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Thousands of volunteers took part in this community-driven cleanup effort at a beach in India. They removed more than four MILLION pounds of trash, and as a result, a vulnerable species of turtle returned to the area after decades and began breeding. ... See MoreSee Less

Thousands of volunteers took part in this community-driven cleanup effort at a beach in India. They removed more than four MILLION pounds of trash, and as a result, a vulnerable species of turtle returned to the area after decades and began breeding.


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About time the rest of the world starts to clean up their mess. The US has been doing if for 50 yrs.

That's nothing. It only took 1 Japanese teenager 10 months to clean up all of Dagobah Municipal Beach Park.

Four million pounds of trash - how much is that in a scientific metric scale?

The beach sits on the edge of Mumbai...a city of 18 million people. I give it a year before it needs another massive cleanup.

As amazing as that is. I'm curious to know what happened with all the garbage? Did they do something with it, something useful? Or was it all just dump somewhere else?

India, for a growing super economy they need to rethink hygiene from the bottom up. How is it that a nation of such history and tech development (as they are becoming now) still has so many households with no toilets? And their pollution is one of the highest in the world. Happy to hear this news and the cleaning of their Ganges River.

This reminded me of Deku's training in My Hero Academia prior to me reading the headline.

You can unfortunately never clean the ocean 100% from plastic. When it has been broken down into micro plastic, then you can't filter it out. In Denmark we use waste to energi plants, so everything gets burned away and turned into power instead 🙂 China is slowly starting to see the problem and is building the world largest power plant (Shenzhen). It will be 6 times larger than the biggest one there is right now (ARC in Denmark).

They will have to clear up rubbish every day to make any difference as the sources are continuing to dump at sea or washed out by rivers. Stop making plastics is the only answer as the human race has and always will discard their rubbish anywhere because they simply don’t care or understand the implications, monkeys with guns and money........need I say more.

I think it might work if cities had a clean your neighborhood day with a viable place to dump the garbage.

US is not cleaning enough coz there are still a lot of garbage at North Padre Island National Seashore that are buried in the sand and dunes. Locals and tourists need to clean up after themselves and also take extra trash with them before they leave. There are big trash bins before leaving the park anyway!

A lovely story, hopelessness turned into dedication and a happy payoff! I read about that. People need to look to this as inspiration to do some good in this world. It's possible.

Anything can be cleaned, nothing was cleaned it was all moved to a different location and the most likely spot they put it was in the ocean hence the beach being filthy again today

Actually the newborns only know to swim out to the sea after hatching because of the draw of the light of the moon, but because of human made light pollution being much brighter, they will be more attracted to it and they will move the opposite direction and into the city after they are born and fall into sewers and get run over by cars etc.

They can start in Colombia too. I drove for 5 hours by bus from Santa Marta to Cartagena. I literally saw only trash/plastic for 5 hours in the bank of the roads. I could not believe by eyes. No clean piece of roadside.

the real problem is not that we are not able to clean the beaches, the problem is that we produce too much waste. Even though this beach is clean and nice the waste has been thrown away somewhere else. So the real trick would be to go zero waste

Awesome!! That's music to my ears and Love to my Heart! Good job to, all of you❤Now please keep it clean and continue doing this😊🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢 Not just for the sake of the animals in the Ocean, but for you all to have a clean beautiful beach ❤

Where did they put the trash? If I remember correctly, they don't have much satisfying renovation and recycling facilities in India?

You can clean daily, if that country doesn't change their way of living, it will never stay clean. Good luck with that.

Except my room... Trust can't clean that shit.... If a cockroach...that got into my room in the morning before I go for work....was lying dead right next to the door on the inside when I got home.. A cockroach couldn't survive my room.... So..good luck trying to clean that shit....

Konrad Kwiatkowski 😱😱😱 this is what you are helping prevent every day you pick up rubbish at the beach. Keep up the good work 👍🏽

Suuz Engelen-Verhoef Sinds jouw post erover krijg ik wekelijks van alles hierover op m'n tijdlijn...toeval / let ik meer op? Wel veel mooie initiatieven in elk geval!

Geez,a good thing happened. Can’t people just be nice for ONCE! We have a president that wants to go backwards. We have a say. The people that cleaned up that beach are now invested. Hopefully they will have a say and maintain it. Be nice people.

Finally. Some good news from IFLS. Or did they out to be some exotic form of sea turtle that carries a previously unknown combination of bubonic plague and HIV that's transmittable to humans via air droplets?

It's dirty again. They didn't address the root cause of the trash. It's all dumped in the rivers and flows straight out.

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