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6 hours ago

Scientific American

Twenty years ago today: The famous “hockey stick” graph that crystalized global warming and ignited the climate wars was published. bit.ly/2qWW2eS ... See MoreSee Less

Twenty years ago today: The famous “hockey stick” graph that crystalized global warming and ignited the climate wars was published. http://bit.ly/2qWW2eS


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It's really too bad about Scientific American. This is a classic example of the disease run rampant. There is nothing 'Scientific' about using a long ago discredited "hockey stick" graph. SMH.


I remember seeing this graph for the first time and thinking, "Holy S#*t!

These statements are still true: (from the article): numerous lines of evidence that have led the world’s scientists to conclude climate change is (a) real, (b) caused by burning fossil fuels, along with other human activities and (c) a grave threat if we do nothing about it. There is no legitimate scientific debate on those points, despite the ongoing effort by some people and groups to convince the public otherwise.

There's an excellent NOVA documentary about this.

There's an excellent Scientific American article on this just this month.

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3 months ago


Gravity.exe not responding 🤔 ... See MoreSee Less

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But do he no de wey?

Nil points for the landing

He is from punjab. He belongs to a tribe/caste Called bajigir.

Laura LA von wegen man kann nicht fliegen 😅 Alles geht wenn man daran glaubt.

We had a dude in the mental health ward I worked in who had similar skills. Bugger kept going over the wall.

Aziz Marzouq Ali Marzouq هذا شعور عزيز بس يرجع عالبيت ليلة الاحد ههههههه

He used a ghetto spring board. One guy was holding. You can see the jump virbrate after he kicks off it

Rip to homeboys ankles

Is that Osama bin Laden with the drum and holding up the ROC?

I thought for sure his leg was broken on the landing when his feet shaped into an S? I mean he must be made from rubber

It took me several times until I noticed the little bar he uses for support I thought he just floats upwards 😂

he knos da wae

Tatevik Janvelyan you could do this

Bref Cédric Jérémy et Amandine a l'escape game 🙂


Krishna Gupta

Vicky Amandeep Sana

Ismail Smile Amine Yamazaki

Jake Davis Liam Davis

Steven Huygens

Ash Pow

Dor Ben-Shimon

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