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Following on from our recent showing of Nassim Haramein's movie the Connected Universe - Saturday week (11th Feb) in Mullumbimby, we will be doing our presentation of his work that allows us to go deeper into some of the the subjects the film covered, and also some of the subjects that it didnt cover! By the way if you didnt catch the film, or you would like to see it again, you can payper view online here www.aNewScienceOfEverything.com/watch - And if you are really hungry to understand everything ... then join the online Delegate program, a full course in understanding Nassim's Fracto-Holographic physics and much more ~ www.aNewScienceOfEverything.com/learn
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Presented by Narada and Pratima, as seen at the Nexus Conference 2016 - this beautiful multimedia show will bring you up to speed on the newly discovered Indonesian pyramid and why it is such an important discovery for shifting our understanding of the origins of human civilization.
We also look at other Indonesian megalithic sites and the magical ancient culture that is still alive there.

$25 at the door or $20 concession.

The presentation is based on our new book of the same name. You can buy the online book for $5 at www.Rewritingprehistory.com

Any questions please ring Pratima on 0431300329
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This Sunday 14th Aug at Byron Community Centre we are offering the last Rewriting Prehistory presentation. Update Your Reality with the recent discoveries. This is NOT the history you were taught in school or university! The Javanese pyramid is real. The previous cycle of civilization before the coastal inundations around 12,000 years ago are also real! Checkout our new book at www.RewritingPrehistory.com
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Delegate Program
The Delegate Program is Nassim Haramein's course in Unified Physics. Six modules cover in depth information that is sure to change your World View! We highly recommend it to anyone wanting to go deeper into understanding where we are and how we got here from a new perspective. www.Resonance.isResonanceAcademy250