Astrological Planetary Transits

Dear Friends,

In case you are wondering why there are so many demonstrations and riots in the streets of the world right now, here is the astrological situation:

Mars is square Uranus  retrograde.


It peaks on the 9th August from 4 degrees of Cancer.

This is serious as Mars starts to make the ongoing Cardinal T-square into a Cardinal Grand Cross between Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Mars. It’s explosive, rebellious, unstable, precarious and yet progressive. The key word is Freedom!

Freedom from what we may ask. If you ask me, its freedom from the oppression of the huge corporations and the banking system with its Speculative Economy having no respect for the Real Economy and the lives of the people.  40% of the world’s wealth is owned by 1% of the world’s population! Something has to change.

Mars opposes Pluto retrograde.

It peaks on the 11th August from 5 degrees of Cancer. This adds to the instability during this time of change. There will be obsessive and fanatical acts and breakdown of the system including lots of violence. We also have to be very diligent during this time to hold our centers in our personal lives.


Mars squares Saturn on 25th August from 14 degrees Cancer. Plus the Moon conjuncts Mars at 13 degrees Cancer. Maybe after this, Mars leaves the picture with a big bang as there will still be a lot of frustrated desires in the world.


For those of you who don’t follow the news very closely:

We have just had rioting in many cities in England:
In 34 different areas of London and surroundings in Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham, Leeds, Bristol, Manchester, Salford, West Bromwich and even small ones in Oxford & Wolverhampton.

Some fears are being expressed that the riots will spread into Europe. Thousands are gathered in Jerusalem to protest the high cost of living.

There is a curfew in place in Philadelphia in the USA. Kids under 13 have to be off the streets by 10 pm and  under 18 year olds off the streets by midnight, otherwise they face $300 fines with $500 fines for 2nd offences!

Not to mention the killings of their own people in Libya, Syria and still some demonstrations in Bahrain. I don’t know if things have quietened down in Yemen or not. There are clashes in Cairo as Hosni Mubarak goes on trial for murder in Egypt.

I won’t even begin to go into the beginning of the world’s financial collapse but please, if you have a garden, then focus on planting some vegetables and potatoes, quickly! Make yourselves as self sufficient as possible. Secure your water and power supplies. Buy a water tank and some solar panels, if that is at all possible for you. Don’t presume you have until December 2012 to get it together as it maybe as soon as October this year.


Please watch this stunning video presentation, called “Awakening as One – the Quickening.”

The Quickening – Awakening As One


Please do not forget that the death of the old system is necessary for the new to come in. This is the dawning of the new age of man, a more conscious and united world where we all realize we are one.


In Love, Pratima.


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