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Transforming the economy is becoming the world’s most urgent issue.

Helena Norberg-Hodge, Satish Kumar and Mac Macartney - as well as distinguished guests, facilitators, thinkers and activists from around the world - will be exploring how we make these changes during 'Happiness In A Time Of Crisis' - a 5-day residental course at Gaunts House in Dorset, UK. This event will give you the chance to meet friendly, like-minded people to discuss the economy, society, and other topics of pivotal importance .

As a preview of what you'll hear during the course, take a look at this recent talk by Helena:

You can find more information about the course here -
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Including the invisible health threats to all life forms through ever advancing nonnative and unregulated wireless technological radiation environmental soup that we are being exposed to 24/7 to around the world.

Where can we find more info about the course?

1 week ago

Ubuntu Party out more: This is a non profit video for educational purposes. ... See MoreSee Less

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Wonderful news from Norway - but in the meantime the same company is looking to drill for oil in the pristine waters off South Australia.

'The largest party in Norway’s parliament has delivered a significant blow to the country’s huge oil industry after withdrawing support for explorative drilling off the Lofoten islands in the Arctic, which are considered a natural wonder.'


Norway refuses to drill for billions of barrels of oil in Arctic, leaving ‘whole industry surprised and disappointed’
Move exposes rift in Norway’s Labour party as climate change competes with union concerns
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João de Sousa

Well done Norway 😊 .... But unfortunately they'll have no problems getting permission to drill off South Australia. Even with Nationwide protests against Adani's new coal mine off the Great Barrier Reef the Australian Federal government has just given them the green light 🙁

Alternatives. Go hemp nations. World peace

Years ahead of our knuckleheads in Canberra.

We should be investing far more in renewables. Enough solar energy hits the planet in one day to meet all humanity’s needs for a whole year.

hopefully Norwegian oil giant leaves our BIGHT alone as well

NIMBY? But the whole world planet is our backyard and we can no longer pretend otherwise.

Great but they want to move their operation to The Bight so...

Thank you, Norway!

Well done Norway x respect



2 weeks ago

Michael Tellinger

All the walls of the New Stone Circle Museum have been completed. Now we need a roof and internal display structures. Become a patron of the museum if you ar... ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Local Futures / Economics of Happiness

We believe it’s the current industrialised, globalised, life-destroying economic system at the core of the problem...
Do you agree?Small ethical farmers are doing great things for the soil and for the animals and land under their care. People who choose a local vegan diet are drastically reducing their carbon footprint, especially in the cities where ethical food choices are expensive or hard to find. The bad guys in this conversation aren't the vegans or the farmers, but the overarching industrial food system and those that make their money off it.

What can we do? We can vote with our dollar, get to know our farmers, and research where our food comes from. We can join our community or school garden, or plant something in our backyard. We can grow sprouts and sign up to a veg box scheme, or trade with a neighbour. And we can boycott the industrial food system, including saying no to factory farmed meat, imported, processed and packaged foods, and avoiding the big fast food chains and supermarkets.

Our choices make a difference.

#permacultureillustrator #vegan #ethicaleating
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We believe it’s the current industrialised, globalised, life-destroying economic system at the core of the problem...
Do you agree?

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Daan Mathijssen

Buying is Voting ... for or against non-socially responsible companies, for or against shameless profits, for or against exploitation, for or against heartless corporations, for or against monopolies, for or against local businesses, for or against over-consumption, for or against the common good, for or against the deterioration of the environment, for or against animal cruelty. BUYING and NOT BUYING is voting for or against a way of life, for or against one's own values. BUYING and NOT BUYING is taking position , BUYING and NOT BUYING is to vote tens, hundreds and even thousands of times a year, every day. You can choose to vote as many times as you want, every day. The choice is yours, every single day.

I absolutely agree

Narcissism is the problem, whether it is communism or capitalism. They make it to the top FAR too often and are exploitative, controlling and power hungry.

sounds nice but ethical meat eaters? here we go! grass-fed? you can produce so much more calories of plants on the plot of land it would take to raise one grass-fed animal. you could grow more calories of plants which is more land efficient. which means you need less land devoted to that animal and you could revert more land to the wild ecosystem.. which is what we all want for sustainability?! if we wanted to cut out factory farming and everyone wanted to eat animal products, only 7% idk? of the population could eat those grass-fed animals. we simply don't have the land in the current populated world in order to feed the demand for grass-fed animals. so ridiculous to say that the solution is grass-fed animals. it is elitist. only a small portion of the world could eat grass-fed animals. Go vegan 💚🌱

2 weeks ago

Local Futures / Economics of Happiness

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All this yummy meat! Love it 😀

Crop farmers for sustainable food practices for the future, no animal farming.

Eating animals is not sustainable

"Economics of happiness", how so? Killing someone can't make anyone happy, can it?

Grow plants only!

Sad to see all of the comments decrying (apparently) small farmers raising meat. You can be worried about CAFOs (I am too) but even if you choose not to eat animals, can you recognize that others might want to, and see that farmers who are raising animals on a small scale in direct relationship with their customers is nothing like industrial agricultural practices?

Go vegan for a livable planet. Wynes found that while buying local can have other benefits, such as supporting local communities and knowing where your food comes from, "in terms of your emissions, it's just not a big deal." The difference is so small that by taking a short drive to pick up local food, you could end up generating more emissions than if you walked to the nearest store to grab something imported.

Crop farmers sure 🙂

No animal farming for meat please - it is not sustainable!

Go Vegan! 💚😊

Lets all join the (r)evolution and step away from supporting the archaic practice that is animal farming. Be responsible, make responsible choices. For the environment, ethics and human health.

Eating animals is unsustainable: go vegan.

I support all the farmers...meat and veg...and I dont believe in forcing my choices on anyone else...eating meat is not a crime and neither is farming animals for is something that human beings have done for thousands of years and whilst animal cruelty in raising stock is unacceptable the fact remains that to eat them we have to kill them..pretty simple really.

A good thing if it's one who treats animals and nature respectful. “Perhaps surprisingly, the study found that emissions related to international trade were marginal in comparison to other sources.... "People tend to think that consuming locally will be the solution to climate change, but it turns out that the type of product we eat is much more important for the overall impact," says IIASA researcher Hugo Valin, a study coauthor and Sandström's YSSP advisor. "Europeans are culturally attached to meat and dairy product consumption. Reducing our climate footprint does not necessarily require stopping eating these food products, but rather diversifying further our diets to reduce the share of these."

I am a vegetarian and support my local organic growers.

I love these

Hi there - who designed these and are they available for reuse??

Arlene Kovash, thinking of you and Paul!

Tammy Sapowsky cool graphics

Look at the sad, angry vegans. Might have smiles and ♡ like the rest of us if you ate a little steak.

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