake of corporate profits. Too many lies surround the Pharma cartels, they have a track record of deceit and misdirection and seem unwilling to admit their many mistakes.

Has the one on the left tried rubbing some coconut oil on it? I hear this cures literally everything.

I haven't gotten the flu since I stopped getting the vaccine 14 years ago. I used to get it every year. - just in case anyone was interested in the actual details of these two boys. And this is for all the anti-vaxxers littering their moronic views on this post. Science gives zero fucks about your ‘logic’! Vaccines work, end of story.

If it's eradicated why do we still need to be vaccinated against it?

Im all for vaccins but tell me what is the use of giving STD vaccins to babies .... Vaccins have side effects and should not be used by pharma as a money grab. Im all ok for useful vaccins but 20+ vaccins for babies not thats irresponsible

anti vaxxers = flat earthers same mentality

I don’t understand people who say autism didn’t used to be a problem. Why can’t people understand that so many children who would have died are living because of medical intervention (vaccines are a big part of this) that we cannot possibly know what the rate was in the past. We have altered the human evolution where the weak also survive. Also, no one was diagnosed with autism during our grandparents time because it wasn’t a recognized disorder. 🤦‍♀️

I'll take the side effects of the vaccines over the horrible diseases all day long.

Well thank the lord this lucky bastard didn't fall for that Big Pharma scam!

In the 18th century people would risk vaccination with "live" pathogens! (They would scrape openings on their skin and introduce blood or bandages from a person that was recovering from a disease!) Nowadays, ONE crackpot British doctor, whose work was never peer-reviewed or verified, insinuates that it MAY cause autism, and the luddites flock to their fallacies!

If there were a vaccine that could cure stupidity, certain people would find a way to explain how intelligence is bad for you.

Even if there was a chance my kid could get autism from a vaccine (there isn't) I would rather have a kid with autism than with small pox, polio ECT

About 10 years ago we almost eradicated measles... Then mum's decided they didn't want the children vaccinated and about 5 years ago we had a large scale epidemic..

This photo is definitely propaganda Vaccines used to get your immune system ready, don't cure the illness your immune system does , so those vaccinated should have not be worried by those who choose not to be .

I'm just thankful anti-vaxxers weren't a thing in the 60s and 70s, or we'd still have friggin' smallpox!

Hmmm, do I trust the vast majority of medical professionals or Kat Von D tho? Tough choice.

At least the boy to the left doesn't have autism! </sarcasm>

Obviously no one tried essential on that poor boy and he must have been formula fed!! Who needs modern medicine or vaccines if you breast feed and use oils! 🤔

Still we have to erradicate those illiterated homeopathic vegan anti-vaxxers.

Herd immunity, it’s science and vaccines save lives. Now measles is becoming a problem because people listen to a quack Dr that lied about autism and vaccines. Oh and Jenny McCarthy 🤮 so there will be more preventable diseases coming back.

My great uncle was the chairman of the WHO scientific committee on smallpox that achieved this incredible feat. Why have we not had the political will to do this since. Why do we pander to ignorance by allowing vaccine refusal on non-medical grounds?

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