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1 week ago

Crop Circles

New formation at Hackpen Hill. Image by Gary King.

IMPORTANT! This circle will be open to the public, but not until Thursday 14th of June. This field is a plot of new seed and needs to be protected. Please do not visit this field until it is opened later this week. Thank you! 🙏🏻
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Do not visit, if you want stay in this dimension...


I gave up on all this a long-time ago. TOO MANY LIES/ COVER UPS/ SECRETS It will take a miracle to convince me any of these are real TODAY If anyone is spending every penny they have rushing to get to these things year after year.. ask yourself why? What are you really searching for? And how will you feel if someone tells you years later it was all a lie. I don't expect this comment to last long but if you see it, you need to

Getting more on this circle - I knew the middle was a navel right off - single stone the umbulicus and the four others around the directions. I’m not familiar with the actual directions in the field but perhaps one circle at the bottom center is north - indicating that we are not using true north or a shift in the magnetics is still to be realized? But the irregular shaped five pointed stars were throwing me yesterday. That is until this morning when my husband rolled over and said “I love you” and immediately into my mind popped “the inferior leg indicates a tone or the predominant musical note”... like music? I’m not too sure I know this - I googled it and there is gnostic magic with the five pointed star where you use the music notes and tone them to open the microcosm of your body. A, E, I, O, U tones but I think it is actually different tones because those are not the “pure tones?” I keep thinking about the KRYSTAL TONES. Anyways when using these tones ignited the four trinity flames ... that’s right four not three like I originally thought. The word Tetragrammaton is very interesting. Tetra is the unity within the trinity. So, Tetragrammaton is exactly the number four. Because the Father is number one, the Son is two, and the Holy Spirit is three, or (Masculine, Feminine combined creates the Holy Trinity flame) ; but all three of them emanate from the Ain Soph, that is to say, from the Interior Atomic Star “which has always smiled upon us”, Cabalists called “AIN SOPH” and was referred to as The Most Ancient of all the Ancients. They also symbolize AIN SOPH by a circle.

Champions league !!!

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3 weeks ago

The Crop Circle Challenge


The way the news of Atacama humanoid was reported simultaneously must have been faked too. All major news and media outlets reported on it on the same day. Isn't that funny?
Steve Greer is being watched. Which is good. God bless him!Dr. Greer's reply re the Atacama coverup.
Everyone should be concerned about the scientific and media coverup of the Atacama Skeleton research from Stanford please read the material we just posted on our website.

Go to
Then scroll down and click - Atacama Humanoid - learn more.

The website information includes Dr. Greer's full letter, comments from Peer Review #1 and #2 and other materials.

We are making an appeal to the legal and investigatory community to assist us in bringing justice to this matter and investigating whether outright corruption has occurred. If you are an attorney and/or professional investigator who can work pro bono or on a contingency contact us immediately at:

Excerpts from Dr. Greer's letter to Stanford/ UCSF and Genome Research:

Twelve scientists have looked into this paper and have concluded it is "junk science" at it's worst. Two have written comments after studying the data.

Specifically, the study had no controls, was not a reference-free DNA study, data was cherry picked and key data left out (e.g.: 360,000 triploid alleles ) and was done with antiquated technology and methodology. I have been assured that any competent peer-review process would have given the paper a 0 score and returned it.

The assertion that the skeleton is a deformed fetus (allegedly female ) is unfounded by the data and the clinical medical findings (see Dr. Lachman's report, attached). That there were 7 de novo mutations resulting in the seen biological specimen is spurious and without scientific foundation. Others have concluded that had there been such widespread genetic damage that the embryo would never have been able to divide and develop further.

Two PhD scientists with deep knowledge and expertise in DNA sequencing have assured me the study was faked from the very beginning and that the report could not have been properly peer-reviewed. Both have concluded that this is a case of massive academic corruption and fraud.

Excerpts from Peer Review #1

In one quick sentence, the authors need to provide some proof that the many novel mutations which say were responsible for “bone deformities” while the mummy was alive, did not in fact take place in the 100-500 years or so, since the mummy died? Since we see similar mutations in almost all samples of ancient DNA? ......... a little fetus could not develop to such a late, well-developed stage with 54 separate deleterious mutations in its developmental genes.
A non-expert might not have noticed it, but I am fairly sure that Nolan and colleagues planned a fake analysis right from the beginning. They included lots of random mutations in their sequences by intent, by omitting a standard treatment to remove them.

Excerpts from Peer Review #2:

His [Nolan's} first mistake was using a human reference genome as an assembly scaffold for the raw sequence reads. This needed to be done reference-free, de novo. Steve, use these words when you talk about this: “reference-free genome assembly”. This is a very challenging mathematical task and would require very special compute infrastructure to do.
I could go on forever. These guys failed as scientists and the academic community loves them for it. The whole point of the scientific method is to avoid bias and let objective reality show us the truth.
See what's happening on our social sites:
Facebook ‌ Twitter ‌ Instagram ‌
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The way the news of Atacama humanoid was reported simultaneously must have been faked too. All major news and media outlets reported on it on the same day. Isnt that funny?
Steve Greer is being watched. Which is good. God bless him!

Paul Vigay on that Alien face, No.3

A few words from a real expert..

Paul Vigay was probably the greatest crop circles' investigator of his time. A genuine and humble guy and also a passionate RiscOS enthusiast and visionary, at the time (1980s and 90s) when RiscOS was considered little more than a garage hobby wiring system for weirdos and computer geeks.
20 years on, RiscOS powers 99% of all smartphones and tablets and its inventors got a yearly Turing Award just last year, which is considered a Nobel prize in IT (

Paul Vigay died on 18-19 February 2009, his body found at the seaside near his hometown Portsmouth, UK. Police did a botched job and his death was pronounced an unsolved mystery a year later.

I asked Benjamin Creme at the time what was the real cause of his death and his reply was it had been an accident.
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First 2018 documented crop circle in UK is a mess..

Crop Circles From The Air
The first UK Crop Circle of 2018 at Willoughby Hedge, near Mere, Wiltshire. Not exactly a sublime design and probably man-made by a group that calls themselves "Clandestine esoterical mysterious universe", so lets hope the season improves!
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This panda knows more about "esoteric mysteries" than the above mentioned group of hoaxers..

1 month ago

Crop Circles

First reported of 2018 in the UK .New crop circle reported in the uk.
No location given.
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First reported of 2018 in the UK .


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Cool, but its all man made

Blimey er that's not only fake, but about as amateur as it gets.

Centre does not look good

And do not use machines on the ground cause there are families living there too 👽✌

Possibly fake but does anyone else see an Extended Range Artillery Rocket in the design?

I don’t quite understand the use of the word ‘fake’ that people are using. I’m presuming that you mean ‘man made’? To my knowledge the Crop Circles page has never suggested anything otherwise?

A303 Wiltshire. Willoughby Hedge. Reported 8th May 2018.

with the passage of time, more and more the circles found have been losing that curious visibly we can perceive to be a fake image

Man made for sure!

Looks like a fake one to me...


medicine wheel

Unserious !

Ants and insects deserves respect 👽 do not spray them cause you spray yourself indeed !

Pravash Vasu

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3 months ago

The Crop Circle Challenge

Maybe it is not a hoax... 😉Intercepted Transcript of White House Discussion of Anti-ET Lunar Base is Now Released. Joseph Burkes MD 2018
As part of a clandestine military campaign against the ETs, a secret lunar base has been under construction during the Trump administration.
However, saucers, aka “Fastwalkers” are interfering with US supply ships landing on the Moon. POTUS (President of the United States) was informed by secure radio that this operation against UFO intelligence had to be abandoned.

TRUMP: Are you telling me our supply ships can’t land on the Moon?
SPACE COMMAND: Yes Mr. President we will have to find another platform to base our operations against the ETs
TRUMP No worries, I know another spot we can use.
SPACE COMMAND: What is that sir?
TRUMP: I order you to send our space navy to land on the Sun
SPACE COMMAND: Sorry, no can do sir. It’s too hot. Our space cruisers will get burned up.
TRUMP: What! Do you think I ‘m stupid or something? We land at night!
Note: The Contact Underground disavows the above narrative as it is likely to be a hoax.
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Maybe it is not a hoax...  ;)Image attachmentImage attachment

3 months ago

The Crop Circle Challenge

Mystery of ‘alien’ skeleton found in Chilean desert finally solved by scientists
Scientists have revealed the origins of a mysterious skeleton long thought to have been extra-terrestrial. After five years of examination, a research team unravelled the genetic make-up of the bizarre specimen found in the Atacama Desert in 2003, and nicknamed “Ata”.
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A film about this mutant, Steven Greer, Sirius:

3 months ago

Crop Circles

More stunning sand art.
Full album here -
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More stunning sand art.
Full album here -

4 months ago

Crop Circles

Still got quite a few months yet before the crops are ready, so in the meantime here's some sand artwork.37, Whitesands, Pembrokeshire.

It felt like winter-winter-spring today (using the seasonal division of twelve instead of four and informed from feelings rather than dates. [which means the seasons can jump back or forward one or more divisions depending on the feeling of the day. Which is of course purely subjective]) Much more satisfactory, I'm sure you'll agree...
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man made?

i don't think there will be any this year

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