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So much great information is shared on Facebook, it deserves to be preserved and presented in a format without the distraction of FB advertising etc. This page is a sampler of the categories we collate under the headings of Alternative History, Alternative Science, Unsolved Mysteries, and other Inspirations.
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4 weeks ago


This explains a lot...
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We all are just NPCs running scripts. Now that's what I call "woke" lul

Brandon Mervine

Miche Jarrett

Kellie Giddy

Ashlee Milne

Patrick Studentt

Asha Taylor

Swara Salunke

Charlotte Westbrook

Oscar Paul Rodrigues

Matt O'Halloran

Laura Ivascu ma simt ca la lvl 65 uneori

Ed Reader

Heidi Snidecar Lowe

Tyler Kurtis Anderson

Sacha Lamers

Nik Hall

Yash Tomar Shailesh Mishra

Reminded me of Spencer

@ Joshua

Ramona Kumarasamy nicely explained πŸ˜†

Rok Tomšič Miha Zakotnik Klemen Bercko Ε½an Antolovič hahha πŸ˜€

Matt Russell I think William would like this!

Oliver Beechler

Victoria Morales Vicén

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