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Some americans: I don't want my taxes going towards other people's education and healthcare. Also the same american: I'm happy to give my money to private health insurance CEO so they can buy a new apartment in New York overlooking central park.

Don’t take the tuition debt if you don’t have the perseverance and drive to complete the degree and get a real job after college. A owner of a 4-year degree makes average of 50k a year, in two years you could pay all your tuition debt. But it’s not for everyone 😁😁😁🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔💰💰💰💰

I'd actually reword it only slightly. "Can I go $50,000 into debt for an education that is no longer a guarantee for a better future with a good salary?"

I have 2 degrees and throughout college I maintained a full-time job as a meat cutter and I am still a meat cutter because my options are to make $20/hr being a meat cutter which cost me nothing to get and provides for my family....or take an entry level position in my field of study and get paid $14/hr and not be able to pay my bills.

Come to Canada! 🇨🇦 Drinking age is 19 and university tuition is considerably cheaper!

Ethanol is a poison in the body and its addictive. Education in good. Besides, you can get a great college education for much cheaper than that. There are lots of scholarships and Grant's too.

19: then I'll buy an assault rifle so I can improve the morale at my high school and make America great again. USA: we encourage that too

Oh I felt this! I'm 46k in debt but because my school shutdown my degree means nothing. No promise of a career but I still gotta pay back those loans. Even though the school was basically a scam.

So IFLS you're in favour of giving booze to adolescents and against their willingness of studying 🤔🤔🤔

... (for an education) that statistics show is not particularly likely to get me a job commensurate with my qualifications?

Some americans want us to pay for thier college experience, not education. I went to college and paid for it as I went, no debt. How about you stay in state? Resident tuition is typically not much if you go to a public university. If you choose to go out of state or to private college then that's your choice, shut up and pay for it! I already paid for my ed so why should I have to pay for yours now too? Greedy, lazy SOBs

Also here's an assault rifle, I hope your childhood was pretty rosey

Considering your student loans are a government loan so they make the money back from you plus interest, of course they support it. Colleges know they’re getting big money from the government so they raise prices for tuition, the Government of course doesn’t care because we’re the ones that are going to pay more than they shell out.

-Can I buy an AR15? -Sure thing buddy, here's 2! The second one is free

Come to Germany the drinking age is 16

So heaven forbid the USA somehow aquires the mental capacity to support the guy who actually change this. Bernie sanders wants to eliminate all student debt and make education free for all. Do you realize how much this would improve society? Hey USA, get out and fucking vote. Check yourselves. Become something other than the laughing stock of the world stage.

$50,000 to get a degree whose career field pays an average of $20,000 per year.

Get married at 18 and not even legally allowed to drink at your own wedding.

It’s your choice. It’s called adulting. Take responsibility for your choices. The end.

I always wondered how people in US defend the high costs of college education. What are the arguments? Joking aside, I really want to know, because I simply don't understand it. In Czech republic the colleges are free (unless you exceed the 4-6 year period to complete your education and even then it's a reasonably small amount of money), elsewhere in Europe it's also free or for a small fee. So does anyone care to give me the arguments for these high tuition fees?

At the end of the day, you made the decision. You signed the papers...or not...see? It's your choice

"We encourage it" because the federal government is the lender of the loans and gets kickbacks. Obama set that up. Go to trade school.

During this time education cost max 800 dollars a years in Europe but most of the time it's free

In the U.K. students get grants and spend most of it on alcohol anyway. This yours is better.

Don’t forget: 19: Can I buy a semi-automatic weapon? USA: yes of course! Go out and shoot up a school, a shopping mall, a house of worship, a concert, ... Just don’t smoke a cigarette or have a glass of wine or beer.

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