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19 hours ago

The Crop Circle Challenge


A few days ago I received this email from Andy Pyrka, supposed co-author of this video of a UFO which turned out to be a blimp:

"Dear Janez
Can you please remove this video and article as now I hold joined copyright. I don't want to report to it Facebook as copyright infringement. This is a polite request to avoid any Facebook bans.
Thank you
I already forgot about this video I posted on my wall five years ago and I wonder why Mr Pyrka would start a new campaign. To clear his name maybe?
Here is my answer:

Dear Andy Pyrka

I will not remove this supposedly yours footage from my wall no matter what legal proceedings you may bring forward and I will tell you why:

Main reason is, the video story is based on fraud, from beginning to end. How can any law protect you from that? Admit your mistake, apologize and we will forget about it.

Second, you provided no proof the video is yours at the first place. I need official letter from a lawyer that proves this is your video and that it is taken out of circulation.

When and if I get a letter from a lawyer, I will deal with him directly. (I can tell you immediately though the video will stay up 😉 )

(Actually, I didn't even know the video was yours until Charles Mallet told me so long ago. Since you are so interested in it, I suppose there must be some truth in it.) (JF)

The Crop Circle Challenge

The actual footage that Andrew Pyrka (RACCF) sold to Norwegian film-maker Terje Toftenes. This video was sold to Terje for a substantial sum. A cc insider has confirmed that Andrew Pyrka had positively identified the blimp in the video the same day the video was shot - which begs the question... Why was an apparently respectable crop circle 'researcher' fraudulently selling a video of a "ufo" when same cc 'researcher' KNEW the object was am advertising blimp/airship - And why carry on the pretence for FOUR YEARS??.. taking the fabricated version of events to an international audience of millions people across world, vis Linda M Howe, George Noory (Coast to Coast Radio) and a host of other profiled people and/or organisations on the world para stage?? Pyrka does a little disappearing 'act' as his loyal followers shout about anything - except the 200ft blimp in the room. And these people expect to be taken seriousely!

Terje wrote:

"Hi Charles
Here is the film piece I bought from AP to have in my next CC film. But my next CC film has never been made, due to the circumstances around…." -- "All the best, Terje"


I've bought a copy of Pyrkas recording. In the far distant you see something looking like a big balloon in right over the horizon. Might very well be a balloon or some kind of kids kite. I don't know. Or something else... It fascinated me at first sight, and I was colored by Andrews enthusiasm. But after closer examination, I would not go out and claim it as an obvious anomaly. Could easily have been something quite explainable in my opinion. So I have not done anything further with the material. In the recording it might look as if it appears right over the head of the guy in the field, but that because the recording is 2D. I would guess its very much further back - at great distance probably. Sometimes you see shops having big heliumbaloons hanging from a line into the sky to attract attention. To me it looked something like that.

All the best, Terje"


Permission has been granted by Terje to use the video and his comments. He no more can tolerate this level and scale of deception than I can.

Many thanks to Terje for doing the decent thing.
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22 hours ago

The Crop Circle Challenge

Part 1 – Contact and the Cosmos Boulder CO – June 2018 In this lecture, Dr. Greer discusses in detail what kinds of experiences and events are possible via h... ... See MoreSee Less

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Space observatory abruptly shut down by special unit

FBI secretly swoops on space observatory and won't say why
'There was a lot of stuff going on up there'
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Rick Ditusa

Thanks to William Gazecki the truth about Robbert van den Broeke outs!

When I said and proved it two years ago, nobody believed me (except Constancia, maybe) 🙂

Full post and more vids here:
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Nick Pope calling for Congressional hearing!!?? Because his ex employers want so?? Give me a break!

Benjamin Creme has been saying for years Congressional hearing might not happen because it would be a suicide for political elite.

Even the man who started it all seemingly abandoned the plan. Steven Greer says he might have been naive way back in 2001. But he just might have been right...Britain's real-life 'Fox Mulder' says in recent years, governments have been taking UFOs more seriously and they need to become a national security issue. #T...
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Another reason for existence of circles..

Heatwave reveals hidden archaeological sites across Britain
Neolithic ceremonial monuments and Iron Age settlements exposed beneath parched yellow grass
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Interesting theory - if, and only if these locations show manifestations of circles on top of them. Hmmm... Oh, and no crop circles anywhere there are no ruins.

I meant Wiltshire area in general..

Benjamin Creme on things we already know. Or think we know...
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Brilliant listening to this talk, it's confirmed for me 2 main areas...the 9 system and their ability to release your spirit to board their craft...out of body experience's, then place it back in your body. I've experienced this 50 years ago and even today no one wants to know. We think we are advanced but the reality is we know very little and what's worse is that the majority don't want to know or care.

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