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If you think dogs are loyal, think again. ... See MoreSee Less

If you think dogs are loyal, think again.

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My dog has one job, to love me, and he does it really well.

Dogs are loyal! It's that they're more loyal to snacks than to people.

Time to upgrade to a pet bear.

I’m more impressed at the bear’s ability to bribe a dog.

And the their son gave them to the dog?

I’m more concerned that there are bears outside and you still keep the pupper outside.

Amazing that the bear and dog have come to a healthy working relationship πŸ˜‚ Dog - "see you tomorrow then bear" Bear- "yea man same time, dear bones again?' Dog- " damn right!" Bear- "I got you Holmes l 🀞🏻"

Please stop referring to dogs and pets as fur babies and in this case Furry son. It’s a (no pun intended) pet peeve of mine.

I’d be loyal to a bear too if he brought me my favorite meal.

This person needs a bear box and to not leave their dog out at night. 😬

Isn’t that how we domesticated wolves and coyotes that later on became dogs? πŸ€” I’m sure bears would make better owners than some people 😊 And they are so furry and cuddly! 😜

Smart bear...he deserves what he bargained for

Does this makes him, Good “fur” nothing?

This is why the US military uses guard geese at sensitive installations. You can feed a dog, and they'll shut up. Feed a goose? They get LOUDER.

You know where that dog and bear live, don't you? In Cahoots! Well, actually, no one knows who the bear really is. They think he might be in Cognito. True story.

The bear paid homage to the protector.... and so he was allowed to pass

Not a kid. You don't have children! You have a pet dog.

Sorry, your furry what?

Maybe he should have taught the pooch to “Bark” at things?

Doesn't actually say that the dog is outside. Bear might be bringing to the door and leaving them.

Dog: But the giant dog brings me giant bones.

Who thought it was an human until the pictures? ^^ And who thought it was in Florida?

Serves you right for making your dog stay outside all night. πŸ™‚

Yeah, it took some time for me too to understand that furry son was the dog.

Dog: He bring me bones dad. However we can renegotiate, for I don't know 3 steaks a week?

Calvin and Hobbes will never not be relevant. ... See MoreSee Less

Calvin and Hobbes will never not be relevant.

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Is this actually a Calvin and Hobbes quote, because that's definitely not a Calvin and Hobbes drawing?

Love Calvin and Hobbes, but that’s some dodgy copy.

I remember being in Afghanistan out side at night....No city lights just up in the mountains....Most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced...I put on my night vision goggles and it blew my mind even more, I could see satellites passing across the sky and an amazing amount of meteorites streaking across the sky that would normally be invisible to the naked eye.

Probably my favorite comic growing up. Haven't read again as an adult, maybe I should... πŸ€”

I used to have all the books! Loved them!

Calvin and Hobbes are the best philosophers we have been fortunate enough to witness and listen to

Calvin and Hobbes are the best! Always never forget that. ❀️

...If they were so relevant, than I really wish that an actual legitimate Calvin and Hobbes cartoon had been used as the image attached to this post, and not whatever this shabby wannabe copy is. Anyone who was/is an actual fan of Calvin and Hobbes knew the second they looked at this that this was not drawn by Bill Watterson.

If I could see the stars where I live, I totally would.

"Astronomy is a humbling and character building experience..." -- Carl Sagan (The Pale Blue Dot) --

Sometimes sleeping out under the stars is the best medicine for a cluttered mind ♥️

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy

Recalls to me Robert Frost poem "The Star Splitter.

Every night when I let the dog out for a wee before bed if the sky is clear I'll stand there and look at them

Imagine how much more poignant it would be if you found an actual panel from an actual "Calvin and Hobbes" comic strip.

Seems legit, but still, majority would not be impressed x)

Nothing more mesmerising than a clear sky at night. Doesnt matter how long you look, its still just as amazing. See a satellite or two aswell

I miss the in the PNW is not conducive to night sky viewing

I looked at the stars last night. Was surprised how bright they were with the city lights

I do it every night either for my late dad or my late brother.. Even for relationships I I wish never ended, just do I can be held or even feel close again. I love u all x❀🌹

Used to be that way in many parts of the world. In the age before AC the best way to get a good night's sleep during the summer heat was often to head up to the roof on clear nights. I suspect there's a strong overlap between societies that did this and societies that developed a strong interest in astronomy, though admittedly I don't have supporting data on hand.

If we could see the stars at all where we live it would mean we were already living very differently 😭

If the world keeps going down this path, we won’t be able to see the stars within our atmosphere.

Thankfully we have the Dark Sky Preserve initiative, for scientific purposes and for human enjoyment.

Love looking at (and photographing) the night sky. Most amazing thing to view. I'm lucky enough to have a natural "dark spot" just a three hour drive away. For those that live in the city, get out to the country. Just 30 miles makes a huge difference in the amount of stars you can see.

This lowland gorilla at Miami Zoo isn't allowed to be fed by visitors - and he reminds them of the rules using sign language. ... See MoreSee Less

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Clearly much much more clever than the humans trying to feed him!

It’s so sad that all of these fascinating and amazing creatures can no longer migrate through Africa with their families and must live in zoo’s for their own safety.

He is fantastic and smart sign language shows his intelligence. Hopefully there are others with him so he’s it lonely. Sad the animals have to be brought to zoos to be protected in their homelands

He needs his kind around him. Make family be part of family. They are fabulous and we must look after them

Diabetes is quite common throughout the animal species . Maybe this magnificent creature is a sufferer ????

He is beautiful! I hope he has company and is not kept alone.

With the crazies out there shooting our beautiful animals for sport he’s better off safe in a zoo!

This hit me hard, seeing such a smart animal locked in a cage is so depressing.

Awww, such an honest boyπŸ₯°

ANY animal can learn sign language but very few have the right appendages to communicate back to us.

Aww πŸ₯° He’s so much smarter than many of his visitors 🦍

Animal trafficking - kidnapping animals from the wild and making it a "zoo" to make money and the positive thing we heard is "oh the zoo bought that gorilla for $25k." Yea, and the people that selling them kidnapped the animal from it's home from their family.

It's so sad that he's smarter than the humans, thinking maybe they should let him out and let them in.

How it can be clever enough to speake sign language? Unbelievable

He is a more intelligent animal that the visitors.

I liked to see if he would eat something if it was tossed to him. Then I would be more inclined to truly believe that he understands

The full clip shows someone throw a piece of orange. The gorilla catches the food as if by accident, checks to see if anyone is watching and then proceeds to eat the piece of orange.

BS. Yes. He was taught that sign language. Amazing. But. He would LOVE given food. So does he really get what he was told to sign?

and we have them in a cage because why?

His intelligence alone is reason he should not be captive in a place he has to communicate this to humans

“I heard what you guys did to my boy Harambe. Y’all just stay away from me.”

And we think we're a higher species?

If humans stopped hunting, stopped poaching for trophies and bush meat, he wouldn’t be in a zoo. Hell, we wouldn’t need zoos or aquariums at all if humans stopped killing off the animals that we need to keep safe within them. But we do; for food, for money. It’s sad and I hate it, but it’s happening and is always going to. For those being ignorant and telling people “just release them”, have no idea where to release them to. Where would they go? To their deaths, because they don’t know how to survive in the wild? To a poacher, because people are all they know? Sanctuaries and zoos and aquariums do what they can to provide and protect animals the best they can, and to breed and help endangered species thrive. Let’s not be hostile about these places because you watched documentaries on Netflix and became experts on these situations overnight.

It's a pretty low point when the gorilla reminds the human that they're on a diet and shouldn't be taking candy from strangers.

I need to find the picture, but one of these guys was flipping me off when we visited. Andrea Bowers

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