Foster Gamble Interview – Thrive & the Flower of Life

Being the creator of not only but also I was delighted to have the chance to record a Skype interview with Foster Gamble, creator of the documentary movie ‘Thrive – What On Earth Will It Take’, about his interest in Sacred Geometry.

‘Thrive’ is a multifaceted production which deserves multiple viewings in order to fully understand its insights into why the world is the way it is. Although its main focus is on why humanity is not thriving as the rest of Nature naturally does, Thrive could be said to revolve around the concept of ‘toroidal dynamics’, the ubiquitous standing waveform of the electromagnetic field that surrounds every charged particle, the Earth, and the Galaxy..

The complete interview below is around an hour and 20 minutes long. It has been broken into two parts here accessible through the MENU in the top left of the video. I particularly recommend the beginning of the second section, about our visit to the oldest Flower of Life at Abydos in Egypt.

The player below is my first use of a new interactive video technology. You will find that there is a popup menu from which you can select chapters, or open links to the websites we discuss in new tabs. Occasionally there will be clickable buttons over the video related to whatever we are discussing. I’m looking forward to using this sort of interface to make a video adaptation of my book ‘Understanding Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life‘! Please be a little patient with the cutting edge interface 🙂 I hope you enjoy what will most likely be your first, but probably not your last, experience with an interactive video like this!

NOTE: It may not be obvious, but if you click at the bottom of the video there should be a thin scroll bar which you can use to drag the timeline back and forth if you wish. Also (due to limitations of the new technology) the Navigation Overlay for parts One and Two are different. Enjoy 🙂

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13 Responses to Foster Gamble Interview – Thrive & the Flower of Life

  • Narada

    You can help bring Free Energy to Our World :

    Please visit this webpage and download, read and share the ENERGISE PDF (FREE)


    Many thanks.

    Peace Love and Respect

    Peter Dunn

  • Thanks so much for sharing. Its very uplifting for me to see these great minds coming together for the greater good. For someone in my early thirties, you are all people I look up to. I’ve always felt the truth in the toruses and the sacred geometry from a child looking at the flowers. I’ve always been a nature lover and nature is something of the so sacred for me. Our dream is to make our home from the Earth and it be as green as it can get. My dream is to combine all of humanities greatest innovations and put it into action in my every day life. I want to leave a zero footprint and I want for our energies to be in harmony with everything around us. Anything else is destroying us and everything around us. I believe we are smart and advanced enough to have zero energy free for everyone derived in the most simple of ways, like all the Thrive movement movie has shown. I believe we can become what we are meant to be and live how we are meant to live… in harmony with the earth and ourselves. We’ve gonna use sacred geometry for the foundations of the home; maybe strawbale or hemp for the insulation and walls; also incorporate the cob and adobe and probably a sturdy foundation of a tire wall; we want to have our water be recycled to its maximum potential and be stored and harvested in the most efficient of ways; definitely have a garden, probably in the permaculture design – with trees, shrubs, vines, all sorts of edible plants, vegetables, fruit trees etc. Yeah… I guess we pretty much want to create paradise. All we want is a safe home for us and our future generations to come, a home that makes sense.

    Once we realize that yes, we are all just energy, its insane to keep living like our societies are, in such a destructive way towards everything. Its so refreshing to listen to your conversation. We all call for this universal morality and harmonious society.

  • Great video I love Thrive and all they do.

    I came across this website the other day Holograms that heal you fascinating info Check it out:

  • Very, very, VERY well put. ?

  • Narada, this is very interesting. I do believe that there are powerful elite involved in the control of this world and regarding most institutions: money, land ownership, education, religion, etc. This has been the case since the beginning of our history based on what I’ve read and know about history. I am happy to see that so many people who are awake and hungry for solutions rather than just answers or a platform at which to complain. I notice we do a lot of complaining and although that is important on the path of improvement, it is not so much proactive at getting the work done. I am still educating myself on this subject and cannot speak at length about it, but I am glad to see that I am not alone in my understanding and coming of understanding of such enforcements by the powerful elite. I also see that we are dividing rapidly in the USA, for example, and specifically regarding race relations. Unfortunately, the mass media (which I stopped watching since Trump’s election) does not improve this situation but rather aids and abets it. Thank you for educating us with your findings and research.

  • i thoroughly enjoyed this interview – there is so much hope and promise for the world. While we can recognise its ills we do not need to make them the focus of our attention other than to transform them within ourselves and take action from that space.

  • I am delighted to have discovered THRIVE and progress with my continuing search for independence and oneness all as ONE heart , soul and vision. I am based in the UK….is there a “thriving” UK Thrive movement, does anyone know?

  • A simple observation: “Although its main focus is on why humanity is not thriving as the rest of Nature naturally does, Thrive could be said…”. Well if 7 BILLION isn’t thriving then what is?? That would depend on your definition of thriving no doubt… ie thriving vs surviving vs thriving well.

  • Im sure there is, but you will probably get more informed answers to this question at

  • For those interested in Sacred Geometry… please be sure to join the conversations at our free online Forum here

  • I’d love to help. I believe it’s my purpose.

    1) fix the economy to:
    A)pay off national debt.
    B)end poverty
    C)be able to properly fund programs
    designed to help all people like:
    -The VA
    -Social Security
    -a program to end homelessness
    and to provide temporary
    assistance til evaluated by
    medical personnel for disability or
    other rehabilitation assistance,
    and/or for job training assistance.
    -ensure emergency personnel and
    teachers get their pensions.
    -build an advanced drainage
    system for the Mississippi and
    Ohio River valleys prone to
    flooding every other year and
    divert the water westward to
    water-starved areas to
    strategically placed holding tanks
    for irrigation of desert regions,
    replenishment of the Midwest
    aquifer being drained by farmers
    faster than nature can replace it,
    and diverting water to
    strategically placed holding tanks
    for firefighting in fire-prone areas
    of the western region.

    I invented an economic engine or formula designed to fix the economy. I’m currently in the process of drafting letter to senator Rand Paul to get this info to Congress. I’ve already had it confirmed by the head PhD at U of L’s economic department of their business school.

    This economic engine is the biggest thing to happen to, not just the US, but the entire world. Trade will vastly increase all economies. And this engine can work for any country. Because the country who adapts this will become the next economic superpower, I feel I should present it to the US senate instead of putting it in my book I’m nearly done writing. I was seriously considering running for office because of all the good things I want to do to help, not only our country, but the world. The Thrive movie was one of the biggest inspirations that drove me to be more proactive in trying to improve the world. Mr. Gamble, I’d like to thank you for making the movie and I hope to meet you sometime along my journey. God bless you and your family. ?

  • …flat earth brewski.

  • It takes 3.5% of a new thinking to change the existing paradigm. That equals around 11 million people in the US alone. How many of us are there? I feel we need to have a platform for finding sharing ideas and finding consensus and also how do we tell who we are? How do we know if our neighbors are “awake”? People don’t talk about these subjects fact-to-face. I feel we can find each other by a declaration we sign to each other (not the the controllers) saying we revoke all jurisdiction over us, that we believe each and every one of us is a sovereign native of Earth. Then we adopt a new calendar (my pick is the 13 moon calendar) and use it as our primary calendar (using the current Gregorian calendar as the secondary calendar) What this means is that we state the date on all our correspondence as the 13 moon calendar date and in parenthesis, we state the Gregorian date. This is how we can show ourselves to be those who are reclaiming our autonomy and responsibility to earth and nature and our species first, before artificial laws and constructs. What do you think? I feel we have many strategies at our beck and call, but we simply don’t use them. We keep falling into a state of Big Daddy will look after us. Whether it be government or some guru or some other instrument, the idea of leaving it to someone else, is the reason we are in this mess. That doesn’t mean that we all have to do the same research, indeed, quite the opposite as we share information so that we may build on solid ground and allow challenges at all times. Secrecy and censorship must be countered at any whiff of it. Better to err on the side of free speech than try to isolate what speech should or should not be allowable. All speech must be expessable, period.

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