Awakening to Oneness

Awakening to Oneness

Gaia Satellite Scanning

I recently discovered this awesome documentary showing the systems of the Earth as revealed by hundreds of satellites scanning on almost every frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum. As they say near the beginning, this is the age of discovery, nearly every day new aspects of how the Earth works are being revealed!

This surely lends even more credence to the… Continue reading

Philosophy of the Matrix

I recently watched the three matrix movies again and was impressed that after 15 years it is still relevant and full of unseen meaning and details.

If you are a fan of the series then you know already what a unique and amazing achievement the 3 movies are. If by any chance you have not seen them yet … then… Continue reading

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Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed

Hi There Friends,

David Wilcock

THIS ONE IS REALLY IMPORTANT! Please check it out for yourselves, it’s long but amazing reading and really super good news. The best I’ve heard all year! It seems the destructive powers on the planet are being seriously overcome and at a very rapid rate. The Golden Age will be able to come in with… Continue reading

Wall Street Happenings

Hi Everyone,

As our world news services don’t seem to be showing us photos of all the momentous rallies held around the world in affiliation with the Wall Street Rally, here are some great photos from 17 of the locations.

It’s interesting that the BBC World Service only showed footage of the Rally in Tokyo and mentioned that it took… Continue reading

The Moon Matrix

David Icke speaks about the Moon Matrix and the Awakening out of the Herd Mind.

Who Built the Moon?

WHO BUILT the moon? It shapes our lives, governs our behaviour and keeps the Earth on an even keel. Now a new book poses the mind-boggling question:


MAN HAS always been fascinated by the Moon, and viscerally aware of its powers. Cavemen tracked its movements on cave walls. Stone circles were built to reflect its rhythms, and… Continue reading

An Overview of the Mayan Calendar

by Ian Xel Lungold

Most people knowledgeable in the field of the Mayan calendar understand the Mayan Calendar as a system of an indigenous people’s astronomy/astrology, divination and prophecy. 

The Mayan sacred books of astronomy and prophecy are painted on pages of processed bark of theAmate tree. Many thousands of these books, called codices, were burned during the… Continue reading