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7 days ago

Crop Circles

Still got quite a few months yet before the crops are ready, so in the meantime here's some sand artwork.37, Whitesands, Pembrokeshire.

It felt like winter-winter-spring today (using the seasonal division of twelve instead of four and informed from feelings rather than dates. [which means the seasons can jump back or forward one or more divisions depending on the feeling of the day. Which is of course purely subjective]) Much more satisfactory, I'm sure you'll agree...
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Still got quite a few months yet before the crops are ready, so in the meantime heres some sand artwork.


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man made?

i don't think there will be any this year

2 months ago

Crop Circles

A very nice look back on the highlights from 2017.

If you enjoyed go like their page. 🙂Happy Boxing Day! Enjoy some highlights....
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3 months ago

The Crop Circle Challenge

by Libbie Higgins, aka Carla & the Dolls

Following a thread on CE5 site...

..someone said "..abductions is a paranormal phenomena within the human psyche..." --- This is wrong definition of paranormal per se, as paranormal is supposed to be something beyond human psyche, not within ("The definition (paranormal) implies that the scientific explanation of the world around us is 'normal' and anything that is above, beyond, or contrary to that is 'para'." --

Regarding proofs of ET abduction materials, micro chips, non-terrestrial origin, etc., found in humans, eg. under their skin, sexual ET encounters, etc - there is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE for any of these claims. As you well may know, scientific evidence implies scientific method --( and none of these so called abductions has ever undergone any proper scientific test.
Which simply means abductions are based on personal beliefs.

There is this interesting book MILABS, which describes involvement of military personnel, military helicopters, "abductions" happening near military sites, in special labs, happening to psychologically unstable people, etc etc ( and this site for more info:

Of course violent abductions and out of body experiences that happen in benevolent way, e.g. during prolonged meditation practice, are two different things, light years away from each other and do happen to completely different kind of people.
The fact that the two got mixed, confused, even ridiculed, and publicly presented together may well explain the interest the shadow govt. could have in these "alien abductions"...

As explained in referred sites above, the same applies for cattle mutilations. There are no scientific proofs of ET involvement in cattle mutilations, none whatsoever.

Instead we are e.g. left to wannabe UFO hunters, who drive around the country with their pick-ups, taking their kids with them for a good day sightseeing in nature on a UFO hunting trip.. (
How that story got published is anybody's guess, having in mind who the owner of NYPost is..

The fact is, no proper test regarding cattle mutilations was ever done scientifically. Scientific approach would eg include:
The presence (or absence) of detectable blood and/or tissue levels of drugs commonly used in veterinary anesthesia; the presence of hypodermic needle injection sites found anywhere on the animal; evidence of either blunt or sharp trauma (especially bullet wounds) to explain the animal’s proximate cause of death; HD photos of surgically dissected tissues; presence or absence of blood on the ground and surrounding area; proper forensic inspection of immediate area for signs of struggle, human footprints, and/ or tire tracks; obtaining samples for detailed microscopic inspection and photographic documentation, etc etc..

One of the best sites re so called cattle mutilations and military involvment in it regards late Gabe Valdez (

As Steve Greer has said million of times, if ETs wanted to be violent or destructive, or anyway harmful to us, we would have known that long ago. In fact we wouldn't be here anymore. ETs are obviously so advanced, so powerful, technologically ahead thousands, if not million of years, that they can't afford to be some kind of willy-nilly space cowboys. We may think they posses these strong technologies to come from light years away to plant micro chips and play sexual games with mentally unstable earthlings..!! That has everything to do with morbid underbelly of human psyche and nothing to do with real and true paranormal.

In short, Steven Greer has sifted through all that ages ago and has been presenting the most accurate summary of UFO cover up picture to my knowledge in last 20 years or so. It either rings the bell or it doesn't.

PS The whole thing would be funny if it wasn't tragic.. 😉

Libbie Higgins
Carla and her Close Encooters.
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Libbie Higgins

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I think I'm in love...

Rick Ditusa

When everybody says it was only Lee Harvey Oswald, and no JFK conspiracy there is a reason for doubt. The same with failed missile/UFO thing..

Glowing ball is seen over northern Siberia after Russia tests rockets
Russia has been hit by a wave of reports of a giant UFO in the sky last night with spectacular pictures of an enormous glowing ball illuminating northern Siberia.
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Glowing ball is seen over northern Siberia after Russia tests rockets


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