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How they can't see it from the planets in our Solar system is beyond me..

‘Fluorescent glow’ in the universe could be sign of alien life, say scientists
'Just imagine an alien world glowing softly in a powerful telescope'
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1 week ago

Crop Circles Circle Preston Candover, Basingstoke and Deane, Hampshire, Reported 11/08/2019 ... See MoreSee Less

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Preciosa forma

Très beau ✨


Quando se vê assim, com o triângulo para cima, tenho a clara noção de que algo foi implantado em algo que era circular, etéreo e que agora, se torna em seu íntimo quadrado, materializado. Quando giramos, vejo que isso será retirado!!! Assim seja 🙏💕

And all that's left of it today 🙁

Katie Doich 😃

2 weeks ago

Crop Circles crop circle which has now been harvested. Reported 04/08/19
Nuns Walk Tufton Whitchurch RG28 7RF
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All about Location and Religious connections, this time at Nuns Walk and a design depicting a Nuns Cornette, especially connected to Poland and France and the “ Nuns of Charity ”, in Ireland known as the “ Butterfly Nuns “. See...Wikipedia Cornette.

In and out and out and in : where to stop and when to Begin! 🌀

Created in p shop after working it out

What a shame. It seems this formation won't make it to the calendar after all.


looks artificial

The Sun gets bigger

2 weeks ago

Crop Circles

So crop circle conferences on this weekend, what's the betting on another circle or 2 being reported soon... ... See MoreSee Less

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Only one. The primary provider of crop circles this season seems to prefer to spend "her" evening here (or maybe there is a reception in the fields after all. It sure looked like it in Mr.Williams's video). But one more circle is all Steve needs in case he wants something better than the Bishop Sutton formation.

They have been ordered but they must be paid for 🌱

It seems Steve got his replacement to the Bishop Sutton formation after all. Not surprising considering its provider was active on this page before 6 am UK time. The big question is did "Paula" wrote a snarky comment to Dene before or after "she" informed Steve about the new addition to his calendar.

It’s been a strange season, let’s hope for a few more before harvest time..

The conference is in Devizes in Wiltshire. Anything made within a 100 mile radius seems to be jumped on and labelled 'made for the conference' by individuals with certain agendas.

They got the tripe they want for their calendar. I am sure sales will be low.

My fingers are crossed 🤞

Where do they host the conference?

3 weeks ago

Crop Circles

Beam me up Scotty! 🛸, 2019

Created with bri.rose.artist at Freshwater West!

This is our first piece of perspective art. Having seen the work of @Jamie Harkins Artist I wanted to created some perspective work but in my own style. The distance it actually goes is massive! I had to use 2 whole lengths of string to create the two straight lines and thats not even the whole length of the drawing!

The only thing is, I managed to leave the SD card at home so I think I ended up with the pictures on my phone in low quality 🙁 ah well! At least we got a result! Maybe a remake at some point?... We shall see!

Created 23/07/19
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Beam me up Scotty!

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Very nice... but thought this was a crop circle page. If I wanted to look at sand art then I’d go to a sand art page!!

Babette van den Worm

This is NOT a page about GENUINE Crop Circles.

But only on sand

3 weeks ago

Crop Circles

Entry allowed. Please be respectful to the crop and farmer.GOOD NEWS !! This crop circle is accessible thanks to the very kind farmer. 5 pound each, including parking
Photo © Nick Bull
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Entry allowed. Please be respectful to the crop and farmer.

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I think the farmer deserves some compensation for the damage done to the crops. Five pounds to visit something unique isn't too much opinion.It's a beautiful circle, but it's a hard summer for the farmers anyway with that heat and drought



We should respect the farmer and his hard work. Please let's not invade his field like an invading army or a swarm of locusts. Have a heart. If he's not charging entry we should at least offer to reimburse him for the inevitable damage that's going to occur as a result of half the world's crop circle enthusiasts arriving to have a look. It's not Woodstock....not yet, anyway!!!😳😳😳

good marketing gag. So he will get more money from the crop circle than from the crop 😆

I think you may want another drone pic of this one.... two more small circles have appeared near the end of the crescent that are not there on the aerials.

Arno van der Zwaag

Okay lets see what anomalies if any exist. Also opinions on man-made-or-not. Thanks. Feelings registered if you believe it is not man-made. 🙏❤️🙏☯️

It’s free entry as the cash is funds for the lying so called researchers 👍👍

Sue Hodges

Really?? Is he there to pay??

Oh wow!!!!!

Where is it

3 weeks ago

Crop Circles

Small note - unless permission has been granted by the land owner, please do NOT visit the circles.
You have NO right to visit unless this permission has been given.
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Please do not annonce And tell THE area were iT is b found just make THE picture And video


Fuck I’m going anyway I want to find out the real truth

Nobody owns the land

3 weeks ago

Crop Circles Circle The Street, Barton Stacey Hampshire Reported 28/07/2019 ... See MoreSee Less attachmentImage attachment

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Currently NO access allowed

Très beau !

That's an incredible feat, this level of precision in a wheat field is quite unbelievable


Un non sens


Man made, can always tell.

3 weeks ago

Crop Circles

Manu once again smashes it. Sand art whilst we await more crop stuff. Cove Spiral. July 2019. After almost one year I finally made it back to my favourite cove. Spent a lovely day with my kids there and even had a bit of time to do a freehand drawing. No measuring, no strings, just the flow 🏃😎
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4 weeks ago

Crop Circles

Nearly a repeat of the "secret" circle, but it's a stunner. Circle Windwhistle Lane, Grimstead, Wiltshire Reported 23/07/2019
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Things to notice. Slight kink in circle at 9 o clock

Great photos, thanks for your work!

Go with the Flow! (2 Sets of 3 are here to See)

Trouble is, are there any real ones anymore?? I was enjoying the mystery of it all, but it seems now that people are queueing up to claim responsibility for them. It's spoiled it for me!! 😕😕😕

Really like this one

Since I have seen the man made ones... My interest about crop circles starting to fade away!😒😒😒

Geoff McIntosh

Katy Wise here one we went to

Everything is connected

Look fake To me ..😗 But for sure Pretty !

Somebody know the meaning?

Jorja Braithwaite. Let go crop circle hunting

4 weeks ago

Crop Circles

Wiltshire. UK.‼️‼️🌎 New Crop Circle in England 2019. 🌎‼️‼️

Crop circle à Westbury White Horse près de Bratton, Wiltshire (UK) Le 20 Juillet 2019.

Design by ?
Dessin à venir.
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Daniel Deely

Aliens? 👽

Rupert Shaw Donna Blaber this one is near a chalk horse too! About 45 minute drive.

1 month ago

Crop Circles

Pesky kids ❤ video shows the world's biggest crop circle made by children. It starts with "the making of" and continues with the unveiling of the world record. Truly...
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Video image

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Se não estou enganado, esse crop circles foi feito por 60 algo no Google.... agora o lance do coração é legal.... deveriam fazer tbm nos próximos crop circles que iram surgir....demostrando amor e interesse em se comunicar

Starting to wonder if the concentration of this group is on human made/hoaxes rather than genuine ones.

Bull. Besides, there's another documentary of the same crop circle purporting to be made by adults at night. Neither of them made it.

1 month ago

Crop Circles

France‼️‼️🌎 New Crop Circle in France 2019 🌎‼️‼️

16 ème Crop circle en France.
Video à venir.

Crop circle à Treuzy-Levelay , Seine et Marne, France Le 16 Juillet 2019.

Design by ?
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