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12 hours ago

I fucking love science

Lost in space? Here's how you could find your way home. All episodes of Lost in Space now streaming on Netflix. ... See MoreSee Less

Finding your way home from space.


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Katerina Paspaliari

I've heard mixed reviews but want to watch anyway. 🙂

You mean it's not still the second star on the right and then straight on till morning?

I signed up especially to watch this as I was brought up on the original series aired in the 70s. This new series so far has left me a bit cold. I'm finding it a bit slow tbh.

Wait ... what? Your an.... what?

Don't do it! Save your intelligence!

Arianna Small

Keegan LaBanz

Its a great series. Watched original too.

What about using pulsars to triangulate your position and the earths.

Watched the first episode, I'm ambivalent.

Lee Nojman

Dr Smith went from greasy to psycho

Lol I've already watched them all before you posted this. So a bit late with this one

Watching it right now. Quite enjoying it. Story could be a bit more engaging.

Loved the series. Can't wait for season 2

Spencer.... So schaut's aus...

And what exactly is Penny's training? I've watched 3 episodes now and I know that Will is geology, mom is engineering, Judy is medical and all I can figure for Penny is that she's the moron who makes bad choices but has a lucky rabbit foot up her ass, so she never gets called out. How on earth did she make it?

Terrible, 3 episodes is all I could bear. Dr Smith should have been far more camp.

Danger, Will Robinson. Love it!!

Don’t tell me bread crumbs

Step One, own or build a space ship capable of interstellar flight... 😜

That show is about as gay as two dudes fuckin.

Sami Tuan MN Uranus..... hahhahah

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